How to correctly stretch your Hamstrings

Can you stretch your hamstrings like this?
Senior woman stretching hamstring

If so, you probably don’t need to be stretching anymore, because you already have great hamstring flexibility.  I see so many people stretching their hamstrings the wrong way and many of my patients ask me, what is the proper way to stretch your hamstrings?  Personally, I think hamstring stretching is grossly overrated.  For maintaining general flexibility, its fine and stretch away.  Regarding injury prevention of treating an injured patient, then I feel only certain people need to stretch.  Anyway, this is a topic for another post, but what is the best way to stretch your hamstrings?  Using a strap?  Laying down?  How long do I hold it for?
This is how you correctly stretch your hamstrings:

  • hold for 30-90 seconds
  • don’t flex or bend your low back.  keep your spine straight and bend at the hips, not low back
  • perform 2-4 reps

I hope this helps and now you can stretch with proper form!  If you are experiencing and injury that you are doing a hamstring stretch for, you may not even need to be stretching!  Your stretching may be missing the problem or making symptoms worse.  If so, call us at 407-494-8835 or visit and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today!  We can help you resolve your pain and get back to your favorite activities.

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