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Juliet B.

I have known Cathy for years and have needed her on occasion to work with me on various issues from a labral tear in my shoulder to my bad back...Read More >>

Carolyn S.

I have suffered with lower back pain (LBP) for almost three decades. I was told many years ago that the only relief I would find from my back pain was surgery..Read More >>

Angela S.

Over the last year, my lower back started to bother me but I continued to run, take a dance class and deal with the day to day chores of being a stay at home Mom to 2 girls, one of them being a toddler..Read More >>

Jerilyn T.

A little over three years ago I had a biking accident while training for a triathlon. I thought nothing of it until minor back pain became excruciating pain shooting down my leg..Read More >>

Laura S.

I went to see Ron Miller for chronic pain in my hip and lower back. I was unable to play tennis, work out with weights and could not sleep through the night..Read More >>

Marcus P.

Ron has been instrumental in my recovery from a crippling disc injury to my lower back (L4,L5,SI). I first visited Ron after..Read More >>