Arch Support

Arch Support

When looking at the inside of an adult foot, the arch is the upward curve in the middle. Several tendons in your foot work together with other tendons in your lower leg to create the arches of your feet. The degree of your arch is determined by the pull of each tendon involved. Tendons not pulling properly with each other will cause little to no foot arch.

Test for Your Arch

One simple way to see your arch is to wet the bottoms of your feet. Next, stand on any flat surface where the footprint is easily visible, and then step away. This can be achieved in a bathroom, but the contrast will be greater on a surface such as concrete or asphalt. Most people will see the inside middle missing from the footprint on the surface. If you see the entire bottom of the foot, you may have flat feet.

Causes of Flat Feet

Fallen arches can present themselves for numerous reasons, but the most typical are:

  • Torn or stretched tendons
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Nerve problems

An estimated 20% to 30% of the adult population has flat feet. Risk is increased by other factors, including diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, and aging. Flat feet have been linked to leg and back health. With even a limited understanding of human anatomy, common sense can explain why painful and sore feet often lead to increased leg, knee, hip, and back pain. Increasing the arch often helps reduce these symptoms. Luckily increasing your arch is not an impossible task.

Arch Support

Treatment isn’t required for flat feet because the ailment doesn’t typically cause severe problems. However, as a health problem gets worse, it is usually harder to resolve. For this reason, it is best to address all health issues before they become severe – flat feet included!

A long, barefoot walk on the beach will work out leg and foot muscles in ways they wouldn’t normally be worked, as long as you don’t have a severe case of flat feet. This extra use of your foot and leg muscles will help promote a healthy foot arch. For those who can’t get to their local beach for regular walks, there are many insole and shoe options to choose from.

Question and Answer:

Do I really need to spend $350 on custom orthotics for arch support?

Tired of paying $300-$500 for custom orthotics?  Tired of not being able to wear sandals in Florida?  Well we have the answers for you regarding orthotics and sandals.  Get a pair of arch supported sandals!   S you can get back to wearing sandals, where ever you may go.  No need to wear sneakers all of the time.

Research has looked at the benefits of orthotics, and showed no difference in outcomes with custom orthotics vs prefabriated/generic orthotics!  Some people may need the actual custom orthotic, but the majority of us can get a generic orthotic for our work, sport, leisure shoes and get the same results!  No need to pay hundreds of dollars for custom orthotics.