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Are you tired of waiting hours to be seen at the doctors office?

Are you sick of being doubled booked with another patient?
Or only having 5 minutes to talk to your doctor?
Well, we have the answer for you!

This is what Pursuit Physical Therapy offers that makes us the GOLD STANDARD of Physical Therapy in the Winter Park, FL area:

  • Quality One-on-One Patient Care
  • Personalized Care Tailored To What Is Best For Your Needs
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialists
  • Inexpensive and Direct Service, No Hassle With Insurance
  • Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Personal Relationship With Your Physical Therapist
  • Same Day Scheduling With No Waiting Periods
  • Better Outcomes, Faster Results, In Less Visits

This is what are patients are saying:

Toni M

I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because I was looking for a physical therapy office that offered a more simplistic, personalized experience. I had knee pain for several weeks that I had been ignoring, but that was keeping me from being able to run around and play with my kids, play sports, etc.. I was so pleased with Dr. Miller’s approach in obtaining the history, and even more so, with the completeness of the examination. He was able to see very quickly what muscle groups seemed weak and were responsible for the dysfunction causing pain in my knee. He prescribed a dedicated exercise program, that, within a week allowed me to be pain free for the first time in weeks! Within the week I was in the back yard running with my kids, back to my old, more agile self :). I will highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to those who are dealing with musculoskeletal injuries or even chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Dr. Toni Muzzonigro, MD


Angela-190sx190Over the last year, my lower back started to bother me but I continued to run, take a dance class and deal with the day to day chores of being a stay at home Mom to 2 girls, one of them being a toddler. When I finally threw my back out, it was extremely painful and made me useless. I tried to google doctor myself, which of course failed to help me get better. I was reluctant to see anyone since I had gone to a physical therapist in the past and was not impressed, but the pain was just too much for me. I knew Cathy through my dance class and finally decided to ask her for help. Right away she seemed different from what I had experienced before. She wasn’t just giving me a list of back and core exercises; she was tailoring a plan for ME, for my specific pain. Cathy was able to get me comfortable while I strengthened the muscles I needed to help my back and showed me how everyday movements were causing me pain that I hadn’t realized. In 14 visits with Cathy, I am back to running, attending dance class and most importantly lifting and playing with my girls’ pain free! I’m so happy I didn’t wait any longer to get help and saved myself from a possible serious disc injury. I would highly recommend Cathy and Pursuit Physical Therapy, she got me back to being me and I can’t thank her enough!

Angela S.

Dr. Ron Miller with CoreyI was having hip pain from running so I chose to see Ron rather than my Family Dr (who would order scans and eventually PT). I was having to take 2-3 days off between running days.  Ron got me in quickly, did a few tests, and started treatment on my initial visit. He gave me exercises/stretches to do at home also and estimated 2-4 visits were needed. My next appointment went well and I was back to running daily after that visit. The final 2 appointments were not needed. Ron has followed up twice since then to make sure I’m still pain free and doing my homework.

So in 3 days total I was back to 100% without ever seeing my Family Doctor. I’m sure they could’ve gotten it fixed too but it usually takes a week to get that appointment, then another to get a scan scheduled, and finally another week to be referred to PT. So, getting in and treated so quickly along with being treated by Dr Ron personally makes Pursuit five stars.  Also, before Dr Ron started his own practice he successfully treated me for a herniated disc. So I knew the level of treatment I would get and that’s why I went to Pursuit to be treated by Dr Ron.

Corey L.

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There are no waiting periods, no double booking and only One-on-One patient care at Pursuit Physical Therapy! 

If you are in pain or looking for treatment in Winter Park, FL, call now at 407-494-8835 and get back to being pain free!

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