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Cathy’s Story

Pursuit-8648I lucked across physical therapy as a choice for a profession back in my second year of college.  I was on the medical school track, but did not feel fully committed to that path.  I was ready to sign up for Organic Chemistry I & II combined when my brother pointed out that I better be sure before taking on such a course when I was not sure about wanting to go to medical school.  My dorm-mate told me of how she had been in the same boat with wanting to stay medical for profession and help people overall, but did not necessarily feel that the medical school route was the one for her.  She then explained to me what physical therapy entailed; how you were able to work with people versus the quick 10-minute consult and how much more hands-on it was.  I immediately sought conference with an advisor to get on track for physical therapy school.  Thankfully, college credits in high school aided my endeavors and allowed me to be able to apply at the end of my second year of college.  I would have just enough time to take the standardized tests and get 20 hours of volunteering/observation to apply to the University of Florida.  I feel it was “meant to be” to be led to the right track, be allowed to complete the requirements just in time, and then get accepted on my first attempt to the very school I applied to.

Once I graduated, I took my boards a couple of months afterwards and began working at an outpatient orthopedic clinic.  I loved learning and would take every opportunity to enhance evaluation skills and hone my manual skills.  After almost 5 years, I began to reach a point where I hoped to have more time with my patients and be able to spend more quality assessment/treatment time with them to truly address the cause of their issues.  I moved forward to another outpatient orthopedic group that allowed for more one-on-one care, but I was not able to stay as the company decided to spread in the Northeast versus the Southeast after about a year of opening.  All the while, I continued to gear my continuing education towards manual skills as I chose outpatient orthopedics to be able to help the general population with the ongoing ailments we all tend to accrue.  My last 9 years was also at an outpatient clinic that offered the best patient-to-therapist ratio out of the other clinics at the time.  Halfway through my time at this last location, I worked to become certified as an orthopedic clinical specialist through the APTA.  After a couple of years, I continued to feel a need to progress and move forward professionally, so I opted to learn the business aspect of the profession by taking a managerial position of a clinic.  I learned much more of the insurance/billing/budget, but found that my passion was still more towards treating patients and figuring out the “puzzle” of why they could or would be hurting.  I hoped more and more to find a setting that would allow for the quality of the time, listening, and assessing it would take to help those that are motivated to get better.

My last year at my previous position brought many blessings.  I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Robin Creamer for education and intervention for the osteoporosis population. It surprised me how much of a need for prevention and education was necessary and how little was out there.  I took Sara Meeks courses and gave presentations regarding physical therapy and osteoporosis to aid Dr. Creamer in the endeavor to offer the most comprehensive intervention for this population.

“Now, I am fortunate to work at Pursuit Physical Therapy where I am able to give my full attention to my patients, have the time to listen to their story, and be able to have a setting in which I am able to problem solve the cause of their issues. Putting the patient’s needs first!”

I am continuing to offer intervention for osteoporosis and am a member of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. I also specialize in low back pain, SI Joint pain, plantar fasciitis, women with pelvic pain, hip pain, and complex cases that have failed multiple other treatment approaches.   Ron has helped me to work a dream of this kind of optimal setting that is not dictated by insurance guidelines, but by the patient’s needs.