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About Us

Your Health and Receiving High Quality Healthcare is What Matters to Us!


Pursuit Physical Therapy is a new proven treatment approach that is based on treatment outcomes and what is best for the patient, and not guided by insurance companies or strict guidelines. Patients will receive One-on-One patient care,  by a board certified orthopedic physical therapists, showing better outcomes than other standard area medical clinics.

When you get a diagnosis, if it’s even the right diagnosis, you are usually treated with some sort of medication or injection that treats your symptoms.  Here, take this magical pill, your pain goes away, and you get treated with “cookie cutter” book approach.  This may work for some peoples pain but not for everyone.

Here is a great quote from Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mark Liponis book Ultra-Prevention that sums it up well:

Think about it.  When the smoke alarm goes off, you don’t go upstairs and unplug it to stop the beeping.  But that’s what most medications usually do – they stop the alarm.  They cover up symptoms, but they don’t help you find out where the fire is.

The real question is WHAT started the fire or:  WHAT truly caused your pain and WHY do you have pain?  At Pursuit Physical Therapy we do not just treat your pain and “slap a band aid on” to cover your pain.  We address the cause and other factors that led you to your symptoms, resolving your pain and making sure it never comes back.

Patients have direct access in Florida, so no physician script is needed. Patients can get scheduled now, and no need to wait for weeks to be seen.  Yes, no waiting periods!  We will pursue better outcomes, faster results, and a better quality of life for our patients. Our dedication to unparalleled patient care and clinical expertise, enables us to be the new gold standard in physical therapy. We pride ourselves on great clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and our patients will know they have been taken care of.  Our patients will be treated as a person and a friend, and not a diagnosis.

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This is what you will experience at Pursuit Physical Therapy that no one else offers:

  • Quality One-on-One Patient Care
  • Personalized Care Tailored To What Is Best For Your Needsphysical therapy
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialists
  • Inexpensive and Direct Service, No Hassle With Insurance
  • Personal Relationship With Your Physical Therapist
  • Same Day Scheduling With No Waiting
  • Better Outcomes, Faster Results, In Less Visits



Are you tired of being in pain?  Schedule your evaluation now and solve the problem that is causing your pain!

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