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See what our patients are saying about their exclusive experience and One-on-One treatment approach!

Terry L.

“Dr. Miller was recommended to me for my shoulder and back pain following a shoulder injury. I had been through the insurance prescribed therapy for a Rotator Cuff tear in my shoulder but after about 6 months the pain and the lack of motion was at a constant level and not getting better.  In my first session he was able to provide a one on one specialized care plan for in office and home therapy. He is also very supportive and takes the time to be sure your wellness plan is making a real difference to relieve the pain. Within a couple sessions real progress was made and with the total completion of my treatment I increased the range of motion back to 100% and the pain was relieved.  Dr. Miller is very knowledgeable and doesn’t just treat symptoms, but he gets to the real issues that may have been missed by other physical therapists.  I highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone in need of a physical therapist!.”

Julie C.

“I had been dealing with severe lower back pain and sciatic never pain down my right leg for over ten months. The pain was so bad I could not bend over to complete simple household tasks, let alone train for the occasional 5Ks I like to run for fun. I eventually gave in to getting and MRI, where a herniated disc was found and subsequently three different back doctors labeled me as a candidate for back surgery. But I had heard stories of one back surgery leading to subsequent back surgeries and I really didn’t want to start down that road.
I am a member of a local women’s running group on Facebook. On the page, there had been previous conversations about local physical therapists who had helped runners with injuries. And Dr. Ron Miller was a name that was continuously given as someone who helped.  When I went to my initial assessment with Dr. Miller, he listened to all of my symptoms and even previous injuries/pain I had dealt with and created a treatment plan that not only addressed my back issue but also helped with previous hip and knee pain. Within a matter of a few weeks treatment, my pain went from a 9 to a 0 and I was able to complete simple tasks. And after about six weeks I was able to start Dr. Miller’s return to run program.  I am grateful because I have my life back and I am able to go about my day and not have to worry about my back hurting or getting in the way of achieving what I want to accomplish. I would give everyone this advice: don’t let the doctor rush you into a quick surgery. Seek out someone like Dr. Miller and enjoy a less invasive form of healing.”

Jai K.

“Prior to Ron’s treatment, I suffered from debilitating lower back pain sustained from a weightlifting injury years ago. I was unable to walk, sit, or exercise which left me depressed and sedentary. After seeing several doctors and specialists, they ultimately told me to take pain pills and resign myself to a life of inactivity. Pursuit’s stellar history of success led me to book an appointment with Ron, who meticulously isolated and treated the underlying source of my pain. Within just one session, I was able to begin enjoying a semblance of my former fitness level – something no other professional had accomplished with me. He didn’t stop there, and worked with me over several months to a complete and full recovery. I’m now able to lift weights, run, and enjoy all the activities I thought were lost. I owe Ron my wellbeing and would, without hesitation, encourage anyone experiencing pain to follow Ron’s expert treatment. Thanks Ron!

Stacy S.

“I was training for my 7th marathon when during my long run I sustained an injury to my right hip. The pain did not go away with rest or stretching for an entire month and I couldn’t run it all. I had trouble sleeping and even walking at times due to the pain in my hip. I was referred to Pursuit Physical Therapy by my personal trainer and he is a member of their closed Facebook group. I checked out the group and so that they are experts and running injuries and made an appointment with Katie. From the first eval Katie was so helpful in helping me determine the root cause of my pain and helped me develop a therapy plan to meet my goal of running the Paris Marathon just one month from my first visit. I did everything she instructed and had decreased pain within the first week of therapy, which I considered a miracle since I’ve been to Ortho, massage therapy, yoga and craniosacral therapy with little pain relief. I was able to finish the Paris marathon on April 14th 2019 with absolutely no hip pain thanks to Katie and pursuit Physical Therapy. Katie gave me a discharge and I’m still following and I look forward to more marathons in the future. If you’re having an injury that you have tried to heal and aren’t getting anywhere that is preventing you from your fitness goals, I recommend you come in for an appointment with Pursuit

“Cathy Yi at Pursuit Physical Therapy is the best therapist in the Orlando area and unmatched in expertise and experience in the field of physical therapy. I suffered from anterior hip pain for over 4 months and couldn’t run for more than 1-2 miles at a time without limited range of motion and exacerbated symptoms. When I made my initial visit to Pursuit Physical Therapy, Cathy spent ample time evaluating my symptoms through a multitude of movement assessments to reach the heart of the underlying problem. I suffered from Acetabular Impingement Syndrome (AIS), a common injury among runners who have a weak posterior chain.

After just ONE session with Cathy following the evaluation, she was able to completely restore my range of motion using manual therapy and cupping techniques to relieve my painful symptoms that were keeping me from training for 4 months. I did not hesitate to sign up for a package, so I could continue to strengthen my muscles and retrain my body to run with proper mechanics. I am happy to say that I have now been running pain free for over 6 months since my initial visit with Cathy, and continue to progress my exercise regimen with her guidance! Moreover, I am back to competing in local road races around Florida and logging 50-65 miles a week without any issues.

As someone who strongly advocates for the profession of Physical Therapy and is currently pursuing a degree in the field, I can honestly say Cathy is best. She poured everything into my recovery and truly had my best interest at heart through the rehab experience. Her passion shines through her work, and I recommend her and Pursuit Physical Therapy to the highest degree to anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain. ”

– Kyler L.


“In March 2019 after an obstacle course race I felt a familiar pain in my hip area- thinking I pulled my hip flexor… again. After over a month of stretching, icing, heating pads; ibuprofen, and NOT RUNNING (insert sad face) I still could not walk without limping and getting up from a sitting position was pretty painful. I found out about Pursuit on Facebook and after all the incredible testimonials about how much Katie had helped other runners, I decided to come in for a consultation. Katie listened to me and asked plenty of questions to make the most educated decision. She also told me it was NOT my hip flexor but turned out to be a hip and spine issue- most likely caused by a change in jobs where I was sitting at a desk more and NOT caused by my running. After my first session I felt completely different and was actually walking without limping. Katie gave me exercises to do at home to help and practices for work to help my hip and spine stay aligned. Within three sessions I was back to walking and getting up with NO pain and able to run again. I came back for some follow-up and any time I had questions; Katie answered them. I now know more about my body and what I need to do as a runner to keep myself from injury. Thank you, Katie, for giving me the tools to be able to run again!!!.”

Pam S.

“I can’t recommend Ron highly enough. He is professional, thorough, intuitive and very personable. I saw him initially for “frozen shoulder” that I developed from a slip and fall on a hard floor. He very patiently worked me through the process and I received a full healing of that painful mess. I have NO residual limitations while is great as I am a yoga instructor and was concerned about that.

Additionally, while seeing Ron, we also diligently worked on severe lower back pain that I had been suffering with for over 15 years. All I can say is the pain is TOTALLY gone.. I feel great and am able to be fully engaged in every aspect of my life now, PAIN FREE. I am thankful that I chose to work with Ron. He is a true blessing!!

Dr. Peter Moley.

