Exercises for Low Back Pain

Top 5 Basic Strengthening Exercises for Low Back Pain
1. Leisure Walking and Avoid Aggravating Activities for Low Back Pain
2. Push Pulls Pain Free

3. Bird Dogs

4. Pain Free Front Planks

5. Pain Free Side Planks

If your your low back pain is not resolving from rest, avoiding aggravating positions, and basic exercise, then call now at 407-494-8835 and schedule your evaluation today!   We will solve the true problem that is causing your low back pain and get you back being pain free!

Dr. Ron Miller with CarolynI have suffered with lower back pain (LBP) for almost three decades. I was told many years ago that the only relief I would find from my back pain was surgery. As a single mother of a toddler, I laughed! I then spent years making my way in and out of a chiropractor’s office only to find short-term relief. My son is now 16, and I knew it was time to tend to my never-ending back pain. The pain was now at such a severe level that I could not sleep through the night. I Googled something to do with back pain relief and thankfully stumbled upon the link to the Pursuit Physical Therapy website. Literally in tears on a Saturday morning, I called the number given. I was shocked to receive a call back from Dr. Ron himself that same day! Two hours later to be exact!! Through tears, I explained my situation. Dr. Ron’s calm confidence somehow reassured me that this was going to be a positive experience. And very positive it has been. My initial evaluation appointment was informative and educational which lead me closer to believing that I may actually be able to begin to live a life without back pain… and no surgery! After my first physical therapy session, I was already experiencing relief from the pain, and I have progressively been able to sleep more comfortably through the night. I feel like Dr. Ron genuinely cares and that he is working WITH me to achieve the goal. As he states, “Even though we are continuing to work on your LBP, my goal is to resolve you LBP to 0/10” Dr. Ron’s professional calm, caring and encouraging demeanor is a true gift! Here’s to 0/10! Thank you Dr. Ron!!

Carolyn S. 

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