Meet Golf Performance Specialist: Scott Shepard, MPT of Pursuit Physical Therapy

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Scott is joining the Pursuit Team and running our Golf Injury and Performance Program! (If I knew he was a UF fan, then I wouldn’t of hired him! Cathy is a UF grad also, so now we have UF fans = 2, FSU = 1. How did this happen! 🙂

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Can Neck Pain Cause a Headache?

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Yes!  Neck Pain can cause a Headache and even pain to shoot into the head and face Find out how a neck injury can cause a headache here:

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What to do if you STILL HAVE LOW BACK PAIN after a lumbar fusion surgery? | Orlando, FL

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What should you do if you still have low back pain after surgery? What is the best treatment option if you still have back pain after a lumbar fusion surgery ?

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What is Proper Running Form?

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Here are basic fundamentals to master for your head, arms, trunk, hip, and legs.  Now, there is no one way to run, but these are some basic fundamentals to guide you to running more efficient and injury free Head and Arm Running Form   Hip and Leg Running...

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