“When I am working with a patient who has a complicated musculoskeletal problem, I always worry about the coordination of care especially when the patient lives in another state. Ron and I shared such a patient and I cannot think of a better experience for me but more importantly for the patient. Ron used all his vast skills to take a relatively disabled patient through a well-coordinated dynamic therapy program and returned him to an active lifestyle. I was impressed with the comprehensive treatment and thoughtful approach to restoring our patients function. I cannot recommend Ron and his team at Pursuit highly enough.


Kellie H.

“Ron and Cathy are great at Pursuit Physical Therapy. They take the time to diagnose you and listen to your concerns. I had been at 3 different places for physical therapy after my accident and Pursuit is hands down the best PT in Orlando. They were able to get me walking and functioning again. My pain went from a 8 to a 3 in two weeks. They go to the source of the pain and correct it. They only work one on one, so your treatment is customized to your injury. I have referred other friends and family to Pursuit and all of them were treated and fixed in just a few visits. Their goal is to get your injury treated quickly so you can achieve your goals. I will always go to Pursuit first when I have an injury.

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Dr. Ron Miller as your next Physical Therapist! I am 42 years old, a mom of 2, and running enthusiast. I have had a plethora of running injuries and have been to just about every “big” orthopedic and physical therapy group in Orlando. I have suffered for years with plantar fasciitis in both feet, hip problems, a chronic hamstring strain and, most recently, pain in my Achilles. I have done and tried everything..from ordering supplements online, spending countless hours searching for solutions on the internet, spending money on shoes, inserts, massage equipment, and even a personal ultrasound wand. Just when I was about to give up the activity I love the most, Dr. Miller was recommended to me by two individuals I highly respect; one a personal trainer in the Orlando area, and the other a physical therapy student. What makes Dr. Miller’s approach different is his ability to highly personalize a treatment plan. I was so tired of being just a “body” going through the system; each approach to injuries the same. The focus was always on getting over the injury..but never permanently assessing what caused the injury in the first place, and fixing that. I was tired of medical personnel telling me to “just swim!” or worse..stop running forever. Dr. Miller believed in me, and in my ability to begin running again pain free. He is thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, and capable. He is constantly checking in with me via email and text to make sure I am following our plan, and feeling good. We have been working together for about 2 months, and I see so much improvement! Although my recovery isn’t totally complete, I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in years. Let me repeat that.. years. I am able to run short distances pain free! An incredible victory! I know that as I continue to get stronger and add mileage, Dr. Miller will be cheering me on; that kind of care and encouragement is unique to him, and hard to find. I am so grateful I did!”

– Meredith B.

Grace A.

“I came in to see Cathy with back and neck pain and what I was told was carpal tunnel. I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because it had a convenient location and after reading lots of great reviews, I felt it was the right place for me. I messaged them and was gotten back to right away. The care was very personal and flexible. I could contact Cathy any time I needed and she answered right away. I always enjoyed coming in and felt welcome. Because of the personal care I recieved, I started feeling better after only a few appointments, and continued my treatment plan until we both felt I was ready. I can now exercise again and be on my feet without terrible back pain, and my hands are able to last much longer when writing or cooking, as they had before the pain. I would recommend Cathy to anyone who is willing to do something about their pain. She can definitely help, and she’s always willing to try new ways to make you feel better!

Jackie M.

“I was referred to Ron by a friend who said that he had been a great help to her, after a car accident. Following a move, I started to feel pain running down the back of my left leg. Then the entire lower back became very stiff and painful. I made three visits to the emergency room before an MRI showed a herniated disc and “impinged” nerve. My doctor had me set up for pain injections, but I decided to try Ron first. I’M SO GLAD I DID! After the evaluation, I could hardly believe what he said I should expect from treatment. He said that in a matter of 5-6 weeks I would be walking and getting back to my former routine. It seemed almost impossible to imagine. He gave me several exercises and I followed his directions. Sure enough, at about the 5 week mark I started to have a great deal of improvement. He was very encouraging through out the process. All I can say is, try Ron first!

Mark B.

“After ACL reconstruction last year, it became clear to me that working with a great physical therapist was as critical to successful recovery as having a great surgeon. So I made it my mission to find the best in town, and in consulting trusted friends and professionals, Pursuit Physical Therapy kept coming up. During my first visit, I knew this would not be PT as usual. Ron worked with me to come up with a personalized recovery plan tailored to the aggressive goals I had. We called it the “Adrian Peterson Plan.” And Ron did not disappoint. The level of care, attention, and expertise was truly exceptional. Ron felt like a true partner in my recovery, not a service provider. As a result, I outpaced my recovery goals and am rushing through this review so I can enjoy this beautiful Saturday with a paddle on the lake, a run, and a late round of golf. Thanks, Ron!”


Minh-Man L.

“I could not get-up and walking after sitting or getting out of bed and move without using a cane. My condition happen after I took a class in English rowing with friends: the leg cramp up on me the following morning. I need some help and a friend refer Pursuit Physical Therapy clinic. He went there for his back problem. This is my first time having Physical Therapy. Cathy was super, very knowledgeable on the subject. She spend sufficient time to analyze my problem and give many exercises to correct my posture. She gave me some YouTube exercises which I diligently practice and it yield wonderful result within 2-4 sessions. I am pretty much back to normal again.Definitely, I would refer Cathy to friends.”

“A little over three years ago I had a biking accident while training for a triathlon. I thought nothing of it until minor back pain became excruciating pain shooting down my leg. Over the next few months I saw a chiropractor who told me it was my piriformis, and an orthopedic surgeon who told me it was my sciatic nerve, all while I wasn’t getting any better. After two months of PT, an injection, and another six weeks of PT, I came to terms with the fact that I was always going to have this pain down my leg.

Fast forward to this past October, I was starting to train for my first half marathon, pushing through the normal pain down my leg, when similar back pain started on the other side- I couldn’t have pain down both of my legs! Recently starting PT school, I knew I had direct access to PT, and could bypass all the referrals and seek immediate relief. I contacted Pursuit because I knew Dr. Miller guaranteed faster results then traditional PT, but I had no idea how much he was going to be able to truly help me. By the end of my evaluation, Dr. Miller reassured me that the new pain was minor, and that he could ALSO resolve the pain that I had had now for almost three years, because it wasn’t my piriformis or sciatic! Finally someone thought outside the box; I was ready to start treatment right then and there!

My new back pain was resolved in two visits, and Dr. Miller gave me exercises to do if I ever had a flare up again. As for the long-term pain, Dr. Miller’s diagnosis was ischial-gluteal tendinopathy, stemming from trauma to the sciatic nerve and my SI joint during my biking accident. Now, the naming process of my diagnosis may have been a funny learning process for Dr. Miller and I, but no one up to that point had taken the time to truly find the source of my pain.

Decreasing my pain was no easy chore, but Dr. Miller continually thought of new techniques to address the source of my pain. One visit, where a classmate joined me to observe, Dr. Miller capitalized on the fact that he had an extra pair of hands, and created an exercise that combined SI joint and nerve tension exercises- I had immediate results. What was even more astonishing in comparison to my previous experiences, was the fact that Dr. Miller always believed in what I was feeling and reassured me that he would fix the problem when I became discouraged over a flare-up. One time, he had me try an inflatable donut, because sitting in class was flaring me up and setting back my progress; I didn’t think an inflatable donut was going to work, but I trusted his expertise and the pain dissipated within a few weeks!

