Our Vision and Goal

Our Vision and Goal

Our Vision

Pursuit is revolutionizing outpatient health care in the Orlando area! We cater specifically to our patient’s needs and what treatment will lead to the best outcome in the fewest visits. Imagine if you could schedule your evaluation within one week, with no waiting periods, if you don’t need to worry about the quality of care, you can see the specialist every time, no assistants, and its cheaper than standard care. Here you will get the opportunity receive the best high quality One-on-One care each session only by a board certified specialist. Next time you find yourself waiting hours to see the physician for a 3 minute visit, getting double and triple booked with other patients, sitting in an urgent care clinic worrying about exposure to other sick people and the bill you are going to pay there when it is not a true emergency, remember – there is a better way! Pursuit Physical Therapy offers prompt appointments, with no waiting periods, one-on-one patient care, only by board certified orthopaedic specialist. At Pursuit, we believe everyone should receive the highest quality healthcare, with proven cost effective treatments that show better outcomes in fewer patient visits. Stop settling for standard care and paying outrageous costs of inflated health care bills. If you are dealing with an injury or are in pain, call now and schedule your evaluation today!

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive the best, high-quality healthcare and receive the best results from their treatment.  Not all health care is the same and we believe in getting our patient’s the best outcome, in the fewest visits, cheaper than standard care, and making sure the pain does not return.  Imagine if you could receive One-on-One patient care, that is cost effective, no waiting periods to be seen, and only needing a few visits to get your desired results.  You the patient, deserve the best treatment, for the cheapest cost, that will get you the best outcome in the fewest visits.  If you can get better in 4-6 visits vs 12 visits, that we owe it to you to get you better in 4-6 visits.  We only offer proven evidenced based treatments only from board certified orthopedic specialist with high quality One-on-One patient care.  No double booking.  No Assistants.  No Techs. Getting you the best results!

Our goal is to deliver the best high quality One-on-One patient care and to show better outcomes than standard healthcare to the people in the Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, and other Central Florida areas.

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