CrossFit Injury Program

Are you tired of doctors and therapists telling you to stop CrossFit?

Are you training in pain with CrossFit?

With proper techniques, proper training, and addressing any biomechanical flaws present, there’s no reason you can’t do CrossFit pain free! Yes, injuries do occur, but many Olympic athletes perform these same lifts. Shoulder pain, low back pain, knee pain, and Achilles pain are the most common CrossFit injuries.

If you can address and solve impairments before your competitions , you significantly decrease your chances of getting injured and you can return to CrossFit pain free. That means more time getting pumped up, hitting PRs and less time laying around!

Tired of injuries affecting your CrossFit training?

Solve the actual cause of the injury and stop covering it up!

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No one likes to be injured and being forced to sit out for weeks, or even months!

Tired of medical professionals saying, “Just stop doing CrossFit!” Our main goal is to solve the problem before it occurs and get you back to pain free CrossFit training! This program was designed to identify and address any predisposing or current impairments that may lead to getting an injury in Cross Fit. Designed by a board certified physical therapist, this screening and treatment approach will be able to target and treat any over-looked factors that will increase your injury risk as you train for Cross Fit.


How will you assess and rate each joint?

Each joint, based the evaluation, will get labelled as RED, YELLOW, or GREEN. This will help dictate what is the appropriate action to take to help avoid an injury. Reassessment after treatment or a home program can be done to help progress to a green status.


RED = poor joint mobility, poor muscle strength, decrease range of motion, poor functional technique. I would advice to address these impairments prior to returning or starting CrossFit activities to avoid injuries.


YELLOW = Mild impairments are present and should be addressed. May continue to with CrossFit as you continue to address and treat. May alter training to avoid aggravating activities for now until impairment is corrected or train at lower intensity to avoid injury.


GREEN = Good joint mobility, Good range of motion, Good strength. Good functional movement. Full go with no present impairments noted.

This is what our patients said about their treatment experience:

I went to Dr. Miller for help a few months ago after having on and off hip pain for about 8 months. As a very active individual who enjoys running and CrossFit, my hip pain reached a point where I was unable exercise the way I wanted and I was even unable to walk on some days. Once Dr. Miller evaluated my condition and determined the issue, I was pain free in just four visits. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he was able to relieve my hip pain that I had for 8 months prior, and almost kicking myself that I hadn’t gone and seen him sooner! On top of that, Dr. Miller is caring enough that he checks up after our visits together just to make sure I’m still pain free. I’ve never encountered another healthcare provider that truly cares about the overall well being of their patients as much as Dr. Miller. He shows an immense passion for his profession and it’s very evident through his practice. I am now back to running and CrossFit 5 days a week all while pain free. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing any sort of pain to see Dr. Miller immediately!

David A.

I came in to Pursuit Physical Therapy because of shoulder pain in my right shoulder. I had surgery on my left shoulder 6 months prior and was very concerned that the right one may need surgery also. I decided to give Pursuit a try after I read some of the testimonials. What really drew me in is that Ron works with all kinds of people incuding people who do Crossfit, like myself. Most pt’s will cringe if you tell them you do crossfit. When I spoke to Ron on the phone he conveyed to me that his standard of care didn’t include, stim, ultrasound, etc., which is the only treatment that I’ve ever had. And this intrigued me even more. I decided to give a session a try, especially since my pain wasn’t getting any better. Before visiting Ron, I was going to the same Pt that did my post op therapy for my left shoulder. But what didn’t change was the type of treatment that I received on my right shoulder. There was no plan, nor any sort of test to see why I was having this pain. In retrospect, that pt was just doing a mundane routine and taking my insurance money and co-pay. Not only did my pain not get any better, no solution in site, the pt constantly communicated to me in back-handed comments that my functional fitness routine (CrossFit) was the reason I had this pain. Immediately after one session with Ron I experienced an increase in range of motion and less pain. The exercises in conjunction with his therapy equaled rapid results. Because he pin pointed exactly what muscles were weak and which ones where tight, then we were able to strengthen and stretch those resulting in a solution. Having this simple yet effective treatment plan helps not only the mindset of the patient but allows you to recover and get back to what you really love doing.

Jen D.

Dr. Ron Miller with DanI went to see Ron at Pursuit Physical Therapy after experiencing chronic elbow and wrist pain for over a year. He came highly recommended to me by a fellow competitive Crossfit athlete after I had previously gone through several different types of treatment for my arm with no lasting results. All of which included complete rest and anti-inflammatory medication. I was convinced that this was going to be an ongoing problem for me with no realistic path to 100% health. After an initial consultation, Ron was extremely confident that he could get my arm completely healthy, while continuing to be active during treatment. Ron’s approach is refreshing because it is entirely RESULTS driven. He laid out a clear plan to recovery and he worked he worked with me every week for several months to execute on the plan. Slowly but surely I started to feel better than I had in years. Now, after a lot of hard work and guidance, I’m almost completely back to competing at full speed. I can’t recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy highly enough!

Dan I.

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Stop training CrossFit in pain and solve the problem that is truly causing your injury!

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