Exercises for Neck Pain

Top 4 Basic Strengthening Exercises for Neck Pain
1. Leisure Walking and Avoid Aggravating Activities for Neck Pain
2. Cervical Retractions Pain Free

3. Pec stretch

4. Driver Bands

If your your neck pain is not resolving from rest, avoiding aggravating positions, and basic exercise, then call now at 407-494-8835 and schedule your evaluation today!   We will solve the true problem that is causing your neck pain and get you back being pain free!


Dr. Ron Miller with Laurie K.For 20 years I have suffered with a constant headache, cervical pain, and exhaustion from the pain. This was due to 2 car accidents that caused 3 herniated discs in my upper neck area. Through the years I have done literally EVERYTHING! I have been to chiropractors, did traction, TENS unit, acupuncture, nerve blocks more than once, physical therapy several times, and wore neck braces. NONE of these things helped at all, and actually some made it worse. The only help has been seeing my massage therapist once a week and pain medication. I continued to be active since all 3 neurosurgeons I have seen told me I must keep going. None of them felt surgery was an option. However, there were some days where I had to just stop and lay in bed for a day or two to let things “settle down”. In the past couple of years it has been getting worse so more pain meds which is not a good thing. I really could not imagine what I could do to help nor could I fathom living the rest of my life with this chronic pain. My massage therapist at Vitality Anew, LeeAnne Trimble, heard about Ron and shared with me I might try him. I had nothing to lose so I started seeing Ron. I am probably going to be one of his best testimonies because my pain is nearly gone. Ron has done some manipulation techniques, strengthening exercises, and some minor adjustments that have made the difference. Now that I am 99% better I have been able to play tennis without medication for days before and after, I have gotten back to sewing, I have been able to sleep better, and have definitely had more energy. I do a lot of work at my computer for our custom home business. Now I am able to do that without being in misery. My range of motion has increased tremendously. Though I still have a small amount of pain which Ron would like to see gone, I am so thankful to be able to have such a tiny amount that I hardly notice it. The headaches are completely gone. He has definitely been a miracle worker and answer to prayer for me!

Laurie K.

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