Throwing Program

Throwing Program

Are you an overhead athlete experiencing pain in your throwing arm?

I am taking on a select group of overhead athletes and throwers to work with me for One-on-One physical therapy sessions, regardless of just having throwing pain, or just having surgery, or just wanting to improve performance.

This program is for any athlete that needs treatment or prevention of upper extremity injuries involved in overhead throwing sports such as baseball, track and field, softball, and football.  This will involve a specific biomechanical analysis, sport physical therapy, manual therapy, and evidenced based therapeutic exercises, such as the Thrower’s 10,  to return to a pain free overhead motion.  For example, breaking down the biomechanics of a pitcher and assessing the necessary range of motion, functional movement, and strength needed to complete this throw pain free through each phase.


What does the throwing program entail?

1.  Biomechanical assessmentBaseball throw analysis

2.  Movement Assessment through each throwing phase

3.  Strength training and Manual Therapy

4.  Individualized Home Program

5.  Step by step plan to return to full pain free throwing!





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Do you ever wonder how professional athletes return to sport so fast?

Great quality care from the expert clinicians and they can get treatment 7 days a week!

Well, you can have the same care!  You will receive a specific individualized rehabilitation program that will focus on normalizing proper upper extremity biomechanics when throwing, prevention of injuries, increase performance training, neuromuscular re-education, and increasing strength and power.  This program was designed by a board certified orthopedic specialist and, if needed, you can get treatment 7 days a week!  This is not a quick fix and we will use a whole body approach to not only solve the problem but to make sure the pain returns.  For questions and concerns about shoulder pain, return to sport, and more call Pursuit Physical Therapy at 407-494-8835 or schedule a consultation online.

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