Three years of scarring was fixed by January, just in time for me to run my first half marathon, and I beat my ideal time by almost twenty-five minutes! I’ve never felt this good running, and I’m still in the process of regaining my strength and nerve endurance. I can’t wait to run the same half marathon next year, full strength and full nerve endurance!

Dr. Miller is truly a miracle worker, but it is not because of luck- he is an expert at his profession, and honestly cares about his patients. Words cannot explain how appreciative I am that someone finally listened to me and my body, not just the script that a doctor wrote after spending five minutes with me. Dr. Miller went above and beyond in his diagnosis and intervention, and for that I will forever be grateful, and running faster then before my injury!”

– Jerilyn T.


Bob Z.

“I had been dealing with lower back pain for many years and had visited at least 3 other physical therapists with no positive results. I am a very athletic person and had reached the point where I had gone 6 months with no physical activity due to my back pain. This was very upsetting for me and I began to feel like I was giving up and would never go back to my active lifestyle. My wife had visited Pursuit and was treated by Ron Miller with good results and she urged me to see him. Finally, I agreed and I could not be happier. I attended 8 physical therapy sessions with Ron and he immediately identified my problem as originating in my hips. After 8 sessions with Ron, I am happy to say that I am well on the road to recovery and I know exactly what to do to keep my back pain in check. I highly recommend Ron Miller and Pursuit Physical Therapy!

Cathy Yi with Christina

Christina C.

“I ended going to Pursuit Physical Therapy after a recommendation from a friend. I had chronic pain for over 7 years and had tried doctors, acupuncture, stretching and traditional physical therapy but, nothing worked. After my first appointment and a thorough evaluation, I was offered encouragement and hope by Cathy. She was able to explain a course of treatment and provide me with a timeframe with which I would begin to see improvements. Within a few visits I was able to sleep at night and experienced less pain throughout the day. With Cathy’s help and patience not only am I free of chronic pain, but I have greater mobility, flexibility, and strength.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Laura

Laura S.

“I went to see Ron Miller for chronic pain in my hip and lower back. I was unable to play tennis, work out with weights and could not sleep through the night. I attempted several treatment options including massage, chiropractic care and orthopaedic consultation with no relief from the pain. I received a consultation with Ron and he set up a treatment plan. I was pain free within 5 visits. I am grateful to have found the solution to my pain!

Dr. Ron Miller with Marcus

Marcus P.

“Ron has been instrumental in my recovery from a crippling disc injury to my lower back (L4,L5,SI). I first visited Ron after a Chiropractor initiated my back injury and couldn’t find a remedy. After shuffling through many profiles I chose Ron because of his stellar reviews from former clients with similar injuries. What stood out most about Ron was his attention to detail as he EDUCATED me on how/what specific movements and exercises will help the injury. The process we need to take and exactly how long it will take. He took his time and really designed a program catered to my level of fitness and limitations. Being a Fit Pro that work with Professional athletes this was extremely important. With this new knowledge I am able to return to work and golf pain free! Thank you Ron!”

“When I asked my personal doctor for more assistance in dealing with pain in my right shoulder, she recommended Ron at Pursuit Physical Therapy. On my first visit with Ron, he did a thorough evaluation and identified the underlying issue with my shoulder. He also helped me see that just trying to relieve symptoms with monthly massage therapy wasn’t going to solve the problem. While I’m in good health overall, I’m a middle-aged women who had slumped at my office desk for years and tended to work hours without stretching or taking a break. I’d created a problem that needed focus to undo. So Ron taught me exercises to strengthen my shoulder and improve my range of motion while helping me adjust my desk height and computer monitor setup. In other words, he approached the problem holistically. He also did manual therapy on my shoulder, which I believe made my recovery even faster. Within a week, the pain in my shoulder was significantly decreased. The entire treatment process was about five weeks, which was probably due to how weak I started. He also provided an ongoing home exercise program to continue strengthening my shoulder. A side benefit has been strengthening in my torso, although that was probably part of Ron’s plan too. One aspect of Ron’s treatment that I really like is the videos that he sent me each week that demonstrated the home exercise program activities. It’s very hard for me to remember what he demonstrated and what I did in the office during my visits, so having the videos is extremely helpful! What’s been amazing is that I’m realizing how much I’d been accommodating a reduced range of motion and pain in my shoulder for who knows how long! Now, I can get heavy dishes from the upper cabinets, reach objects in the back seat of the car, easily open and close the sunroof cover, sit comfortably at my desk without feeling a need to slump or lean on my elbows, and do many more activities that might not seem major but make a big difference in how I feel every day. I’m continuing with my home exercise program and am inspired to work on improving my overall fitness as well. Bottom line: I highly recommend Ron and Pursuit Physical Therapy. Thanks!”

– Anne E.


Kim S.

“I was in a very serious rollover car accident a few months prior to seeing Dr. Miller. I had neglected getting care for 2 months after the crash, and was very concerned that my pain was irreversible or chronic at that point. I was traveling during the time I sought care, and had seen 3 physical therapists and 2 chiropractors before Dr. Miller. He was by far the best, most attentive, most professional of them all. I was willing to try physical therapy, but thought I was beyond help. Not only did Dr. Miller dramatically lessen the pain I experienced (almost none now, and continuing to improve!) but he was wonderful at keeping me feeling positive and engaged in the process. I am so grateful for his expertise, skills, and support. I have never had such a positive experience with a medical professional, and I would recommend him to anyone experiencing pain.

I had three areas of pain, which were stemming from injuries that previous doctors couldn’t quite pinpoint. I felt that Dr. Miller listened very precisely to my descriptions of my pain, and changes in my pain. Each week we tried different exercises and stretches, and changed the treatment program according to my body’s responses. Two of my three areas of pain (neck and upper back) improved within 2 weeks, and the major area of pain (my hip flexor muscle and lower right back) improved by the 3/4th week. The hip and back pain was quite severe, and I was so thrilled to finally have exercises to lessen my pain, and strengthen those areas. I am an artist, and need to remain in various positions for extended periods of time. After my accident, I wasn’t able to do anything repetitive for more than a period of 20-30 minutes. Now after treatment, I can sit and work for 2-4 hours, bend over at the waist and upper back to perform tasks, and am currently working with a program of his to get back to running. It’s also worth noting that Dr. Miller was very efficient and helpful in preparing all the paperwork and funds to send in for reimbursement to my insurance company.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Corey

Corey L.

“I was having hip pain from running so I chose to see Ron rather than my Family Dr (who would order scans and eventually PT). I was having to take 2-3 days off between running days. Ron got me in quickly, did a few tests, and started treatment on my initial visit. He gave me exercises/stretches to do at home also and estimated 2-4 visits were needed. My next appointment went well and I was back to running daily after that visit.The final 2 appointments were not needed. Ron has followed up twice since then to make sure I’m still pain free and doing my homework.

So in 3 days total I was back to 100% without ever seeing my Family Doctor. I’m sure they could’ve gotten it fixed too but it usually takes a week to get that appointment, then another to get a scan scheduled, and finally another week to be referred to PT. So, getting in and treated so quickly along with being treated by Dr Ron personally makes Pursuit five stars. Also, before Dr Ron started his own practice he successfully treated me for a herniated disc. So I knew the level of treatment I would get and that’s why I went to Pursuit to be treated by Dr Ron.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Dan

Dan I.

