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Hip pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions and circumstances. In many cases, hip pain is the result of strain or overuse. However, hip pain can also be caused by underlying conditions affecting certain parts of the low back, foot, or leg. When this occurs, the underlying condition must be treated to restore proper alignment and functioning. Medical professionals such as physical therapists and orthopedic doctors will work to identify potential causes of foot pain to design and implement an appropriate hip pain treatment.

There are many different kinds of hip pain: IT Band Syndrome Hip Bursitis Groin Pain Hip Impingement Hip Labral Tears Hip Snapping Syndrome

Identifying the cause of your pain is essential to solving the problem and resolving your pain

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This is what our patients are saying about our treatment approach:

Dr. Ron Miller with LauraI went to see Ron Miller for chronic pain in my hip and lower back. I was unable to play tennis, work out with weights and could not sleep through the night. I attempted several treatment options including massage, chiropractic care and orthopaedic consultation with no relief from the pain. I received a consultation with Ron and he set up a treatment plan. I was pain free within 5 visits. I am grateful to have found the solution to my pain!

Laura S.


Dr. Ron Miller with CoreyI was having hip pain from running so I chose to see Ron rather than my Family Dr (who would order scans and eventually PT). I was having to take 2-3 days off between running days.  Ron got me in quickly, did a few tests, and started treatment on my initial visit. He gave me exercises/stretches to do at home also and estimated 2-4 visits were needed. My next appointment went well and I was back to running daily after that visit. The final 2 appointments were not needed. Ron has followed up twice since then to make sure I’m still pain free and doing my homework.

So in 3 days total I was back to 100% without ever seeing my Family Doctor. I’m sure they could’ve gotten it fixed too but it usually takes a week to get that appointment, then another to get a scan scheduled, and finally another week to be referred to PT. So, getting in and treated so quickly along with being treated by Dr Ron personally makes Pursuit five stars.  Also, before Dr Ron started his own practice he successfully treated me for a herniated disc. So I knew the level of treatment I would get and that’s why I went to Pursuit to be treated by Dr Ron.

Corey L.

Dr. Ron Miller with MelissaI learned of Ron through my local running group after he spoke to the group at Fleet Feet. I had just finished my 3rd half marathon and was experiencing horrible shin and hip pain. I was registered for another half marathon within a few weeks and did not want to miss it, but I knew the pain I was experiencing was beyond that of normal long distance training. I was so excited that I was able to get an appointment to see him right away, no waiting weeks or months to get in. At my first appointment he was very thorough about getting all the details about my pain and examining the areas of pain. I was relieved that he thought the pain was something that he could treat, and I would possibly be able to run my next race. Due to the holidays I only met with Ron four times. His follow through and communication are excellent, and the office sessions combined with the videos/exercises to complete at home made a huge difference. I was able to run without the horrible pain and continue to train. I would absolutely recommend Ron Miller to anyone with pain issues, especially runners. He is so concerned about his patients and continues to follow up and check on his patients after the treatment ends. I hope to be pain free in the future, but if not I will not hesitate to go see Ron Miller again.

Melissa Y.

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