Common Upper Body Patterns That May Affect Your CrossFit Training: Part 1

Are you hesitant to start CrossFit because of an injury?
Tired of medical doctors and therapist just saying; stop doing CrossFit?
Well, we have the answer!  To solve the injury before it happens.  There is no reason why you can’t train CrossFit injury free and without joint pain.

Man and woman doing handstands against a wall

We all have jobs and careers that place us in certain postures and patterns that may predispose us to have poor sitting posture, muscle weakness, or tight muscles.  If we can be aware and address these impairments before starting CrossFit, then you can greatly decrease the risk of an injury occurring.  For example: many of us have a desk job or use a computer often at home.  Because of this, look at a common sitting posture below.

Poor posture while sitting at computer

Some of you may even look like this at work!

Poor posture while at the computer
What upper body patterns are caused by a sitting posture at work?
upper body patterns caused by poor posture while sitting

forward head posture (cervical protrusion)

tight pec muscles

weak scapular muscles

increased thoracic spine (kyphosis) curvature

tight lat dorsi muscles

You can see that these impairments will play a major role in many CrossFit lifts and especially overhead techniques.   If you can address these impairments prior to starting Crossfit, getting the necessary range of motion (mobility) and proper strength in these weak and inhibited muscles, you can decrease the chance of an injury from occurring.  How do I address these impairments?  You have to identify the impairment first so you can design a customized treatment plan to correct these predisposing factors.  Not everyone presents the same so there is no need to just use a “cookie cutter” approach and just have everyone do every single stretch in the book.  Unless you really like to stretch for 30+ minutes prior to your workouts.    Why not just do the 2-3 best exercises that will address the impairment?

For example, this one of my favorite home exercises.  This is a great stretch and self mobilization that addresses the thoracic spine and stretches the lat dorsi muscle all in one.

Prayer Stretch

CrossFit is based on functional lifts and with no impairments present, there is no reason why you can’t perform CrossFit training injury free.  If you are worried about a previous injury or you want to address these impairments prior to starting CrossFit, we have designed the CrossFit Pre-Injury Screen that can identify these problems before an injury occurs.  Call us at 407-494-8835 or schedule online at for your COMPLIMENTARY EVALUATION and see if you will benefit from this CrossFit Pre-Injury Screen now!

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Solve the injury before it occurs and train pain free!

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