Where can I get a discount using my Health Savings Account (HSA)?

You can get discounts with your Health Savings Account here!
It is cheaper with your HSA and you will be pain free in fewer visits!
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This is what our patients are saying:

Dr. Ron Miller with Mike

I was recently involved in a car accident where I was struck from behind by a school bus. I later had an MRI of my cervical spine and was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my neck. I felt a wave of unimaginable stress overtake me when I heard the results. I began physical therapy at a referred outpatient clinic not far from my house. I was in more pain as I was leaving the clinic then when I had entered. I decided to give it another try until I discovered there was not one licensed physical therapist in the whole entire facility. They were all massage therapists claiming to provide “physical therapy” to their patients. Not one “therapist” could legitimately explain to me how the treatment was going to help me. I felt scammed, deceived, and frustrated. I had wasted my precious time and money. My pain had worsened with time, until I met Dr. Ron Miller. I began shadowing Dr. Miller to suffice requirements for graduate school when he first heard of my story. He proceeded to ask me a few questions and within minutes he understood my prognosis with confidence. Within a cycle of a couple different exercises my pain began to subside. Dr. Miller also gave me exercises to do at home and sent videos to my email reassuring that I understood how to perform them properly. I continued my therapy at home and was astonished that within 10 days I was feeling 100% and pain free. I had regained full range of motion and was able to start strengthening again. I feel so blessed to have run into Dr. Miller and to be able to resolve my pain. In my opinion he is the best physical therapist in town and I recommend him to anyone who wants to be pain free fast! 

Mike A. Lets go over an example with a high deductible health care plan and using your HSA: Say your deductible is $3500.  This means regardless of where you go for healthcare services, you have to pay out of pocket up to $3500 until your insurance kicks in and covers health care.  Then add on your co-pays and co-insurance on top of this

Pursuit Physical Therapy

Direct Access Evaluation – $150

Treatments – $150 – 4 visits

Total – $750 or less (the fewer the visits, the cheaper it cost

Standard Health Care

Primary Care evaluation – $200Old and New Approach Diagram

X-ray- $300+

Referral to specialist with evaluation – $400

medications or injection – $400+

referral to Physical Therapy  Eval- $300

3x a week for 4 weeks – $150+ each visit for 12 visits

add on all co+pays and co-insurance on top of this

TOTAL = way to much $$$$$$ 

You have paid for 3 evaluations, an x-ray that probably was not needed, and the more treatment visits you go to, the standard is 12, the more money comes in for them! There is no incentive to get you better faster in fewer visits!

It is cheaper and easier to use your health savings account here at Pursuit Physical Therapy.  Save money and lots of time. Call today for your evaluation and start your path to a pain free recovery! Another testimonial:

After only three visits with Dr. Miller, I was running pain free and my hip and leg issues were no more! He was awesome, extremely helpful, and made sure I was comfortable with all the exercises. Most importantly, he still told me I could run, which was great news. I would recommend Pursuit Physical therapy in a heartbeat to anyone!

Kat M.
 Don’t get caught paying for overpriced and inflated health care!  Use you HSA at Pursuit Physical Therapy and save money !
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