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Information for New Patients

In order to make sure your visit to the practice goes smoothly, we’ve put together all of the important information about our practice and how were are different than standard healthcare for you under our Patient Center.  Here you will find all of the necessary information, paperwork, and directions to our location needed  before your first visit.   Download the New Patient Packet below for all of the necessary paperwork needed to get started.

To schedule your evaluation call 407-494-8835

Dr. Ron Miller with LilyDr. Ron Miller is the best! I play tennis regularly and do yoga to maintain flexibility. Several months ago I developed shoulder pain that was limiting my physical activity, computer work, and even sleep. I tried sports massages, a chiropractic adjustment, and when those didn’t work, I went to my primary physician. He suggested MRI, cortisone shots, and even scoping it, but I was more interested in trying physical therapy first. I found Pursuit Physical Therapy by searching online. The website focuses on results, and that is what I wanted. One week after the first treatment I was playing tennis with much more strength in my serve and ground strokes. After just three sessions we’re done! I am pain-free, my upper body mobility has increased dramatically, and I’m now doing the strengthening exercises that Ron (Dr. Miller) gave me. I am so excited about this, and thankful for finding Pursuit Physical Therapy. He takes all the time that’s necessary during the free evaluation to pinpoint the exact source of your problem, and then addresses it with therapy and specific exercises to do at home. He really listens to your feedback and is genuinely committed to your healing process.
Lily P.
Patrick and Cathy“I had a crippling pain in my lower back that did not allow me to stand in a fully upright position for awhile. My wife has been to Pursuit for pain previously and told me the therapy works and I needed to go. The care given here not only directly help alleviate my pain but I was given tutorials on what to do to limit the prospects of more flair-ups as well as what I could do to help alleviate the pain in the future through self therapy. I had immediate results! I walked out of therapy in a lot less pain that was visible in my posture. Now I am back to working out and able to perform daily functions without pain. I would absolutely recommend others to go to Pursuit Physical Therapy! Thank you Cathy!”Patrick O. Alex DWhen I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I had tore my MCL, I was concerned about how much time and money (I have a high deductible plan) it would take to get me back to my active lifestyle. After doing some research, I found Pursuit Physical Therapy and decided to call and get more info. I was surprised to reach Dr. Miller himself, and he told me about his process. This process helped get me back to normal in a fraction of the time I had predicted, and it was both effective and a great value. My orthopedic doctor recommended I go to PT twice a week for 6 weeks, which wasn’t necessary at all in my case and would have cost me a lot of extra time and money. I also found out that I probably could have skipped the MRI, trip to my primary care doctor, AND trip to my orthopedic doctor.
Dr. Miller is passionate about helping people and is very personable. My visits were not only productive and educational, they were fun too. If I have another sports injury, I’ll be going to to Pursuit before seeing anybody else. I’ll be recommending Pursuit to all my jiu jitsu friends! Alex D.
img_7255I have been experiencing hip/knee pain for the past 5 years or so, but never felt it was bad enough to actually do something about it. After a week-long trip to Boston, where we walked everywhere, every single day, my left hip and knee were hurting so badly that I decided something needed to be done. I spoke with a friend, who recommended Pursuit Physical Therapy. She has had excellent results with her hip issues as well. After the first visit, I could stand up straight without feeling my hip catch. After 4 visits, I was feeling better than I have in years!! Cathy put me on a plan of exercises/stretches that I am faithful to so that I can maintain my current status or “reset” myself if I start to experience the same issue. I play tennis 2-3 times a week and as long as I keep up my exercises and stretches, I feel so much better after a morning on the courts. I enjoyed working with Cathy~she has really helped me get back to moving the way I want to be moving!! I would highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to anybody who finds themselves in a similar position!! Give it a try~it definitely worked for me!! Keri J.