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anna1My middle back was really bothering me, I had aching pains that wouldn’t go away and it was very uncomfortable so I decided to see Ron. My dad used Ron when he had plantar fasciitis and he helped him tremendously. So, he was the first physical therapist we called. I also had been to several chiropractors and massage therapists and neither were able to help relieve my pain. When I saw Ron, he knew I needed to do and gave me exercises to do to strengthen and stretch my back. This helped to completely get rid of my pain and not just feel temporary results. Within two to three weeks I started feeling relief and this was a huge blessing, but about two months after I had no pain. I am a competitive water skier and was having trouble skiing due to my back pain and now I am able to train without any pain. I would absolutely tell others to see Ron! Ron helped me tremendously and was always checking in to see how I was doing and offering up help. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Anna Gay. – Professional Water Skier and 2016 Women’s Trick Champion

Being a professional wakeboarder really takes a toll on your body. For years I had lower back problems. I felt like I tried everything out there to make my pain go away. I had been to numerous chiropractors, physical therapy, had MRI’s, worked with fitness trainers, and even completely changed my diet to try to figure out how to become pain free. Of course some of these efforts temporarily helped, but nothing ever took the pain completely away, and within a week of riding, all the pain would come back.  My friend told me about his experience with Physical Pursuit Therapy and how it only took him 4 sessions to become pain free. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true. I was pretty hesistant, but after seeing him consistently pain free, I had to check it out. I booked an apointment for the next week.  When I came in Ron had analyzed me and in less than an hour. Ron had figured out not just what caused the pain (hip flexor being out of place), but what was causing the problem (what caused the hip flexor to be out of place). He told me that within 4 appointments I would be back to 100 percent. Now it really seemed to good to be true, but with the money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I took it easy on the water for those 4 weeks and worked on the exercises Ron gave me at home when I had free time. After those 4 weeks I went back to test it out. I couldn’t believe the results. I would hit the ramps with a fear that the landings would hurt but they would feel great. It took me almost a week to not tense up my muscles to brace for pain because I was so used to all the pain and was expecting it to come. 2 weeks later it was off to Europe for the Langenfeld Open, the biggest competition of the year. I was so nervous coming into it that riding at such a high level the whole event would cause pain. However, for the first time in a year, my mind was off the pain and able to focus on the tricks I was doing.  Langenfeld Open went by in a flash, before I knew it the event was over and I was standing on top of the podium. I had just won my first major professional wakeboard competition and it was the biggest event of the year. Everything felt like a dream, it was so surreal. I would never been able to ride like that without being 100 percent and not get distracted by the pain I was used to. The pain I had experienced before never came back because of check ups with Ron, and adjustments to my exercise plan. I strengthed the muscles that were weak and got back in to shape. However, 2 months after Langenfeld, I had an unfortunate crash and separated my shoulder, completely tore a ligament in my shoulder in the middle of the season. With Ron’s help I was able to get back on my board for the last event of the year, I avoided surgery through treatments Ron did with me, and in the last event, just 6 weeks after my injury, I was able to walk away with a second place. It was one of the best contest seasons of my life due to how I was able to handle my injuries and I could never have done it without my treatments from Pursuit.

John Dreiling – Professional Wake Boarder

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