Our key values at Pursuit Physical Therapy

The Core Values at Pursuit Physical Therapy

Here are 4 concepts and values that we follow here at Pursuit Physical Therapy:

Resourceful – every patient will learn about their diagnosis, prognosis, risk factors, what caused their pain, how much it will cost, what I expect and a timeline for results.


Trustworthy and Friendly – My patient relationships are not looked at as patient vs clinician, you will have a friend after this and we will be side by side with you as your treatment starts.  We will go through your treatment and this process together


Appreciation – You will be treated as a person not as a diagnosis with only One-on-One care.  No double or triple booking with other patients and each session is 1 hour.  All of your questions will be answered


Convenience and efficient – No waiting periods to be seen and evaluations are usually booked within a week.  No need to wait months to be seen.  no waiting at your appointments.  Easy access to care and your 3 o’clock appointment starts at 3 o’clock.  No more waiting hours in a waiting, and then waiting more in the treatment room for the doctor to come in.

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