“I went to see Ron at Pursuit Physical Therapy after experiencing chronic elbow and wrist pain for over a year. He came highly recommended to me by a fellow competitive Crossfit athlete after I had previously gone through several different types of treatment for my arm with no lasting results. All of which included complete rest and anti-inflammatory medication. I was convinced that this was going to be an ongoing problem for me with no realistic path to 100% health. After an initial consultation, Ron was extremely confident that he could get my arm completely healthy, while continuing to be active during treatment. Ron’s approach is refreshing because it is entirely RESULTS driven. He laid out a clear plan to recovery and he worked he worked with me every week for several months to execute on the plan.Slowly but surely I started to feel better than I had in years. Now, after a lot of hard work and guidance, I’m almost completely back to competing at full speed. I can’t recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy highly enough!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Robert

Robert D.

“I recently spent the better part of 2 months obtaining required observation hours for DPT school under Dr. Miller. After just a couple of days, it became evident that he is a remarkable PT. Dr. Miller showed me the importance of creating a great relationship with his patients. The hour-long one on one sessions were extremely thorough and something I haven’t really seen at my other observation/volunteer opportunities. Most of the big-box clinics see multiple patients at a time, and the patients simply don’t get that needed time with his/her PT. He’s also very transparent with his patients and doesn’t give them any kind of run around. When Dr. Miller tells a patient that he can make them better and pain free, he means it! Every patient I spoke with said nothing but great things about him. One even used the phrase “miracle worker” when talking about his abilities to end their pain. Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone suffering with pain to visit Dr. Miller. If you want more than 5 minutes with your doctor, and expect to have a one on one relationship without being in a room with 2 or 3 other patients, then Dr. Miller is the PT you should see.

“After a posterior total hip replacement , insurance provided me with an excellent in home physical therapist. Knowing I would need an outpatient PT I asked who was recommended. My insurance company had a number of Outpatient PT people to choose from , but I wanted the in-house PT I had, to also recommend someone. They unequivocally recommended Ron, who I now call “the man with the golden hands”!

My wife and I met Ron about 4 weeks after surgery, in a one-on-one private meeting. Even though I knew I would do outpatient PT that my insurance would pay, my wife insisted I use Ron and Pursuit PT. Using the PT the insurance paid for, I noticed my PT was with 4 to 5 people in an hour session, without any privacy or total one on one concentration, like Ron was offering. It was an easy decision for me to stop my insurance PT and go with Ron!

When I reviewed pursuit on the Internet, I noticed he had no machine equipment. I expressed my concern to my in house pt who recommended Ron. The comment back was “the best PT guys only need a bench “. then when I came to Ron ‘s then upstairs office, on my first visit, still using a walker, I asked for an elevator. When I heard there was none, I had my doubts as I painstakingly climbed the stairs one step at a time, making known my gripe about there being no elevator. Looking back , climbing and descending the stairs was part of the therapy. His new location has no stairs. I addition to my hip replacement , I developed a distorted pelvic. My belt line rose at a 45 degree angle and not straight across . I limped badly. The surgeon doubted I’d walk without any limp. Today, thanks to Ron, I have a straight belt line and a walk that only an expert might see a slight limp.

My needs and goals were not quick fixes. However, with Ron pushing me to do things I felt I could not do because I mistakenly read literature that I thought meant I had to be restricted on reaching and bending, I improved quickly due to the exercises Ron provided and his body manipulation with the golden hands. Ron even came with me to the YMCA when I wanted to go back there to exercise. He even designed an exercise routine in the machines for me.

Early on , I told Ron I had been a racquetball player, hiker, skier, a cyclist , weight machine user , three to four time week , what I read led me to believe skiing and racquetball days were over. Today, about five and a half months after surgery I can do all of this, continuing to get stronger and more improving each day. Ron assured me he could get me on a racquetball court. As limited as I was in my motions, I doubted him. He put me on one of his lower benches and told me when I could stand up from a seated position on the operative leg, he,d get me on a court. Well, I can now do this and 5 months after surgery I surprised my racquetball buddies by playing and competing in racquetball already!

I have recommended multiple people to Ron and will continue to do so. He is a great motivator with an incredible knowledge about the body, what causes pain, and ways to relieve pain and strengthen muscles.”

– Ray R.

Dr. Ron Miller with Melissa

Melissa Y.

“I learned of Ron through my local running group after he spoke to the group at Fleet Feet. I had just finished my 3rd half marathon and was experiencing horrible shin and hip pain. I was registered for another half marathon within a few weeks and did not want to miss it, but I knew the pain I was experiencing was beyond that of normal long distance training. I was so excited that I was able to get an appointment to see him right away, no waiting weeks or months to get in. At my first appointment he was very thorough about getting all the details about my pain and examining the areas of pain. I was relieved that he thought the pain was something that he could treat, and I would possibly be able to run my next race. Due to the holidays I only met with Ron four times. His follow through and communication are excellent, and the office sessions combined with the videos/exercises to complete at home made a huge difference. I was able to run without the horrible pain and continue to train. I would absolutely recommend Ron Miller to anyone with pain issues, especially runners. He is so concerned about his patients and continues to follow up and check on his patients after the treatment ends. I hope to be pain free in the future, but if not I will not hesitate to go see Ron Miller again.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Mike

Mike A.

“I was recently involved in a car accident where I was struck from behind by a school bus. I later had an MRI of my cervical spine and was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my neck. I felt a wave of unimaginable stress overtake me when I heard the results. I began physical therapy at a referred outpatient clinic not far from my house. I was in more pain as I was leaving the clinic then when I had entered. I decided to give it another try until I discovered there was not one licensed physical therapist in the whole entire facility. They were all massage therapists claiming to provide “physical therapy” to their patients. Not one “therapist” could legitimately explain to me how the treatment was going to help me. I felt scammed, deceived, and frustrated. I had wasted my precious time and money. My pain had worsened with time, until I met Dr. Ron Miller. I began shadowing Dr. Miller to suffice requirements for graduate school when he first heard of my story. He proceeded to ask me a few questions and within minutes he understood my prognosis with confidence. Within a cycle of a couple different exercises my pain began to subside. Dr. Miller also gave me exercises to do at home and sent videos to my email reassuring that I understood how to perform them properly. I continued my therapy at home and was astonished that within 10 days I was feeling 100% and pain free. I had regained full range of motion and was able to start strengthening again. I feel so blessed to have run into Dr. Miller and to be able to resolve my pain. In my opinion he is the best physical therapist in town and I recommend him to anyone who wants to be pain free fast!

Dr. Ron Miller with Kelly

Kelly M.

“I’d like to thank Pursuit Physical Therapy, specifically Dr. Ron Miller, for his dedication in facilitating my recovery from a badly sprained ankle. His customized treatment program, consistent care and instruction helped jumpstart my healing and recovery process. He made sure I had everything I needed to maintain my at-home-therapy in between sessions, from resistant bands, to video tutorials, personal e-mails, and the mental support I needed! I really feel this type of support accelerated my healing. Dr. Ron provided consistent feedback and coaching, was always willing to answer my questions and concerns, and did so in a professional and compassionate manner. He helped me get back to a pain-free lifestyle, doing the things I enjoy. I would whole heartedly recommend him! Thank you Ron!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Michelle

Michelle O.

