Key To Resolving Achilles Tendinitis In Runners

Why does Achilles Tendinitis Occur In Runners?

What are some other root causes of Achilles pain in runners?

  • bad shoes
  • forefoot running
  • tight calf muscle
  • hypomobile ankle joint
  • calf muscle weakness
  • sciatic neural tension
  • low back problem
  • SI Joint dysfunction

Try these self treatments at home to see if this decreases your Achilles Pain

1.are you in the right shoe?  A minimalist shoe may be adding in to your problem and you may need more of a stability shoe

2.  calf stretching

3.  soleus stretching

Nothing should increase your pain above a 3/10

If these increase your pain or if it does not help, there is something else going on and you may not have typical a typical case of Achilles Tendinitis.

In this case you will need an evaluation to solve your pain and there may be a deeper mobility problem

You can call 407-494-8835 to schedule your eval.

Hope this helps!




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