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Laurie K.

For 20 years I have suffered with a constant headache, cervical pain, and exhaustion from the pain. This was due to 2 car accidents that caused 3 herniated discs in my upper neck area..Read More >>

Christina C.

I ended going to Pursuit Physical Therapy after a recommendation from a friend. I had chronic pain for over 7 years and had tried doctors, acupuncture, stretching and traditional physical therapy but, nothing worked..Read More >>

Robert D.

I recently spent the better part of 2 months obtaining required observation hours for DPT school under Dr. Miller. After just a couple of days, it became evident that he is a remarkable..Read More >>

Lisa B.

After at least three years of doctor-hopping, from acupuncture to Neurologists to Botox injections to undergoing surgery, looking for someone to alleviate any percentage of my constant..Read More >>