Who has the BEST One-on-One patient care in Winter Park, FL? Pursuit Physical Therapy

If you are looking for better patient outcomes, faster results, in fewer visits thus saving you money…Pursuit Physical Therapy is the place for you!
At Pursuit Physical Therapy “We don’t meet your expectations of patient care, we exceed them for our patients!”

I have no doubt that my “self pay” and “cash based” model is far better than standard medicine and other standard insurance clinics including:

1.  A better One-on-One care experience for my patients

2.  Better quality of care:  Better results in fewer visits!

3.  No waiting period at the office

4.  Personalized care that is tailored to your needs

5.  Personal relationship with your doctor of physical therapy

6.  No waiting periods to be seen! Scheduled within days of call

7.  Save the patient and the healthcare system money?????


But how do I, as the patient, save money?


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If you have a high deductible, high co-pay, flexible spending account, health savings account, or just need to get pain free in fewer visits, this is the post for you.  Not only will your savings be in less money spent, but less time spent receiving care, and better outcomes for a better quality of life.  These are examples of how you can save money in a “self pay” or a “cash based” system.





Patient began having knee pain when running and consulted me regarding her pain.  No significant past medical history or no red flags that warranted a referral to a physician.  No need for diagnostic imaging at the time of evaluation and treatment started on the evaluation day.  Patient left evaluation with a decrease in pain already.  I followed up with patient 2 more session within a week with home exercise program being updated each time, and patient was able to return to running pain free in 2 weeks.

Cost:  primary physician appointment, copay plus x-ray, plus orthopedic physician eval plus copay, plus standard physical therapy eval plus co-pays plus treatments 2-3x a week for 4 weeks =  a lot of money out of pocket and with insurance 

Cost: 3 visits at Pursuit Physical Therapy and back to running pain free in 2 weeks $450


The patient has been complaining of chronic foot pain for years and has already been seen by physician, foot specialist, chiropractor, and physical therapy.  Who knows how much money he has spent with deductibles and co-pays already.  He has already had x-rays and MRI and physician wanted to do surgery but patient does not want surgery.  Patient states heel pain and Achilles pain is not allowing him to perform job task, unable to run, and train.  Again no immediate red flags are present so no need for referral.  Patient has already had diagnostic imaging.  Due to chronic nature, the resulted outcome will take longer but patient should still receive great outcome.  Patient signed up for Running Injury and Heel pain Program for $1500.  After 9 visits, patient has returned to running pain free and continues to respond well.  

Cost of previous healthcare:  > thousands of dollars, deductibles, co-pays, etc

Cost of Pursuit Physical Therapy Running Injury Program = $1500 and pain free return to running in 9 visits.  Who knows how much money and time could have been saved if he came to Pursuit Physical Therapy first???


Healthcare working holding a roll of moneyNot only is Pursuit Physical Therapy a cash based clinic, but many physicians are going cash based also.  The below examples were taken from a physician self pay-conceriege medicine blog.  Just to show you how your physician can help you save money also with self pay services!  


Pt fell and injured arm.  Mom sent message to me over weekend wondering about ER visit.  I told them to come in on Monday and I’d evaluate.  Evaluation was not conclusive, so I sent for x-ray, which showed small fracture.  I suggested ortho, but mother messaged me back saying she talked to a friend who was an ortho and they said to just splint this.  I checked on the recommendation and agreed.  Child was in splinted, had repeat x-ray which was better, and given permission to do sports again.

In my old office, without messaging mom would likely have chosen to go to the ER.  If not, would have seen me and would not have communicated with me about her friend’s advice (and I wouldn’t have had time to listen), so cost would have been quite a bit higher.

Cost: 2 x-rays of the forearm – cash price of x-rays $80 each, so total cost of $160

Cost savings: Avoided ER visit and specialist visits.


History of migraines, better with Topamax as a prophylactic drug.  Can’t take it due to monthly cost.  I found a cheaper cost, but then the price went up dramatically.  Pt came to me saying they had to stop the medication, as it was costing more than $120 per month.  I personally called pharmacy, who said that the cost for them was high, but then noted another local pharmacy had it on their $4 drug list and that they would match anyone’s price.  I passed this on to the patient.

In my old office would have required payment for an office visit to talk to me about this, and would not likely have had time to research the cheaper price.

Cost: $4 per month.

Cost Savings: $116 per month and significantly improving quality of life.


Significant head injury with out loss of consciousness.  Pt had some change in mental status (dazed), some nausea, dizziness.  Came to my office directly.  I evaluated, determined low risk for subdural bleed, more likely concussion injury.  Ordered noncontrasted CT of head and stayed in office for 2 hours before test could be done.  We re-evaluated over time and progressively got better.  CT scan was negative.  I called and did phone follow-up over the next few days and pt recovered completely.

Cost:  CT of head: $300

Savings:  ER visit and workup for head injury with altered mental status.   Cost: ?

 The examples above show the cost benefit in time, money, and outcomes that a cash based system can provide.  At Pursuit Physical Therapy we pride ourselves in showing better outcomes, in fewer visits for our patients.  In the long term:  saving them money, saving them time, and returning to the activities they love and enjoy.  Visit PursuitTherapy.com for more information or call us at 407-494-8835 and schedule a consultation today.


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