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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Pursuit Physical Therapy

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Pursuit Physical Therapy

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1) A New Treatment Approach

Pursuit Physical Therapy offers an innovative and customized approach for the treatment of the any patient’s pain and discomforts that no one else offers.  We apply specialized, tailored routines and personalized one-on-one care to fully optimize patient’s ability to not only understand where and why their pain is persistent, but also the correct remedy for staying pain-free with proper technique.  We identify and solve the problem that caused your injury and not just cover up the symptoms. Cathy Yi and Dr. Ron Miller- Best Physical Therapist Award

2) One-on-One Patient Care

Dr. Ron Miller with patientIn standard care, you may only get to see the physician for a couple of minutes, or in standard physical therapy you may get double or triple booked with other patients with your 3rd to 4th different clinician.  You may even get treated by a less qualified tech or assistant.  Not here!  There is no double booking and every session is at least 1 hour with a the same board certified clinician each visit.  If you have to pay out of pocket for your treatments —whether it is a co-payment, deductible, or both—why not pay for one-on-one physical therapy with a board certified specialist and see the same expert clinician each session!  Get the high quality care you deserve.  Many people usually rely on their commercialized, insurance-based coverage, only to spend half the actual session taking a computer survey or being ‘reevaluated’, and the other half of the time waiting between your repetitions for your ‘individual care’ to resume because your therapist is scrambling and overbooked, helping two other patient’s finish their routine as well.  Too often, patients are misled to believe physical therapy through their insurance is the only solution and inevitably get stuck prolonging their rehabilitation process by “going with my coverage”. One thing is for sure—you no longer have to ‘go with the flow’, you can take charge of your recovery today and be on your way to pain-free living and back to your extracurricular activities as soon as possible with Pursuit Physical Therapy.  Dr. Ron Miller, DPT, OCS, will always customize each session, tailoring the routines to individual needs to optimize your quality of care and never lengthen or prolong any recovery due to insurance-restraints or time limitations.    

3) The Patient’s Interest and What is Truly Best for the Patient is Placed First!

Dr. Ron Miller with ShilpaAt Pursuit Physical Therapy, the patient never has to question whether their care is being prolonged, or sessions being added simply for profit. Fundamentally, this practice was formed with the intent to place patients first; to give patients the best outcomes as possible, as quick as possible! No one patient is alike, nor will they be treated as so! Bottom line, what is best for the patient’s recovery dictates how many treatment sessions are needed.   If you can achieve the results and be pain free in 2 visits you will only be seen for 2 visits!  The “typical recommendation” for physical therapy can be for three sessions per week for four weeks, with no incentive to get you better, faster—Not at Pursuit! Because you are constantly being reassessed throughout each session by your Board Certified specialist, if four sessions is all you need—four sessions is all you will pay for!

4) Unmatched Credentials

Pursuit Physical Therapist's Credentials Due to the credentials of our specialists, Pursuit Physical Therapy proposes a higher quality of treatment, to each and every patient. Treatment is always received by a board certified orthopedic physical therapist. Within the practice we accommodate numerous athletic and rehabilitative needs, for instance, our very own Ron Miller, DPT, OCS , has is doctorate in physical therapy and also has advantageously completed a post-doctoral residency in orthopedic physical therapy.  Cathy Yi, MPT, OCS is also a board cetified orthopedic specialist who has exclusive training in osteoporosis and pelvis treatment.   We also have proven evidenced based treatment programs that show better results than the standard regarding, neck pain, low back pain, heel pain, running injuries, and CrossFit injuries.    

5) Passion for Patient Satisfaction

Over 70 5 Star Reviews on Google and Yelp GraphicPatient care and satisfaction will always come first, guaranteed. At Pursuit Physical Therapy, each specialist is continuously passionate and apprehensive of their patients as well as their individual requirements and personal ambitions. Our specialists stay up to date with innovative techniques and most current physical therapy approaches possible; passionately, continuously, striving for optimal patient care is fundamental within this practice!  Just see what is the overwhelming common factor with our patient testimonials here.  

6) Better Outcomes in Fewer Visits

Best Physical Therapist Award It’s simple—Pursuit believes and strives for better patient outcomes with as few visits as necessary! Our therapists are standing by to begin your road to wellness!  We recently got voted BEST PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC in Winter Park – Maitland, FL area!  If you are looking for the best patient care, delivering the best treatment options that are proven to get the best results in fewer visits, this is the place for you!    

7) Direct Access and No Physician Script Needed

No prescription needed graphic It is a misconstrued concept that a patient in pain or discomfort must first see a medical physician and be evaluated, possibly given unnecessary radiologic exams, and then finally be referred to a physical therapist for actual relief. Patients have direct access to immediate care at Pursuit Physical Therapy—there is never a need to waste up to two weeks  or more on an ‘assumed diagnosis’ as well as the costs to cover co-payments and specialist fees. If you have an ache or ailment that is inconveniencing your normal routine, don’t settle for the pain any longer because Pursuit Physical Therapy can see you right away, no need to wait—and the only specialist you will need to see, is ours.  

8) We Will Save You Time and Money

Money and clock graphicHere at Pursuit Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to saving our patients their valuable time and money. If there is a possible way to use insurance benefits—such as health saving accounts—or for possible reimbursements, we will assist you to the absolute fullest ability. We can provide you with detailed paperwork for submitting claims to insurance companies. Also, there are applications available to apply your physical therapy sessions to your insurance deductible.  

9) Flexible Scheduling

We offer extremely flexible hours of care for all patients. Pursuit Physical Therapy offers tailored schedules based on patients needs and their availability, first and foremost.  You can change and reschedule your appointment with a simple text message!  Furthermore, our specialists can even accommodate weekend sessions if needed.

10) No Miscellaneous Fees and Random Bills

Pile of bills graphicyou will know exactly how much your treatment will cost before treatment starts!   One of the best reasons to not hesitate to set up your first appointment with Pursuit is you know exactly what you are paying for with each and every visit and we can guarantee the patient no miscellaneous, unexplainable fees or bills months after treatment has completed as with larger, insurance-based clinics. You will never be billed for additional specialist fees, equipment charges, or ‘complex therapy’ fees—no insurance ploys, just excellent service! We look forward to seeing you soon!  
BONUS: Better Outcomes, Faster Results, Period!
Special Bonus graphicPerhaps the most essential and significant reason for any patient to not hesitate in seeking out therapy at Pursuit Physical Therapy is quite straight forward and unpretentious—Patients see better outcomes, exponentially quicker results, and most important to the patient, Pursuit Physical Therapy adapts and customizes to each individual to ensure they get back to their activities and passions faster, pain free!  We get results in fewer visits getting you pain free faster!

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