Are you tired of having Foot Pain? We have the treatment for you!

Are you tired of having foot and heel pain?  Tired of running with pain?  Not interested in surgery or injections?  This is the answer for you!


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Running Injury and Heel Pain Program
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Want to get out of pain? This is the program you need to be on!

1.  Evaluation with accurate diagnosis and with prognosis

2.  4 Step Recovery Treatment Plan

3.  1 hour treatment sessions with One-on-One Patient Care with Board Certified Specialist

4.  Individualized Home Recovery Program

5.  Free pair of shoes or orthotics at your favorite running shoe store!

6.  Running Video Analysis 

7.  1 month consultation period after completion of program

8.  No surgery! No Injections!

9.  Pain free in fewer visits.  Get back to running sooner!


This is what our patient’s are saying:

“I suffered from achilles tendinitis after starting new training.  Luckily a friend introduced me to Dr. Ron Miller.   Dr. Miller was able to treat my achilles tendinitis without any drugs or injections and the best part was that I was back running pain free in just 2 weeks.  Not only did Dr. Miller help me recover faster but he also showed me how to prevent future flare-ups.  His treatment was able to save me time and money and I only needed 2 visits!  If you are currently suffering from any kind of physical pain trust me, Dr. Miller can help you.”

Kathleen B.

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This is the most comprehensive program to resolve your pain, make sure it doesn’t come back and to get you back to the activities you love.  No surgery!  No injections!  Call us now at 407-494-8835 to schedule you evaluation today or visit us at for more information.

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