Specific Treatment For Runner’s With Low Back Pain

What causes a runner to have low back pain?

What are some other root causes that could lead a runner to experience low back pain

  • Arthritis or degenerative disc disease in the low back
  • SI Joint problem
  • A herniated disc in the low back
  • hip flexor tightness
  • lack of hip extension
  • glute muscle weakness

Try this stretch at home to see if it decreases your low back pain

Hip Flexor Stretch For Runners With Low Back Pain

Nothing should increase your pain above a 3/10

If these increase your pain or if it does not help, there is something else going on and you may not have typical low back pain.

In this case you will need an evaluation to solve your pain

You can call 407-494-8835 to schedule your eval.

Hope this helps!





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