Water Skiing Injury Program

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anna1My middle back was really bothering me, I had aching pains that wouldn’t go away and it was very uncomfortable so I decided to see Ron. My dad used Ron when he had plantar fasciitis and he helped him tremendously. So, he was the first physical therapist we called. I also had been to several chiropractors and massage therapists and neither were able to help relieve my pain. When I saw Ron, he knew I needed to do and gave me exercises to do to strengthen and stretch my back. This helped to completely get rid of my pain and not just feel temporary results. Within two to three weeks I started feeling relief and this was a huge blessing, but about two months after I had no pain. I am a competitive water skier and was having trouble skiing due to my back pain and now I am able to train without any pain. I would absolutely tell others to see Ron! Ron helped me tremendously and was always checking in to see how I was doing and offering up help. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Anna G. – Professional Water Skier and 2016 Women’s Trick Champion


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