Bad Medicine….for Low Back Pain?

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 Maybe Bon Jovi was right with Bad Medicine!  Does your clinician follow the established guidelines to treat low back pain (LBP) or are you receiving “bad medicine”?  A recent study from the Journal of American Medial Association – Internal Medicine, stated that ” Despite numerous published clinical guidelines, management of back pain has relied increasingly on guideline discordant care.”  The results of this 2013 showed:

No change in physical therapy referrals

Increase in narcotic usage

Decrease in NSAIDS and tylenol usage

Increase in diagnostic imaging (such as CT scans and MRI)

Increase in physician referrals

Physical therapy and the usage of NSAIDS were considered as GOOD coordination with the LBP guidelines and evidenced based.  Physician referrals, diagnostic imaging, and narcotic usage were considered BAD coordination with the guidelines.  This looks like the health care system is doing everything along the BAD track doesn’t it?   So,is your clinician following the guidelines, that have been set by proven and established research, and may lead to better outcome for our patients with LBP or are they following Bad Medicine!   Here is another link to physician guidelines in the clinic regarding the treatment of LBP from the American College of Physician.  At Pursuit Physical Therapy, you never have to question your quality of care.  Your treatment is always what is best for you!  If you have LBP, call Pursuit Physical Therapy at 407-494-8835 or visit our website at for more information about how we can help your LBP.  


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