“Dr. Ron has cured me! I never knew that I could be pain free. For years, I have suffered from right hip, lower back and glute pain. I always thought that was a normal state for active people. As my pain increased, I went to see Chiropractors, Gynecologists, and GI doctors. The pain got so intense that I thought I’d have give up any strenuous exercise. One visit from Dr. Ron and all three of those pains were virtually nonexistent. Three to four visits and they were gone! I went back to bootcamp and tennis right away with no issues at all. Overall, it was a great experience. Dr. Ron is well worth the visit.”

“I contacted Pursuit Physical Therapy in February on personal reference after months of experiencing severe lower back pain following physical exercise. Every morning following a tough soccer game, a fast run outside, or a heavy lifting session at the gym, I could hardly roll out of bed and put clothes on. I thought that perhaps I was just getting old and that my mid-30’s bones were no longer suited to young people’s activities like soccer and tempo running. Dr. Ron Miller was diligent in his diagnosis and took the time to really understand my pain. He asked questions, took the time to really listen, and put me through physical tests until he had a firm grasp on everything that I was experiencing, and the causes. Then he let me know the good news – I wasn’t just getting old, and my condition was treatable! My treatment kicked off in May, focused on increasing strength and flexibility in my hips, and ran its course over the next few weeks. After a little over a month, my condition had improved to the point of turning things over to home exercises only.

I’m pleased to say that today, I’m almost 100% pain-free! I still get soreness in my muscles like everyone else, but gone are the days of being unable to bend over and put socks and shoes on in the morning following a soccer game. Gone are the nights when I’m unable to lay down in bed after running a race. Thanks to Dr. Miller, I’m proud to report that two weeks ago, I ran a Personal Record in the half marathon at San Francisco. In a completely unexpected/surprise result, I was able to beat my previous best time by over 3 minutes! There is zero doubt in my mind that this result was partially due to the mental and physical gains made through my treatment program with Pursuit. My hips just feel looser, my stride feels more natural, and my mind is more at ease. For the first time in a long time, I’m able to go out and really put my heart into performing at my best and forget about pain and tightness that would hold me back.

I can’t recommend Pursuit and their treatment programs enough. Athletes experiencing limiting pain, who want to keep going and refuse to give up and throw in the towel, should visit Dr. Miller and see what he can do. Good luck to everyone reading this review!”

– Steve B.

Dr. Ron Miller with Lily

Lily P.

Dr. Ron Miller is the best! I play tennis regularly and do yoga to maintain flexibility. Several months ago I developed shoulder pain that was limiting my physical activity, computer work, and even sleep. I tried sports massages, a chiropractic adjustment, and when those didn’t work, I went to my primary physician. He suggested MRI, cortisone shots, and even scoping it, but I was more interested in trying physical therapy first. I found Pursuit Physical Therapy by searching online. The website focuses on results, and that is what I wanted. One week after the first treatment I was playing tennis with much more strength in my serve and ground strokes. After just three sessions we’re done! I am pain-free, my upper body mobility has increased dramatically, and I’m now doing the strengthening exercises that Ron (Dr. Miller) gave me. I am so excited about this, and thankful for finding Pursuit Physical Therapy. He takes all the time that’s necessary during the free evaluation to pinpoint the exact source of your problem, and then addresses it with therapy and specific exercises to do at home. He really listens to your feedback and is genuinely committed to your healing process.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Ermelinda

Ermelinda G.

“I am a tennis player and play on an average of 3 to 4 days a week. In the last couple of month I have experience severe lower back to the point where I couldn’t walk 1 block let alone play my tennis. Went to an orthopedic doctor, had an MRI, he suggested surgery or an epidural. Had two epidurals, they helped the sharp pain but the back was still not good enough to play tennis. A good friend, told me about Dr. Miller. I made an appointment on a Monday, Dr. Miller checked over my MRI and said he would get me back on the courts. That Monday he worked with me then gave me an exercise to do at home I made another appointment to come back on Wednesday, he would then let me know on Wednesday if I could play on tennis Thursday. We worked out that Wednesday and he told me to go for it on Thursday. I have been playing tennis ever since and feeling great. Worked another couple of days with Dr. Miller and then was released. I told him I have a persona trainer 2 days a week, so he e-mailed my trainer with the exercises that work for me. I can’t believe that in less then 1 week working with Dr. Miller I was back playing tennis. Doctor Miller is my hero, I am now a happy camper doing what I love to do again.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Paul

Paul. B.

“I’ve been having some anterior knee pain as well as some wrist flexibility issues. I enjoy an active lifestyle that involves Crossfit, Softball and adventure racing. Getting pain-free is a huge priority for me. I’ve tried everything to get better (i.e. Chiropractic appts, countless hours researching online). After seeing Dr. Miller, I can say that I feel so much better. He was able to address my flexibility issues and get me moving properly in just a few sessions. Moreover, he provided me with additional resources for ongoing maintenance. He is most definitely my first call if I should encounter any issues going forward.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Jill

Jill C.

“After being out of Zumba for several weeks due to knee pain, Dr. Ron Miller diagnosed my problem within just a few minutes and prescribed the exact exercises to target my injury. I am so grateful to him because I would otherwise be very unpleasant without being able to get back to my favorite exercise! Other doctors told me to just find a different way to work out, stretch more, or that I was aging and it was time to quit. I knew Dr. Miller would help when he said, “I’m not buying that.” Neither did I, and he helped me have fun again at the gym. He even let me borrow some of his equipment to use on summer vacation and checked in to see how I was doing. He was available to answer questions by email or even text and I have never met another doctor that emailed me personalized instructions for taking care of my problem. So, thank you to Pursuit Physical Therapy and that I am back in action!”

“I was referred to Ron Miller and Pursuit Therapy by a close friend. At the time I was three and a half months post-op on a total hip replacement. As a result of the replacement, I developed an avulsion fracture of the rectus femoris tendon, above where the ball and socket is inserted. The condition was evident after surgery but not discovered and then later exacerbated during physical therapy with another firm.

At the time I went to Ron for an evaluation, the rectus femoris avulsion was five millimeters dislodged from the bone bed and I had large edema/blood formations, both anteriorly and laterally, on the operated hip. My hip movement was extremely limited and the anterior and lateral areas of the hip were extremely painful, to the point of sleep deprivation.

I chose Ron because of the thoroughness and sensitivity of his initial evaluation. Ron spent 90 minutes with me and asked a number of probative questions. His initial manual movements and adjustments of my hip and lower back gave me relief and an immediate sense of hope that further therapy would be helpful. Unlike traditional physical therapy, where you are sequestered and told to do exercises on your own on a “three on one” basis, Ron is with you the entire hour or more. Ron’s services are different in that he constantly asks questions and adapts his methods to meet your symptoms and expressions of concern. We tried a number of modalities, some successful and some not, and came up with a course of treatment over the first three week period. That course of treatment developed and adapted over time as I increased strength and flexibility.

