A Simple Stretch To Help Decrease Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

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Are you experiencing sharp Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis pain with your first step out of bed? UCF Doctoral Student, Josh Adams, shows below a simple stretch that you can try at home to see if this helps with your heel pain first thing in the...

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2 Things To Do When Returning to Deadlifts After Having Low Back Pain

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How can Deadlifts Cause Low Back Pain? Deadlifting is one of the most common causes of low back in the gym.  Some causes of low back pain injuries from deadlifting are: bad biomechanics with deadlifts a herniated disc sciatica lack of hip mobility overtraining How can you prevent low back pain from returning with deadlifts? Here are 2 things that you can do if you are returning to the gym and returning to perfoming deadlifts, to help prevent re-injurying your low back and to make you your have proper form...

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Best Treatment for Frozen Shoulder Tightness | Orlando FL

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What Causes Frozen Shoulder and What is the Best way to treat it? Find out everything you need to know about frozen shoulder here        

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How To Treat Piriformis Syndrome and Glute Pain | Orlando FL

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There are many different types of glute pain and piriformis syndrome is one of the most common. What is Piriformis Syndrome? This is when the piriformis muscle is in spasm and tight, causing intense glute pain.  Many times, this is not the cause but the effect.  something is causing the piriformis to spasm and we need to solve the root cause and identify why it is in spasm What does Piriformis Syndrome Feel Like? It will feel like a sharp pain in the glute region and usually people will have increased pain in sitting and with sit to stands. ...

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How to Treat a Herniated Disc In Your Low Back That is Causing Sciatica? | Orlando FL

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If you feel that you have a herniated disc in your low back that is causing your low back pain and sciatica symptoms… Here are some tips to follow to help with treatment:  avoid sitting and flexed postures that increase your sciatica and leg pain  continue walking for 20-30 minutes outside (If this increases your pain then its not scaitica from a herniated disc)  stop working out with weights in forward bending positions and bent over positions  pay attention to postures the reproduces your sciatica positions that increase scaitica =...

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Voted Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Orlando in 2018!

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Thanks to everyone who supports our small business and our patients who share their success stories that helped us rank in the top 3 physical therapy clinics in Orlando!  CLICK HERE to see who ranks in the Top 3 Physical Therapist in Orlando,...

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How To Return to Golf After a Low Back Fusion Surgery | Orlando FL

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Not everyone who gets low back surgery can return to golf.  (especially after a fusion!)  But, if Tiger Woods can get the best treatment and return to professional golf and compete, why can’t you! If you just had a low back fusion and you want to return to golf, find out here exactly what is needed in order for you to return to golf and get back to playing 18...

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Can You Return To Golf After Having Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery | Orlando FL

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Many of our patients, who are active golfers, come to us after having rotator cuff surgery saying:  “I was told that I can’t golf anymore”, or that ” I should not golf again because of my shoulder surgery”.  We don’t agree with this and we actually get most of our patients, who want to return to golfing, back playing 18 holes without pain nor any complications.  In fact, we currently have a patient who had bilateral total hip replacements in our Golf Injury and Performance Program returning to golf playing...

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How To Resolve Low Back Pain After Having a Lumbar Fusion Surgery | Orlando FL

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What causes low back pain after having a low back fusion surgery?  This should be fixed, right? Unfortunately, this happens a lot and lumbar fusion surgery only shows a 50% success rate.  It OK, though!  There is hope!  There is always a reason of why you still have pain.  We just need to solve it.  This just means that the true cause of the low back pain was missed or that you have underlying risk factors that have not been addressed that is still causing compression in your low back, thus causing your current low back pain. How do you...

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