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Join Our Team

Pursuit Physical Therapy is constantly growing and looking for the right people to join us along the way!

If This Is You:

  • Priorities are God, Family, then Work
  • Loves helping others and being active in your community
  • Values integrity and does not cut corners
  • Works hard and wants to get paid well for the work you do
  • Loves building relationships with patients
  • Works well with a team and is proactive
  • Choose the harder right, over the easier wrong
  • Strives for excellence
  • Innovative and thinks outside the box

And This Is Us:

  • Core values are God, Family, then Work
  • 100% cash based practice
  • We work hard and play hard
  • Company values are based on Christian principles
  • Strive for excellence and high quality
  • Patient focused treatments
  • Love helping and serving others
  • Solve complex problems and show tenacity
  • Building a team of innovative thinkers
  • Results and outcome based

Then…We Would Love You To Join Our Team!

Our Purpose Is…To Help. To Serve. To Care.

To HELP our patients live their best life as pain free as possible, no matter their age, so they can continue to do the things they love!

Our team is here to SERVE and empower our patients to reach their goals as we truly CARE about their recovery..

Here Are Our Current Employment Opportunities

Part-Time or Full-Time Physical Therapist

Location: Orlando, FL

Mission: To deliver great clinical outcomes and exceed patient expectations by doing what is best for each patient


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Board certified in orthopedics or sport (OCS or SCS) is a bonus
  • Residency or fellowship trained is additional bonus
  • Manual Therapy and/or Dry Needling Training
  • Wants to specialize in a diagnosis or niche
  • Strives for clinical excellence


  • Performance Based Productivity
    • Salary, bonuses, and raises are based on sales
    • Implement our Pursuit system and processes after training
    • Primary stat = sales/month
    • Generate over $15,000/month in sales within 1 year
  • Manage Patient Caseload
    • Full caseload is 7-8 patients a day
    • One-on-One Patient Care Only
    • Evaluations are 60-90 minutes long
    • Responsible for your patients, outcomes, and completing the patient POC
    • You create and manage your schedule
  • Conversion Of Evaluation To Patient
    • Expected to convert over 80-90% within 6 months
    • Training and Lead Generation provided by Pursuit
  • Show Great Clinical Outcomes
    • Classify easy vs complex patient cases
    • Achieve successful outcomes and patient goals
    • Implement the patient experience policy
  • Participate in Pursuit Programs
    • Works with Pursuit team to accomplish company goal’s
    • “Skip the Praise-Give Me The Raise” Program
    • Quarterly Bonus Program

Key Competencies:

  • Honor and integrity
  • Values the Pursuit vision and Company Purpose
  • Results-oriented and efficient with time
  • Works well with team
  • Strives for excellence and intelligent
  • Hard working and organized
  • Patient focused
  • Follows-through on commitments

To Apply For This Position…

  1.  Email CV or resume to
  2.  Email 7 References:  2 current or past bosses, 2 colleagues, and 1-2 family/friends
  3.  Send short video via cell phone to or text video to 407-494-8835 explaining …Why do you want to join the Pursuit Team?

Concierge Specialist/Front Desk Receptionist

Location: Orlando, FL

Mission: The core mission of our Concierge Specialist position is to make sure the patient is taken care of and that the patient is placed first


  • Part-time or Full-Time options
  • Loves to help others
  • Comfortable with selling and sales
  • Loves to talk on the phone
  • Social media and technology savvy


  • Performance Based Productivity
    • New Patient Phone Call Conversions
    • Expected to convert over 60% of leads within 3 months
    • Convert over 70% of leads within 6 months
    • Pursuit will train you in Phone Call Process
  • Patient Experience
    • Making sure patients are taken care of
    • Establishing relationships with patients
    • Go above an beyond patient expectations
  • Social Media
    • Assisting with creating social media content
    • Sharing with different social platforms
  • Activity and Outcomes
    • Tracking conversion rates of leads and referrals
    • Complete weekly Score Card
    • Participate in Pursuit Bonus Program

Key Competencies:

  • Agrees with the Pursuit Purpose and Vision
  • Caring, Thoughtful, Warm-Hearted
  • Works well with a  team
  • Likes to have conversation on phone and establish relationships with others
  • Hard working and with an exceptional work ethic
  • Social Media Savy
  • Competent with computer, cell phone, Word, Excel, and email

To Apply For This Position…

  1.  Email resume to
  2.  Email 2-3 References:  2 current or past bosses, 1-2 colleagues, and 1 family/friends
  3.  Send short video via cell phone to or text video to 407-494-8835 explaining …Why do you want to join the Pursuit Team?