When I first arrived at Ron’s office, I was dependent on a cane and had a pain level of 6-7. Over the first four weeks I gained strength from the exercises but my range of motion and, therefore, my walking gait, remained limited. At about the six week mark, I began to enjoy significantly increased hip extension, which allowed my walking gait to better normalize. By eight weeks I was walking in the neighborhood without assistance of the cane and in twelve weeks I regained a normal walking gait, began to climb stairs, swim and ride a stationary bike.

Throughout the process, Ron continued to explore and adapt the home exercise program to enhance range of motion and strength. I feel confident in saying that had I not gotten into the hands of Ron Miller, I most likely would not have returned to work or regained the level of enjoyment of life that I now have.”

– Mike S.

Dr. Ron Miller with Ben

Ben Z.

“I came across Pursuit Physical Therapy post microdicectomy L5-S1 surgery for rehab. Being that hind site is always 2020, I wish I would have hooked up with Ron prior to my surgery because I have a feeling it potentially could have been avoided. The previous PT practice I had been going to prior to my operation was completely different from the level of care Doctor Ron practices. I would get stuck with different PT assistants and sometimes the people didn’t even know what I was in there for. So after the surgery I was still having some nerve pain which was really scaring me, but Ron assured me he would get me back to being my normal self again. After just a few weeks of his treatment plan I was back to being able to run, surf, and golf again like my old self. I basically live pain free with absolutely no pain meds..not even ibuprofen which i used to eat like candy!!!! With Pursuit, Ron’s attention to detail and expertise is obviously at a very high level. I would and do recommend him to anyone suffering from any injuries. Its well worth the investment to hire the best when it comes to your health and well being!!! THANKS RON!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Jenn

Jennifer P.

“I am a new runner who began the sport four months ago. I started with a group running program that helped me ease into the sport and helped me learn to run with correct form. After 2 months I ran a 5K. Just prior to the race I began having some pain in my left knee. After the race it got much worse. I iced and stretched but the pain kept getting worse each time I tried to run again. At this point, it was even painful walking. I was getting so frustrated and discouraged. I had been introduced to Dr. Miller through my running group, and they encouraged me to give him a call. I am so glad that I did. Dr. Miller eased my mind that he could help me be pain free and run again. Through Dr. Millers treatment and personalized plan and care, I just finished a 10K and I’m training for a half marathon. I would highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy.”


Jeremy C.

“After 6 months of Cross Fit, I developed lower back and neck pain. Following an MRI, I was referred to a pain specialist who recommended no strenuous activity and said I should never return to Cross Fit. Fortunately, an old friend referred me to Ron Miller. Amazingly, within only a few weeks, I was pain-free and had full mobility back. Ron also gave me exercises and stretches to lessen my chances of re-injury. I am back to Cross Fit and doing very well!

Update to testimonial: In the past few days I’ve:PR’d my snatch, PR’d my deadlift, Added 15 pounds and cut 3:09 off my Grace time (30 clean and jerks) as compared to the month before I injured my neck a year ago. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. I am doing great!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Matt

Matt L.

“I was having knee pain in my right leg which prohibited me from consistently exercising. A co-worker recommended that I should come in to see Ron (based on many recommendations from our local running club). My initial evaluation went very well, with a lot of one-on-one examination and a thorough investigation to find the root of the pain. After only 4 treatment sessions, I’m now pain free and back running again. I will begin my half marathon training within one week and continue on my muscle strengthening program. This was a hassle and worry free experience with great results!I would highly recommend his services to all of my friends and family!”

“After climbing the Grand Canyon I experienced sharp and uncomfortable pain in both my knees. I could not walk more than 5 minutes without tearing up from the pain. I enjoy exercising and hiking, so I immediately sought help. I went to an orthopedist and the only results I received were an X-ray, a large bill, and a strong invitation to buy their “treatment” therapy. Luckily I knew about Pursuit Physical Therapy. My mother was getting treated for back pain by Ron and I drove straight to his clinic from the orthopedist. In five minutes after listening to my symptoms and asking me questions, Ron targeted the issue and was already working on a plan to fix it! Not only did he fully explain the anatomy of the issue, but he taught how to fix the problem and prevent it in the future. After 3 sessions with Pursuit Physical Therapy, surrounding the exercises given, my pain was gone and I felt like a part of my life was restored! Ron showed genuine care of the issue and not only fixed the problem, but also helped strengthen the surrounding muscles. It is very clear that Ron dedicates much of his time and energy into maintaining his practice as well as staying updated in the advances of medical care. Thank you, Ron and Pursuit Physical Therapy, for giving me the ability to hike and run again! I am recommending everyone I know to Pursuit Physical Therapy, because it is a smart and caring business, ethically driven to give the fastest individual care! Thank you for your dedication, care and healing!”

– Savannah H.


David A.

“I went to Dr. Miller for help a few months ago after having on and off hip pain for about 8 months. As a very active individual who enjoys running and CrossFit, my hip pain reached a point where I was unable exercise the way I wanted and I was even unable to walk on some days. Once Dr. Miller evaluated my condition and determined the issue, I was pain free in just four visits. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he was able to relieve my hip pain that I had for 8 months prior, and almost kicking myself that I hadn’t gone and seen him sooner! On top of that, Dr. Miller is caring enough that he checks up after our visits together just to make sure I’m still pain free. I’ve never encountered another healthcare provider that truly cares about the overall well being of their patients as much as Dr. Miller. He shows an immense passion for his profession and it’s very evident through his practice. I am now back to running and CrossFit 5 days a week all while pain free. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing any sort of pain to see Dr. Miller immediately!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Tom

Tom and Carol N.

“My husband Tom heard Dr. Ron Miller speak twice at running events sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports in Altamonte Springs. The first was the 1/2 marathon training last July and then more recently at No Boundaries training. While he had run two 1/2 marathons recently, he was able to do them basically pain free. Shortly after hearing Ron speak a few weeks ago, Tom developed a sore left Achilles, as well as pain in his right hamstring after he sat for an hour or more. The Achilles issue was hampering his running ability and the hamstring problem was more a quality of life issue as when it hurt, it was relentless. Ron carefully listened to his symptoms and developed a plan of attack. Both issues were considered minor. Ron immediately started Tom on exercises as well as heat treatments. After four visits, Tom is back running and his hamstring has not bothered him at all. Ron also set him up with strengthening exercises to be done at home. He has short YouTube clips of how to do each exercise which is very useful. While Tom has never been to a Physical Therapist before, he can only say that Ron was always congenial, very knowledgeable and professional. Tom is back running pain free and Ron certainly deserves a well done for this. Tom recommends Dr. Ron Miller to anyone experiencing a sports related issue.”

Dr Ron Miller with Heather

Heather P.

“I had severe pain level 8 on a 10 scale for over a month. I had to stop running, Crossfit, wearing heels, my quality of life was going downhill fast. I would wake up in odd hours of the night because my knee hurt so bad and it would lock, pop, burn etc. I had three people tell me I probably needed surgery, at least a MRI.

