Did Medicare deny your treatment? Looking for another option?

Are you tired of Medicare denying your treatment?
Did Medicare say, “you don’t meet our guidelines for care”

Medicare Denied Claim Form

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Well, we have the answer for you!   Just because Medicare has strict guidelines or limits the amount of financial coverage per year, doesn’t mean you still can’t receive the care you deserve.  If you have met your “Medicare cap” or have been denied coverage because Medicare standards, you can still receive treatment and get back to the activities you love.  There are places to travel, things to see, and enjoying time with your family!  Just because you are a “Baby Boomer” and getting older, doesn’t mean you need to lay around, sit down, and watch life go by. We want you to be vital and live life still!


Visit PursuitTherapy.com or call now for a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION at 407-494-8835 and get back to staying active, being relevant, and not being tied down!  We will design a specialized treatment plan just for you that will lead the best outcome and making your life easy.  Click here to see what others are saying about us and their results.  At Pursuit Physical Therapy, each treatment is only One-on-One care so you will get the individual attention and customized treatment every time.

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Whether it is the tennis court, golf course, and leisure walking, we will get the results you want.  So call today, 407-494-8835, and schedule your COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION to get back to the lifestyle you deserve!

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