Complex Hip Pain | Failed Total Hip Replacement

Are you still having pain after your total hip replacement?

Do you have new pain after your total hip replacement?

Are you having pelvic and SI Joint pain that has failed multiple treatments?

Are you dealing with a complex case of hip pain that other treatments approaches have failed to help?

You are in the right place and we can help!  We specialize in complex hip cases!  When the root cause is correctly identified and treated appropriately, then many of our patients report a decrease in their pain and a return to their favorite activities.  So whether its having pain after a total hip replacement, still having hip pain after surgery, or you are having hip and pelvis pain that no one can solve, we can help.  We have helped so many patients with these type of cases.

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Here is what our patients are saying:

img_7255I have been experiencing hip/knee pain for the past 5 years or so, but never felt it was bad enough to actually do something about it. After a week-long trip to Boston, where we walked everywhere, every single day, my left hip and knee were hurting so badly that I decided something needed to be done. I spoke with a friend, who recommended Pursuit Physical Therapy. She has had excellent results with her hip issues as well. After the first visit, I could stand up straight without feeling my hip catch. After 4 visits, I was feeling better than I have in years!! Cathy put me on a plan of exercises/stretches that I am faithful to so that I can maintain my current status or “reset” myself if I start to experience the same issue. I play tennis 2-3 times a week and as long as I keep up my exercises and stretches, I feel so much better after a morning on the courts. I enjoyed working with Cathy~she has really helped me get back to moving the way I want to be moving!! I would highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to anybody who finds themselves in a similar position!! Give it a try~it definitely worked for me!!

Keri J.

MikeI was referred to Ron Miller and Pursuit Therapy by a close friend. At the time I was three and a half months post-op on a total hip replacement. As a result of the replacement, I developed an avulsion fracture of the rectus femoris tendon, above where the ball and socket is inserted. The condition was evident after surgery but not discovered and then later exacerbated during physical therapy with another firm.

At the time I went to Ron for an evaluation, the rectus femoris avulsion was five millimeters dislodged from the bone bed and I had large edema/blood formations, both anteriorly and laterally, on the operated hip. My hip movement was extremely limited and the anterior and lateral areas of the hip were extremely painful, to the point of sleep deprivation.

I chose Ron because of the thoroughness and sensitivity of his initial evaluation. Ron spent 90 minutes with me and asked a number of probative questions. His initial manual movements and adjustments of my hip and lower back gave me relief and an immediate sense of hope that further therapy would be helpful. Unlike traditional physical therapy, where you are sequestered and told to do exercises on your own on a “three on one” basis, Ron is with you the entire hour or more. Ron’s services are different in that he constantly asks questions and adapts his methods to meet your symptoms and expressions of concern. We tried a number of modalities, some successful and some not, and came up with a course of treatment over the first three week period. That course of treatment developed and adapted over time as I increased strength and flexibility.

When I first arrived at Ron’s office, I was dependent on a cane and had a pain level of 6-7. Over the first four weeks I gained strength from the exercises but my range of motion and, therefore, my walking gait, remained limited. At about the six week mark, I began to enjoy significantly increased hip extension, which allowed my walking gait to better normalize. By eight weeks I was walking in the neighborhood without assistance of the cane and in twelve weeks I regained a normal walking gait, began to climb stairs, swim and ride a stationary bike.

Throughout the process, Ron continued to explore and adapt the home exercise program to enhance range of motion and strength. I feel confident in saying that had I not gotten into the hands of Ron Miller, I most likely would not have returned to work or regained the level of enjoyment of life that I now have.

Mike S.

FredI was referred to Pursuit by golfing associate who had great experience solving his rotator cuff problem. I had highly inflamed right hip (with some arthritis). Ron and Cathy created a team approach to solve my problems during three months of creative physical therapy designed by them to continue to improve my condition. I am now in maintenance with a customized exercise/stretching program designed to keep my hip as flexible and strong as possible to allow me to play golf, walk and enjoy the normal activities of daily living. I appreciated their resourcefulness in developing added aspects of the program based on the observed results.

Fred P.