Orlando, FL, Do you know what BPPV is and how to treat it?

Do you experience “the room spinning” when you move you head?

Does your dizziness last for only a short time?

Are you tired of feeling dizzy?

Many people say that they experience a  “dizzy” or “room spinning” sensation, but they may be experiencing a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  Patients complain of dizziness with rolling in bed, reaching for an object on the top shelf, washing their hair, or when in a dentist chair.  There are many causes of dizziness but BPPV is a disorder that is specifically caused by an inner ear dysfunction.  It is called BPPV because:

  • Benign = not malignant
  • Paroxysmal = recurrent and sudden onset of dizziness
  • Positional = changes in head placement and head movements
  • Vertigo = room spinning sensation or dizziness

So true BPPV has symptoms of:

  1. head motion increases your dizziness
  2. Dizziness changes with head positions
  3. the dizziness only last for seconds

If your dizziness symptoms last for days or are not consistent with these symptoms then consult your local physician for more diagnostic testing.  If you have these symptoms, then there is a quick and easy treatment option for you that usually fixes the problems in 1-4 visits.  Yes, there is a treatment option that does not require medication, surgery, or any injections.  This is something Pursuit Physical Therapy can help to resolve your dizziness.  If you live in the Orlando, FL area and are experiencing these symptoms then call us at 407-494-8761 to schedule your appointment or visit PursuitTherapy.com for more information about our services.

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