Neck Pain


What type of neck pain do you have and what is it stopping you from achieving?

Neck pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions and circumstances. In many cases, neck pain is the result of strain, poor posture, or overuse.  Understanding the different types of neck pain is crucial to getting a successful outcome; because not all neck pain is the same.  However, chronic cases of neck pain can also be caused by underlying risk factors affecting certain parts of the neck, mid back, and arm. These are commonly missed and lead to experiencing recurrences of neck pain or failed treatments.  When this occurs, the underlying condition must be treated to restore proper alignment and functioning.  At Pursuit Physical Therapy we believe that everyone should get the best care possible with the most cost effective outcome. Our team of board certified orthopedic physical therapists have been shown to get excellent treatment outcomes without needing injections, pain medications, or surgery to resolve neck pain.

There are many different kinds of neck pain and understanding which kind you have is essential to resolving your pain

Herniated disc in the neck

Arthritis in the neck

Neck sprain or strain

Poor neck posture at work and at desk

A pinched nerve in the neck with radiating arm and shoulder blade symptoms

Upper trap pain and muscle tightness

Neck pain with a headache

One sided neck pain with difficulty turning neck

Neck pain after sleeping


Not all neck pain is the same and responds to the same “Cookie Cutter” neck pain treatment approach! 

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