Watching Jameis Winston and the importance of pre-sport screening!


Have you watched Florida State’s freshman quarterback Jameis Winston play yet?  He is playing unbelievable for a true freshman!  Me being a physical therapist, I find my self watching biomechanics and gait all of the time.  But there is something else I see.  Do you see it?

 Florida State's freshman quarterback Jameis Winston

Lets go back to a old post of mine to highlight this example.  If a simple impairment can be addressed, we may be able to decrease the chance of injury, and this could be a season changing event.  I do not wish injury on anybody and I would rather be preventative rather than reactive.  We will use the example of Robert Griffin III.

This is a perfect example of the importance of pre-sport functional screening to help prevent or decrease injury rates in sports.  This appears to be a picture of Robert Griffin III during the NFL combine 2 years ago as a rookie prior to injuring his knee.

Robert Griffin III as a rookie prior to knee injury

Notice the genu valgus (when the knee point inward) of both knees when attempting a vertical high jump.  Genu valgus, along with other factors, has been associated with increased injury risk to ACL injuries, patellar-femoral pain, and other knee injuries.  RG III went on to have a great rookie season but tore his ACL later throughout the year causing him to basically miss the rest of the season and his team was eliminated in the 1st round of playoffs.  After surgery, many athletes eventually return to 100% prior level of function and will return to sport the next year after 6-12 months of rehabilitation.  But, imagine what could have happened if this impairment was addressed prior to the season?  It may have prevented the injury from even occurring!

I have been seeing this same genu valgus in Jameis Winston watching him play.  I didn’t even have to take a real time picture or screen shot to catch this.  I just searched Google images and I found these:

Example of genu valgus in Jameis Winston Example of genu valgus in Jameis Winston  Example of genu valgus in Jameis WinstonExample of genu valgus in Jameis Winston

This doesn’t mean that he will experience a knee injury but just predisposes him to an increase risk of injury.  With Florida State having a great season and national championship aspirations, this would be a huge loss.  Just like the RG III case.

Do you notice this in any of your athletes?

Do you see this in your own kid who participates in competitive sports?

Pursuit Physical Therapy offers pre-sport functional screening to identify any impairments, provide treatment to correct the problem, and may prevent injuries from occurring in your sport.  Don’t wait for the injury to occur! Get a pre-sport screen done and address the impairments before an injury occurs!  Call us at 407-494-8835 to schedule now or visit for more information.

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