Insurance Coverage & Payment

Insurance Coverage & Payment

High Deductible Plan?  High Co-pays?  Health Savings Account? No Problem Here

Credit card changing handsPursuit Physical Therapy is a private pay practice.  No insurance is needed and most of our patients have insurance already, and they still choose to pay out of pocket for the faster results, better outcomes, in fewer treatment visits as compared to standard care.  Every treatment session is with a board certified specialist only and no techs or assistants.   So you don’t need to worry about how to file your claims, verify your insurance benefits, miscellaneous fees, co-pays, and deductible information.  We just focus on getting you pain free as fast as possible!  No limitations.  After the treatment plan is completed, we will take all of the receipts and all of the necessary documentation and give it to you to simply submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement or application to your deductible.

money_backOur treatment packages have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !  Thats right!  If we cannot change your pain in 4 visits or if you feel that our treatment is not helping, we will give you your money back!  We do not believe it is right to charge you money if we cannot help you!


Here what patients are saying about our treatment approach, money saved, and fast outcomes:

Dr. Ron Miller with CoreyI was having hip pain from running so I chose to see Ron rather than my Family Dr (who would order scans and eventually PT). I was having to take 2-3 days off between running days.  Ron got me in quickly, did a few tests, and started treatment on my initial visit. He gave me exercises/stretches to do at home also and estimated 2-4 visits were needed. My next appointment went well and I was back to running daily after that visit. The final 2 appointments were not needed. Ron has followed up twice since then to make sure I’m still pain free and doing my homework.

So in 3 days total I was back to 100% without ever seeing my Family Doctor. I’m sure they could’ve gotten it fixed too but it usually takes a week to get that appointment, then another to get a scan scheduled, and finally another week to be referred to PT. So, getting in and treated so quickly along with being treated by Dr Ron personally makes Pursuit five stars.  Also, before Dr Ron started his own practice he successfully treated me for a herniated disc. So I knew the level of treatment I would get and that’s why I went to Pursuit to be treated by Dr Ron.

Corey L.

Acceptable payment options:

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Saving Accounts
  • Care Credit Payment Plans

Care Credit Logo For those who do not have the available funds you still can get the quality health care you deserve. We offer payment plan options through Care Credit at 0% over a 6,12, or 18 month options.  Call Pursuit Physical Therapy or click here for more details about how Care Credit works.

Why Should I go to Pursuit Physical Therapy and pay out of pocket when I can go to another clinics and healthcare and use my health insurance?

The reason Pursuit Physical Therapy is a private pay service is because there is no way to treat patients the way that we feel is most effective and accept insurance, without going bankrupt.  Insurance companies only reimburse about half what is billed. In order to make a profit, clinics that handle insurance have their patients be seen by assistants and less qualified clinicians. They are also forced to see multiple patients at the same time, so if you would go to an insurance based clinic, you will be double or triple booked with another patient.  This results in bad outcomes and longer treatments periods.  If we can get you better in 6 visits, and standard clinics will see you for 12 or more visits, we believe that we owe it you to get you better in 6 visits!  If you have a higher deductible health plan, then our treatment approach will save you money and be cheaper for you!

We never double book patients and all patient care is One-on-One! We spend 60 minutes of one-on-one time with each one of my patients using proven and high effective treatments that has been shown to show superior outcomes and better results than standard care.  Our patients get a better outcome in fewer visits than most standard clinics and other healthcare providers.  No physician script is required so we can treat you now, and you do not have to wait weeks to be seen or treated.  While you are being treated here, you will not be charged for exercises that you can easily do at home on your own. With our treatment approach, we feel confident that we can get you better in less than half of the number of visits they would need at an insurance based clinic. Our approach even works for complex and chronic cases.  If you are dealing with a chronic injury or pain, and standard care wants to charge you $5000 total for treatment, we can get you better for $3000 or less!  With the time savings of fewer treatment visits, and the value of feeling better sooner, the money saved, most patients feel the out-of-pocket expense is more than worth it.

There is no need to wait weeks to be seen and pay high co-pays for poor treatment!  We can schedule your EVALUATION today and start TREATMENT on day one!

Please call at 407-494-8835 if there are questions regarding participation status and what is best option for you.  We are all about doing what is best for the patient: getting you pain free faster and receiving the outcome you deserve with no limitations.