Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Top 5 Basic Strengthening Exercises for Shoulder Pain
1. Seated Trunk Rotations

2. Iso W hold

3. Driver Bands (2 way) Pain Free

4. SL ER Pain Free

5. Pec stretching

If your your shoulder pain is not resolving from rest, avoiding aggravating positions, and basic exercise, then call now at 407-494-8835 and schedule your evaluation today!   We will solve the true problem that is causing your shoulder pain and get you back being pain free!

Dr. Ron Miller with BobAfter 25+ sessions with a physical therapy group, and having limited success, my frustration continued to increase. I still suffered shoulder pain, with limited rotation. I had to give up various sports activities and exercise. I was totally frustrated. While using all my wife’s and my personal contacts, Dr. Miller was recommended by numerous friends. I chose Ron because of his “hands on” model, diagnostic recommendation, and home exercise program. After only a few sessions, the pain subsided and my golf has started to return. The concentrated attention and his knowledge have eliminated the thought of surgery and returned me to my “normal” lifestyle. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Miller to others who are be looking for a Physical Therapist. Thank you, Dr. Miller.

Very Sincerely,

Bob P.