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Frequently Asked Questions About Pursuit Physical Therapy

What is my deductible and why does this matter?

So when seeking healthcare services and treatment, you need to know how much it will cost you out of pocket.  Regardless of what you think, you the patient will be more responsible for the cost of your healthcare going forward with healthcare reform.  So lets look at each variable cost of healthcare:  premiums, deductible, co-pays, and coinsurance.  The premium is how much you pay each month to have your healthcare plan.  Your deductible is how much you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance covers the services.  If you have a high deductible then you may be paying thousands of dollars out of pocket before your health insurance covers services.  Many deductibles are increasing to the $1000-$5000 ranges.  This is very important to understand.  For example: if you have low back pain and you have a high deductible plan standard care (with all of the physician visits, imaging, evaluations, medications, and standard physical therapy) may cost you over $3000-$5000.  What if your treatment at Pursuit Physical Therapy would cost you $750-$1800?  This is why its important because you could get better results, in fewer visits, get back to your favorite activities for 50% of the cost of standard care!  Co-pays are just extra out of pockets fees that you have to pay when seeing a physician, a specialist, or with each physical therapy session.  Coinsurance is a percentage of the final bill after your treatment plan is finished that you will owe.  Many coinsurances are 10%-20%.  So after you pay your monthly premium, and you pay your out of pocket deductible, and you pay your co pays each visit, 3 months later you may get a bill asking you to pay more money.  When seeking healthcare and treatment, you need to know how much you have to pay out of pocket for your treatment.  Because, if someone else can get you pain relief faster, in fewer visits, at a lower out of pocket cost, you can save time and money!

Why should I go to Pursuit Physical Therapy and pay cash when I can go to another physical therapy clinic and use my insurance? Pursuit Physical Therapy Logo

The reason Pursuit Physical Therapy is a cash-based service is because there is no way to treat patients the way that we feel is most effective and accept insurance, without going bankrupt. Insurance companies only reimburse about half what is billed. In order to make a profit, clinics that handle insurance have their patients be seen by assistants and less qualified clinicians. They are also forced to see multiple patients at the same time, so if you would go to an insurance based clinic, you will be double or triple booked with other patients and your will be treated by assistants and techs. We spend 60 minutes of one-on-one time with each one of our patients, primarily using manual therapy that has been shown to show superior outcomes and better results than standard care. No physician script is required so we can treat you now, and you do not have to wait weeks to be seen or treated.  While you are being treated here, you will not be charged for exercises that you can easily do at home on your own. With our approach, we feel confident that we can get you better in less than half of the number of visits they would need at an insurance based clinic. With the time savings of fewer clinic visits, and the value of feeling better sooner, most patients feel the out-of-pocket expense is more than worth it.  Our goal is to get you pain free in fewer visits, faster, for a cheaper cost compared to standard care.

Do I need a Physician script for treatment and What is Direct Access? Low Back Pain Management Diagram

In the state of Florida, patients have direct access to physical therapy services. This means that you can go and see your physical therapist and no physician script is needed.  Direct access not only allows the patient to be seen and treated by the physical therapist, but you don’t have to wait for weeks to be treated. Your evaluation and treatment starts on day one!  Direct access to physical therapy also decreases the cost of health care making it more cost-effective. If you are not appropriate for physical therapy, you will be referred out to the proper physician specialist.

How long will each session last? How much will is cost me?

Image of a physical therapy room Evaluations are usually 60-90 minutes and treatment sessions are up to 60 minutes.  Each session will be one-on-one patient care with a board certified specialist.  At your first session a thorough evaluation will be performed to give you the correct diagnosis, prognosis, cost, and treatment plan.  Yes, treatment will begin on your first session.  After the evaluation we will decide on the appropriate individualized treatment plan for you that will lead you to the best and quickest results.  Your treatment is dictated solely on your diagnosis and what will lead you to the best outcome.  Come acute cases get pain free in 2-4 treatments and some chronic cases take weeks to resolve.  So the cost will vary depending on your diagnosis and injury.

Why is your pain not resolving and why have you failed multiple treatments?

There is a reason your pain is not getting better.  They are missing the problem that is causing your pain!  The key to solving your pain is to correctly identify what is causing your symptoms and then solve it.  CLICK HERE to read the Top 5 Reasons Patients Fail Treatments.  Is this you?  Has the real cause of your pain truly been solved yet?

If I pay cash for my treatment at Pursuit Physical Therapy, will I get reimbursed?

Yes.  After your treatment is completed at Pursuit Physical Therapy you will receive a master reimbursement form.  This form, paperwork, and documentation will have everything on it that your health insurance needs for you to submit a claim.  If you have not met your deductible yet, they should apply your cost to your deductible.  If you have met your deductible for the year, they will review the paperwork and they should reimburse you a percentage of your cost.