Pursuit Physical Therapy is a sponsor for USA FIT Orlando now! Get back to pain free running today!

We are proud to be a new sponsor for USA FIT Orlando!
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Dr. Ron Miller is the owner of a private physical therapy practice where they focus on better results in fewer visits, called Pursuit Physical Therapy.  Pursuit Physical Therapy is a new brand of therapy that is based on treatment outcomes and what is best for the patient.   Dr. Miller specializes in the treatment of heel pain and running injuries, and his main goal is to get you back to pain free running as soon as possible.  He designed the Running Injury Program specifically for runner’s of all types and who want to get back to running quicker through a proven 4 step process that will guide your recovery.

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As part of our sponsorship and their dedication to helping our local runner’s, Pursuit Physical Therapy is offering FREE COMPLEMENTARY consultations to all of the USA FIT Orlando members!  If you have an injury or are experiencing pain with running with your USA FIT Orlando training, call us at 407-494-8835 for your FREE COMPLEMENTARY consultation or schedule at PursuitTherapy.com.  See what other runner’s are saying about our programs here.  Can back to pain free running now!

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