After TWO sessions with Ron strengthening muscles with exercises and a little electric stimulation I have been pain free for two months and it has not returned. I can run, jump, swim, wear heels and dance, whatever I want! This man is amazing and the facility is great.

Thank you so much Ron!!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Beth

Beth S.

“Pursuit Physical Therapy is a uniquely wonderful experience – and can anybody really say that about physical therapy? My recovery from meniscus knee surgery was not going as quickly as hoped as I was using one of the “big box” PT facilities. My cousin recommended Dr Ron Miller. After my first session, my knee was substantially better. Within a few more visits, I was back to 98% capacity with my knee, which was a huge improvement for me. Working with Ron is easy as you are always front and center with him – and the only priority in the room! This is a refreshing change. In addition, Ron’s extremely credentialed background is impressive and shows in his innovative approach to help you heal. My husband and son are now his current clients receiving help for their various physical ailments. I highly recommend him!”

“I started seeing Cathy after fracturing both bones in my leg during a skiing accident in December. I had to have a rod placed in my tibia and multiple pins at my knee and ankle. I came to Pursuit because I still needed help with my recovery, and because I was dissatisfied with the therapist I had been seeing. It was important to me to find a therapist with positive reviews from previous clients. I chose Pursuit after reading multiple positive reviews online (on Yelp). The care that Cathy provided was exactly what I was looking for. Most importantly, she was able to work one on one with me. My previous therapist was often forced to see 3-4 patients at once, but with Cathy I never once had to share my appointment. I appreciated the fact that she was always available for my questions/concerns in between appointments. I didn’t feel comfortable reaching out to my previous therapist, but always received a prompt and thoughtful reply from Cathy. In the past I felt that my treatment plan was designed to treat my injury rather than my personal complaints and expectations. For example, I have always struggled with low back pain. When I mentioned this to my prior therapist I felt that it was brushed aside. When I brought this up with Cathy she worked hard to integrate exercises that could address my recent injury as well as my chronic back issues. Cathy worked with me to develop a custom made treatment plan, rather than simply putting me through the motions. Finally, I really appreciated the extra time that Cathy spent explaining her thought process to me. She helped me understand the goal of each exercise, and what the intended outcome would be. This helped me to stay motivated and work towards goals that we had mutually agreed on. My injury was very traumatic. When I came to Cathy I was unable to walk down stairs normally, or stand on my right leg only. I had also begun to develop lateral knee pain that was consistently getting worse. Cathy had me walking up and down stairs within 2 weeks, and had begun to eliminate my knee pain by week 3! A month after starting with Cathy I was able to tolerate walking an entire day at a theme park. I was, and continue to be very impressed with how quickly my life is getting back to normal. Fortunately, pain has not really been my biggest problem. My issues were more related to getting back to a normal range of motion, and increasing my strength. I live on a 3rd floor walk up, and was in the midst of a six-week rotation in the ER when I started at Pursuit. I simply needed to be able to get up to my apartment, and make it through my grueling ER shifts. Cathy made all of this possible for me. We talked about ways to keep myself lose throughout the day, and fight inflammation. My injury is the kind that requires prolonged physical therapy. The ONLY reason I am reluctantly leaving Cathy is because I have to move for school. My experience at Pursuit was exactly what I was hoping for. Cathy’s positive energy and encouragement made me actually eager to come to my appointments. I would recommend Pursuit to anyone who might be losing hope, dealing with complex issues or are simply sick of not getting the individualized care they deserve. Thank you Pursuit Physical Therapy!”

– Jessica S.


Rene N.

“I attended a seminar, led by Dr. Ron Miller from Pursuit Physical Therapy, about injury prevention and treatment. I was blown away by his passion for wanting to help others find relief from injury pain. He is knowledgeable and personable, which made it very comforting for me to finally make an appointment for my ankle pain. I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because as the Fitness Director at the Roth JCC; I wanted to be seen and treated by a reputable doctor, not by an assistant, and recover in the shortest amount of time. After months of walking around with ankle pain, which led to no leg workouts, no running, and no stress relief; I finally got the care I have always wished was out there. Previously, I was seen for an injury where I was examined by a physical therapist for 10 minutes and then left with an assistant, while she worked with multiple patients at one time. It was uncomfortable and I did not look forward to going to my physical therapy appointments. Dr. Ron Miller examined my injury, treated my injury, and has kept in contact with me even after my treatment has ended. I felt comfortable at every visit knowing I was receiving quality care from a doctor who wants to see result from his patients. Dr. Ron Miller encouraged me to gradually get back to my workouts and since my recovery I am back to running, lunging, and doing daily activity without ankle pain. As long as I continue my at home treatment prescribed by Dr. Miller, my ankle is pain free. Thank you Dr. Ron Miller for helping me to find relief from my ankle pain!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Claudia

Claudia R.

“My longtime boyfriend had been seeing Dr. Ron for hip pain and one day I decided to meet the man whom I heard so much about. In the very beginning I noticed Dr. Ron to be passionate about what he does as well as focused with his patients. Immediately I liked how Dr. Ron concentrates on the patient’s needs first and then develops a plan of attack. He creates an individualized exercise program for his patients as well as “how to” videos for them to continue at home. This provides the opportunity for the patient to get better twice as fast in the shortest amount of time. I believe Dr. Ron is one of the very few patient-centered clinicians whose goal is to provide quality care. Dr. Ron displays the utmost professional demeanor while building rapport with each patient. I recommend Dr. Ron to anyone who is looking to get pain free fast. Thank you Dr. Ron for relieving my boyfriend’s pain and truly exemplifying a professional clinician.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Laura

Laura B.

“I searched out Dr. Ron after meeting him at a local physical therapy convention. I am an avid runner and was having left hip pain and toe numbness. My goals were to decrease hip pain and numbness during and after running.

Ron was very friendly and personable during the evaluation process. He was easy to get a hold of and setting up the appointment was an easy process. I really enjoyed the time spent on my running mechanics and being able view myself was pretty and he’s asleepcool. (Ron has a very informative and helpful app that can videotape and analyze running mechanics).

Ron was able to pinpoint the source of my hip pain and provided a very helpful stretching and strengthening program. He also provided great follow up care after my appointment. I am proud to say that I was able to complete my first 1/2 marathon symptom free! Without the helpful treatment and home exercise program, I don’t believe that I would’ve been able to accomplish this goal! Thank you Dr. Ron!”

Dr. Ron Miller with Sarah

Sarah M.

Dr. Miller is an amazing therapist, but more than that, he is the kindest person in the medical field I have ever experienced; and I am extremely grateful for him and the progress he has helped me make with my chronic pain and limited mobility. I feel like I make progress after almost every session–and he is helping me take back my life (something I had thought every Doctor had given up on). He has helped me start to rebuild my confidence in a way that is not explainable. So with the most sincerity and gratitude possible, I say Thank You.”

