Why is your foot and heel pain not resolving? Find out here and read this!

Are You Tired of Suffering from Foot Pain?

Have you failed multiple treatments for your heel pain?

heelspurIf you are suffering from foot pain that is not resolving with multiple treatment attempts, you have not found the true cause of your pain.  For example, one of the most common foot pain issues is plantar fasciitis and unfortunately, treatment is typically targeted to that one spot.  This approach however may result in your pain returning after medication use, activity modification, use of orthotics or cortisone shots.  This is because somewhere up the kinetic chain is the true cause of your pain and this HAS to be addressed for symptom relief.

Foot pain can be caused by a number of issues including lumbar spine referred pain, nerve tension, Pelvic obliquity, poor biomechanics, lack of hip strength or decreased ankle dorsiflexion (the motion that allows your foot to point upward when you walk or run).  All of these are possible factors that will cause subsequent issues all the way down to the foot resulting abnormal stresses to the tissues and thus pain.

Find out what is the key to treating your foot and heel pain here

By Kathleen Palmer, ACSM-CPT, SPT

Kathleen Kathleen Palmer is a doctoral student at the University of Central Florida and she completing an orthopedic clinical rotation here at Pursuit Physical Therapy as she is completing her studies towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016





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