How To Treat Piriformis Syndrome and Glute Pain | Orlando FL

There are many different types of glute pain and piriformis syndrome is one of the most common.

What is Piriformis Syndrome?

This is when the piriformis muscle is in spasm and tight, causing intense glute pain.  Many times, this is not the cause but the effect.  something is causing the piriformis to spasm and we need to solve the root cause and identify why it is in spasm

What does Piriformis Syndrome Feel Like?

It will feel like a sharp pain in the glute region and usually people will have increased pain in sitting and with sit to stands.  Sometimes, it can be in spasm enough and tight that it will pinch the sciatic nerve and cause a “pseudo” sciatica

How is Piriformis Syndrome Diagnosed?

This is easily diagnosed in the clinic and does not need x-rays or MRI to diagnose.

Piriformis Syndrome is also called or referenced as

  • Glute pain
  • deep glute pain
  • buttock pain
  • sciatica
  • sitting butt pain

What is the best way to treat Piriformis syndrome?

The first step is to solve the root cause, just as in the example in the above video.  There is a reason it is in spasm and the actual piriformis syndrome is the effect.  Not the cause.  Once the root cause is identified and treated then the symptoms and piriformis syndrome will resolve

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