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Mid back pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions and circumstances. In many cases, mid back pain is the result of strain, bad posture, or overuse. However, mid back pain can also be caused by underlying conditions affecting certain parts of the shoulder, neck, and low back. When this occurs, the underlying condition must be treated to restore proper alignment and functioning. Medical professionals such as physical therapists and orthopedic doctors will work to identify potential causes of thoracic pain to design and implement an appropriate mid back pain treatment.

There are many different kinds of mid back pain: Thoracic hypomobility Poor Workplace Posture Rib is Out of Place Burning in mid back Referred pain from neck

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Patient of Dr. Ron MillerI was in a very serious rollover car accident a few months prior to seeing Dr. Miller. I had neglected getting care for 2 months after the crash, and was very concerned that my pain was irreversible or chronic at that point. I was traveling during the time I sought care, and had seen 3 physical therapists and 2 chiropractors before Dr. Miller. He was by far the best, most attentive, most professional of them all. I was willing to try physical therapy, but thought I was beyond help. Not only did Dr. Miller dramatically lessen the pain I experienced (almost none now, and continuing to improve!) but he was wonderful at keeping me feeling positive and engaged in the process. I am so grateful for his expertise, skills, and support. I have never had such a positive experience with a medical professional, and I would recommend him to anyone experiencing pain.

I had three areas of pain, which were stemming from injuries that previous doctors couldn’t quite pinpoint. I felt that Dr. Miller listened very precisely to my descriptions of my pain, and changes in my pain. Each week we tried different exercises and stretches, and changed the treatment program according to my body’s responses. Two of my three areas of pain (neck and upper back) improved within 2 weeks, and the major area of pain (my hip flexor muscle and lower right back) improved by the 3/4th week. The hip and back pain was quite severe, and I was so thrilled to finally have exercises to lessen my pain, and strengthen those areas. I am an artist, and need to remain in various positions for extended periods of time. After my accident, I wasn’t able to do anything repetitive for more than a period of 20-30 minutes. Now after treatment, I can sit and work for 2-4 hours, bend over at the waist and upper back to perform tasks, and am currently working with a program of his to get back to running. It’s also worth noting that Dr. Miller was very efficient and helpful in preparing all the paperwork and funds to send in for reimbursement to my insurance company.

Kim S.

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