10 Things You Might Not Know About Dr. Ron Miller


I get the opportunity to help and meet a lot of people through running my small business.  People from, my patients, guest lectures, networking events, etc but many just see me as the clinician Dr. Ron Miller.  Here is an opportunity to learn a little more about me.

10 things you might not know about Dr. Ron Miller
1.  I have a wife named Haley and a daughter named Sienna.  These 2 are my everything!

Ron Miller Wife Haleysienna1









2.  We have 2 dogs

We have a Yorkie-poo named London ( he has little man syndrome and thinks he is a big dog) and a Yellow Lab names Lily.  Don’t underestimate London’s cuteness, he has the highest-pitched whine ever!

Yorkie-poo London

Yellow Lab names Lily


3.  I love to go fishing and archery hunting

Whether it is fishing in a lake, cruising the intracoastal, or going deep sea fishing, it is always a good time.  This is m brother-in-law and I about to go hunting together!  Love the outdoors.  So peaceful and relaxing

Ron Miller Fishing

Ron Miller Archery

4.  I have absolutely no musical ability (that side of my brain doesn’t work properly), but I love music.
I love music.  I was always a math and science guy, so I guess I never challenged my music part of my brain.  Maybe I still have some music ability that I never activated yet!
5.  I lived in Savannah, GA for 1 year.

Ron Miller Savannah, GA

Right after I finished my graduate studies I moved to Savannah, GA for a year.  Enjoying downtown Savannah, the squares, the food, and Tybee Beach was a great experience.


6.  My favorite Orlando restaurants are…… (so we had to change this in lunch or dinner)

Dinner:  RusTeak, Winter Park Fish Co., Eddie V’s, and Christeners

Lunch:  Chiptole, Hubbly Bubbly,

7.  I like to play tennis.

tennis Ron Miller

My mother was a very good tennis player.  She played at Penn State at the number 1# for 4 years and ended up pursuing the professional rankings and playing Chris Everett.  So I guess I had tennis in my blood.  I feel that I can hold my own now, eventhough I do not play much, but always love to play for fun.



8.  My favorite thing to do on the weekend is…. wake up early, with my black coffee, read a great book, with a beautiful view at the beach with my family!  Then go for a run and be on the water.  Nothing better!


9.  I ran a 10K race in 40:01 once.

When I was in graduate school, and actually had time to train, my goal was to run a sub 40 minute 10K race.  I trained for months, especially interval training (highly recommend this for my runners), and ended up running a 40:01! Yes a 40:01.

10.  I actually rode a horse once!  Scariest thing ever, but it was a fun time

horse Ron Miller

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