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Shoulder Pain

Are you Tired of Having Shoulder Pain that is not Going Away? 

If you are ready to solve the problem that is causing your shoulder pain, then this is the place for you!

Shoulder pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions and circumstances. In many cases, shoulder pain is the result of strain, poor biomechanics, or overuse. However, shoulder pain can also be caused by underlying conditions affecting certain parts of the neck, mid back, and arm. When this occurs, the underlying condition must be treated to restore proper alignment and functioning. Medical professionals such as physical therapists and orthopedic doctors will work to identify potential causes of shoulder pain to design and implement an appropriate foot pain treatment.

There are many different kinds of shoulder pain: Rotator Cuff Tear Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Shoulder Bursitis Shoulder Labral Tear Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) AC Joint Injury Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder Snapping Scapula Syndrome Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Identifying the cause of your pain is essential to solving the problem and resolving your pain

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Our patients are getting better results and pain free faster!  Find out how our patients are getting these surprisingly better outcomes in less visits, without surgery, and without injections!

This is what our patients are saying about our treatment approach:

Dr. Ron Miller with BobAfter 25+ sessions with a physical therapy group, and having limited success, my frustration continued to increase. I still suffered shoulder pain, with limited rotation. I had to give up various sports activities and exercise. I was totally frustrated. While using all my wife’s and my personal contacts, Dr. Miller was recommended by numerous friends. I chose Ron because of his “hands on” model, diagnostic recommendation, and home exercise program. After only a few sessions, the pain subsided and my golf has started to return. The concentrated attention and his knowledge have eliminated the thought of surgery and returned me to my “normal” lifestyle. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Miller to others who are be looking for a Physical Therapist. Thank you, Dr. Miller.

Very Sincerely,

Bob P.

Cathy Yi with EnidAfter having shoulder surgery, I needed several weeks of physical therapy. My surgeon recommended that I see Cathy. How glad I am that I did. Cathy is a gifted physical therapist, with a thorough understanding of the body. I so appreciated that she took my age into consideration during our sessions together—this was most important to me. And she always gave me exercises to do at home that speeded my healing. I would highly recommend Cathy–she’s the best!

Enid J.



Dr. Ron Miller with LilyDr. Ron Miller is the best! I play tennis regularly and do yoga to maintain flexibility. Several months ago I developed shoulder pain that was limiting my physical activity, computer work, and even sleep. I tried sports massages, a chiropractic adjustment, and when those didn’t work, I went to my primary physician. He suggested MRI, cortisone shots, and even scoping it, but I was more interested in trying physical therapy first. I found Pursuit Physical Therapy by searching online. The website focuses on results, and that is what I wanted. One week after the first treatment I was playing tennis with much more strength in my serve and ground strokes. After just three sessions we’re done! I am pain-free, my upper body mobility has increased dramatically, and I’m now doing the strengthening exercises that Ron (Dr. Miller) gave me. I am so excited about this, and thankful for finding Pursuit Physical Therapy. He takes all the time that’s necessary during the free evaluation to pinpoint the exact source of your problem, and then addresses it with therapy and specific exercises to do at home. He really listens to your feedback and is genuinely committed to your healing process.

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