When can I return to running?


Tired of not being able to return from your running injury?
We have your answer!
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Many people ask me….So when can I return to running?  Well, here is your answer and this is everything you need to reach before you return to running.

1. No pain and no signs of inflammation.

2. Normal flexibility and biomechanics in your legs.

3. Able to balance on each leg in a wobble free manner > 20 seconds.

4. Ability to progress through the big toe while keeping the foot straight during single leg calf raises.

5. Ability to perform standing exercises with good neuromuscular control.

6. Ability to hop on each leg with good control.

7. Appropriately selected shoes prior to initiating the return to running  program.

This is my criteria that each person needs to reach prior to return to running.   Call us at 407-494-8835 if you are struggling with your return to running after an injury.  We have a Running and Heel pain program that has a high success rate of returning runners to the one thing they love, running!   For more information about our Running and Heel pain program, what we are about, and what our patients our saying about us, visit PursuitTherapy.com.

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