How to Treat a Herniated Disc In Your Low Back That is Causing Sciatica? | Orlando FL

If you feel that you have a herniated disc in your low back that is causing your low back pain and sciatica symptoms…

Here are some tips to follow to help with treatment:

  1.  avoid sitting and flexed postures that increase your sciatica and leg pain
  2.  continue walking for 20-30 minutes outside (If this increases your pain then its not scaitica from a herniated disc)
  3.  stop working out with weights in forward bending positions and bent over positions
  4.  pay attention to postures the reproduces your sciatica
    1. positions that increase scaitica = bad posture and avoid these.  this presses on the disc causing increased pain
    2. positions the decrease scaitica = good posture and this avoids pinching on the nerve root and centralizes your pain (this is a great sign and means that you WILL GREATLY BENEFIT FROM OUR TREATMENT)
  5. if you have neurological symptoms ( diffiuculty with bowel and bladder, drop foot, numbness and tingling, decrease sensation, etc)  I would recommend to start treatment ASAP or call your physician

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