Knee Pain Diagnosis

Knee Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

Successful knee pain treatment depends on a proper diagnosis. Patients who are not sure of the cause of their knee pain should be evaluated by a medical professional. Once the condition is identified, knee pain treatment can begin. This may occur as home treatment, and some self treatments such as foam rolling. Patients may be given over-the-counter or prescription pain medications to manage pain symptoms. In severe cases, knee surgery may be needed to correct the problem.

To diagnose the cause of knee pain, medical professionals will evaluate the following:

  • What type of knee pain the patient is experiencing
  • Where the pain occurs within the knee or leg region
  • Whether or not the pain “moves” to other places in the knee or leg
  • Whether or not other symptoms accompany knee pain
  • Severity of the knee pain, especially at various points during the day
  • Whether or not the knee pain varies with certain activities or conditions
  • What actions or movements reproduce your knee pain