Where should I use my health savings account for treatment? Pursuit Physical Therapy

Where should I use my health savings account for treatment?
Pursuit Physical Therapy
Do you have a high deductible?

Do you have a flexible spending and health savings account set up for health care services?

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Regardless of what exactly happens in the future with medicine, patients are going to be more responsible for the cost of their healthcare.  Many companies and individuals are opting to set aside money in flexible spending (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) for health care services.  The Direct Primary Care Journal recently just wrote a blog about how the Affordable Care Act will affect those with FSA and HSA.  It appears these 2 options are going to be here to stay and may be an essential part of you receiving the healthcare you deserve.  This will emphasize cost effectiveness of your care?  Prospective patients seeking healthcare services can start asking themselves:

Where can I go to get the best care for my pain and injury?

How much will it cost me?

Can someone else get me better in fewer visits at a cheaper cost?

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For example, a recent patient severely sprained her ankle and wanted to know if she fractured her ankle or not during a consultation.  Given the severity of her injury, and not having health insurance, she had to pay out of pocket for her x-ray.  She went to one center, and they wanted to charge $350 for the doctor visit and x-ray.  Then she went to another location, and they offered the doctor visit and x-ray for $150.  She choose the later.

If you had heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and her seeking care for your pain using your FSA or HSA, or even paying cash because your deductible is $5000, you need to ask yourself the above questions.   One location charges you as an standard insurance based clinic $200-300 per visit for 12 visits (3x a week for 4 weeks) costing you a total of $2400-3600.  Another cash based clinic will treat you for $1500 for the same treatment and will get you better in < 10 visits.  Which one will you choose.  This is a no brainer!  Same great outcome, less money spent, and completed in fewer visits!

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Pursuit Physical Therapy is exactly the medical practice that takes advantage of this.  We pride ourselves in getting patients better in fewer visits at a cheaper rate compared to others.  Visit us at PursuitTherapy.com now to see what services we offer, about us, our specialty programs, and to see our results!

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