Re-Opening After COVID-19: Precautions, Patient Safety, And Back To Business - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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We want to assure you that we are taking this COVID-19 virus seriously here at Pursuit. We are currently taking all necessary measures to make sure all of our patients are safe and feel comfortable coming into the office.

Here’s What We’ve Been Doing to Keep You Safe and Healthy:

  • Preparing the PT office space by cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting all surfaces using medical grade cleaning products and supplies
  • Treatment tables, rooms, equipment, light switches, and doorknobs are cleaned with medical grade sterilizing wipes between each patient
  • Supplying brand new surgical masks and hand sanitizer for you (and your PT!) during your visit that you can apply as soon as you walk in. These protective items should be discarded after your visit once you leave the PT office!
  • Removing hands shaking and no more hugs (for now). A simple head nod is fine

Here’s What We’re Doing to Minimize Your Contact with Other Patients Here:

  • If you prefer (or if the waiting room is getting crowded not allowing social distancing), you can wait in your car until your appointment time (rather than waiting in the lobby/waiting area)
  • If you are waiting in your car outside the PT office, you can call or text your PT directly using this phone number: 407-494-8835 letting them know you’ve arrived
  • Your PT will let you know if/when it’s safe and clear for you to enter the PT office (either the PT will call/text you, or the PT may come outside to your car)
  • Patients will continue to receive only one-on-one care
  • We will do our best to space out appointment times to minimize your contact with other patients who may be entering/exiting the clinic office at the same time you might be entering/exiting

What If You Are Not Ready to Get Out in Public or Return to The PT Office?

  • That is okay!
  • We are still offering video visits (virtual physical therapy/telehealth) to keep you moving and healthy while you remain in your home
  • You can contact us at 407-494-8835, or click this link HERE to inquire about cost and availability for video consultation

If You Are Ready and Comfortable in Returning to Our Office!

  • We are taking all of the CDC guidelines and precautions to keep you safe
  • We are taking this very seriously
  • We want all of our in-office patients to receive their hands-on care while still being safe and protected

We Know That Your Stress May Have Increased During This Epidemic.

So, we are here for you either way…whether in-person or virtual!  Thank you for all of your support throughout this challenging time.  As many businesses begin to plan and prepare to re-open, we look forward to serving you and your family members. …And, we look forward to speaking with you soon. Regards, Ron Miller Owner of Pursuit Physical Therapy