What is a treatment visit like at Pursuit Physical Therapy? The #1 Cash Based Clinic in Orlando, FL for One-on-One Patient Care

What is a treatment visit like at Pursuit Physical Therapy? The #1 Cash Based Clinic in Orlando, FL for One-on-One Patient Care

Have you ever been treated at a clinic and been upset that you only saw the physician for 5 minutes and you had to wait 1 hour to be seen?How about, you look over at another patient receiving one-on-one care by a physical therapist during your treatment, and you are double booked with another patient or as you are being treated by the tech?  Asking yourself, why am I not being treated with One-on-One care?

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Well, this does not happen at Pursuit Physical Therapy.  When you are scheduled for your appointment, you are seen at that time.  No waiting periods!  For example, when you arrive at 1pm for your 1pm appointment, you walk up the stairs to Pursuit Physical Therapy and your physical therapist is waiting for you in the treatment room ready to get started.  No need to wait hours to be seen and sit in a waiting room.  You don’t have large waiting rooms waiting to be seen, with a huge facility with equipment and multiple treatment tables with 20+ people walking around you.  You walk into the treatment room and you see 2 chairs, 2 treatment tables, with a relaxing atmosphere (with great music being played!  as per a previous patient!), no other patients or random people, just One-on-One care as it should be.

As treatment begins, you don’t need to worry about bringing you back to warm up on machines, or trying to find a treatment table as your PT is also working with someone else still.  Here it is only One-on-One care and there is always a table open for your treatment.  You and  Dr. Ron Miller, the Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Board Certified Specialist, are the only ones in the room as you receive the personalized specialist to patient treatment you deserve.  Every visit is you with the specialist! no techs and no assistants!

Have you ever been seen for 20 minutes with your PT, and then they passed you on to another person to go do exercises?  You find yourself asking, but I came to see you not your assistant?  But then the PT’s, next patient is coming in already, so you can’t do anything but go along with it.  Here at Pursuit Physical Therapy you have the full hour of One-on-One care so you will never be passed on the a less qualified staff.  Every visit is with a board certified specialist for the full hour.  The last several minutes of each session is spent answering any questions you may have about your treatment, your symptoms, your home exercises, etc.  So you will fully understand your pain, your diagnosis, and what is expected with your plan of treatment.

At Pursuit Physical Therapy, you should leave feeling better with less pain every session.  

Our goal is: 
1) to resolve your pain in as few visits as possible, and 
2) to prevent is from coming back!

Many patients report evening feeling pain free in as few as 2-4 visits.  Look and see what our patients are saying about us HERE.

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At standard clinics, when you finish your treatment, you are leaving the facility and they ask you for your $25-50 copay, and you ask yourself  “do I have to pay this everytime?”  after they try to book you for 3x a week for 4 weeks.  Thats $300-600 in copays already and that is not even covering the actual bill.  Not to mention, it is not uncommon to receive a random medical bill 3 months after your treatment is completed, saying that you owe $500-$1000 more!  Here at Pursuit Physical Therapy, there is no copays, no worries about deductibles not being met, or any miscellaneous bills being sent to you.  You know exactly what you are paying for and how much the bill will be with your treatment.  Also, many of our patients are getting reimbursed by their insurance company or getting it applied to their deductible if it has not been met yet.

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Overall, its cheaper, more cost efficient, better quality of care, getting you better and pain free in fewer visits!  Giving you the great quality of health care you deserve!  So don’t settle for poor health care or just hope your pain goes away.  Call Pursuit Physical Therapy today at 407-494-8835 or visit us online at www.PursuitTherapy.com and get pain free today!

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