3 Way To Fix Upper Trap Pain and Tightness (Stop Stretching the Upper Trap!)

What really causes upper trap pain?

There can be many causes but the most common are

  1. poor posture
  2. tight pecs
  3. weak scap muscles

Notice we did not say the upper trap!  This is because the upper trap muscle is not the cause but the effect.

Many people try stretching it and massaging it, and it feels good at first, but then the pain returns.

The key is to de-load the upper trap and to allow it to relax.

These are 3 self treatments you can try at home:

Restore full Neck Retraction

Stretch pec muscles

Strengthen scapular muscles

If you can do all of these and watch your posture (at work, on the computer, texting, reading, etc) then you should be able to de-load the upper trap muscles and allow it to calm down and relax.  Thus, decreasing your pain.

Try these at home and see if this helps

If not or if this increases your pain, then you may have something else going on.  Then you will need a thorough evaluation to solve the root cause of your pain.


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