“I found Pursuit Physical Therapy online and called in to set up an appointment. I first made contact with Dr. Miller who was patient with me on the phone as we played a little bit of phone tag. He set me up with Cathy. I came in with a mix of chronic knee and achilles problems that I’d had for almost a decade that I largely assumed I wouldn’t be able to fix. I went as far as getting prolotherapy injections in both my knees which only temporarily alleviated my issues. Cathy started with a in-depth evaluation of my problems. One of the things I really appreciated was how focused Cathy was on solving the problem. She took extensive notes, didn’t make assumptions, and would think deeply on the problem to find a solution. I consider myself a technical person, so this approach was very much appreciated. Although all of my pain was in my knees and achilles, Cathy was the first person to discover that the problem originated in my hips due to a leg length discrepancy. She was also the first care provider that actually didn’t have an automatic answer to my problem because she didn’t assume anything. After working with her for a few months, 95% of my pain and issues were gone including my right knee which felt like it would dislocate during certain positions and was excruciatingly painful. Equally important to helping my pain disappear, I am confident now that I’m armed with the proper tools and exercises to prevent the issues from arising again as she explained to me exactly what was happening and why. As an athlete, I really cared about the issues but had largely given up on correcting them. I’m confident my 30s will be more pain free than my 20s thanks to Cathy. I would highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to anyone that was considering it.”

– Miguel L.

Dr. Ron Miller with Kerry

Kerry G.

“Great physical therapist, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my plantar fasciitis and gotten numerous injections, but Ron was the first doctor to actually look at my foot and asses the actual cause and show me how to fix it rather than just tell me to stop running and have it come back again! I would definitely recommend him to anyone with any kind of sports injury! He’s great, PLEASE go see him!!!! He will be worth your time. Best doctor I’ve seen hands down! My foot is so much better! I’m running virtually pain free for the first time in 6 months.”

Dr. Ron Miller with Deborah

Deborah B.

“I was/am very happy with my treatment from Ron at Pursuit Physical Therapy. He gave a presentation on running injuries for my running group and I realized he could help me with a shoulder problem that was keeping me from continuing to play tennis. He did an extensive evaluation, discussed the treatment, and followed up. I had great results and now I am back to tennis and lifting weights in the gym, and got a little extra help to prevent running injuries.”

Mike O.

“My right shoulder set in motion the steps that led to my doctor, an MRI center, and back to doctor to diagnose the cause of the stiffness and discomfort that had hampered my exercise. Fortunately, no damage requiring surgery. But the doctor recommended therapy and Pursuit Therapy specifically. A week later Cathy is moving, stretching, prodding and analyzing that shoulder. Within the hour, she has confirmed the diagnosis of bursitis and explained how it occurred. Better yet, she explained how we were going to correct it. And so we did. Her specific exercise program worked. All I had to do is what she showed me to do. She never told me what me to do as that would not have guided me to do the work. She explained each exercise and answered every question I had, no matter how absurd. She e-mailed video of the proper positions and motions needed to create the healing. Six weeks later, I’m back at the gym and a whole lot smarter. Thanks to Cathy. I hope to never be in her care again, but if my body notifies me to take better care of it, I know where to go. Pursuit Therapy.”

Dr. Zunaira Islam.

“I’m a medical doctor and I’ve spent years of my life studying over a desk writing for long hours which was not good for my upper body posture. In addition, I’ve managed to injure my shoulder at the gym. As much as one tries, its difficult to keep a good posture all the time. Most people don’t even know what good relaxed posture really is. Shoulder problems are very common, and I realized the depth of my shoulder issue when I couldn’t do exercises I wanted to at the gym. Also, if I had stressful nights at work my shoulder would flare up in pain the next day. Similarly, working out my legs doing squats etc was causing scaro-iliac pain because my glute muscles were weak and imbalanced. This is another very common issue. I’ve tried a couple of therapists before but was not satisfied. I tried “certified” personal trainers who are supposed to know how to work with injured athletes but was not satisfied. I was simply told to do certain exercises while the therapist may or may not have been watching me closely enough to see if my form was correct. There was never any sort of specific muscle release done.

Dr Ron gives one-on-one time to each person. He has a very scientific approach. He is patient and thorough making his diagnosis, taking his time to make sure we know what we’re dealing with. He explains what needs to be done and what to expect , and will go step by step teaching simple safe exercises, that we can later do at home as “homework”. EVEN BETTER, he knows techniques for releasing muscles that I have not seen other therapists use – I’ve only seen videos about them on youtube put up by the rare therapist in other countries or states. I was very happy to find that Dr Ron knew about these release techniques and even had one for my shoulder! No other physical therapist, massage therapist, or chiropractor ever tried this. His method can make a huge difference in just one visit.

I now have a better idea of how to deal with my body- when to be patient with it, and when to work out and push it safely. I have an understanding of where my weak spots are, and he has provided me with the tools of how to strengthen them. I am a strong believer in the fact that we have to put in our hard work and thought to get the results we want. If you continue to abuse your body and expect someone else to fix it – thats not going to work as you age and get older! And with aches caused by poor form and mis-use its important to understand that your work is cut out for you. But I have peace of mind that when I do over-use my body, Dr Ron is there for the regular repair and maintenance that I need for this single most important machine life has given me! I absolutely recommend him to my patients, my friends and my family. I would even say: he is worth every penny, even if you can only afford to see him only once! Thank you Ron for putting your heart and mind into what you do.

“I came to Pursuit Physical Therapy because I had significant pain and restriction of movement in my pelvis area which was impacting my ability to run. It felt like I had a brake on when I would run which really slowed me down. I called Pursuit Physical Therapy because I had previous success with them solving hamstring injuries I would get. LeeAnne Trimble, my massage therapist, referred me to them. When I researched my injury, most of the discussions on treatment said not to run, probably for 6 months to a year. One article that I found from Australia said you can continue to run and do not use ice but work on various releases. That was Cathy’s approach too. She identified the root causes of my issues and began working on them. It took some time because we had years of poor posture and mechanics to overcome. I continued to run during the treatment period and noticed improvements after each session. I began periodic treatments in August but needed more to solve the issues so I started regular treatments in September (twice a week), ran a marathon in November, and completed treatments in December. I just finished training for and completing the Boston Marathon and have been pain free since January. Thank you Cathy. I have and always recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to others.”

– Ted W.

Jerry M.

“I had experienced for several years lower back pain and frequent painful straining of my lower back muscles. A friend highly recommended Ron to me, as he had similar lower back problems that Ron’s exercise program had eliminated. Ron was easy to talk to and I was impressed by his hands-on approach; we jumped right into a diagnosis and treatment on my first visit. Within two weeks I was pain free and so I continued the exercise program Ron set for me. They take me about 10 minutes twice a day. I have now been pain free for several months with no incidents of strain or pain in my lower back. I can now do several physical activities that I had previously avoided. I only wish I had known about Ron years ago.”

Dr. Bruce Gordy.

“I was referred to Ron by a friend of mine to help me with a sore shoulder that had limited mobility. In a few sessions I was feeling better and in 6 weeks I had full range of motion and was able to go back to lifting weights again. I have referred many friends to Ron and would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with pain or mobility.

Leanne M.

“We were referred to Dr. Ron by our friends who kept raving about how much he had helped them with different types of pain. After my son who is 15 was slammed to the floor on his back during a basketball game (a Thursday night), we thought it was a perfect time to give Dr. Ron a try. After getting an X-ray the next morning after the injury (Friday) from an orthopedic doctor, my son was diagnosed with a hip contusion and was told it would take 1-2 weeks for him to get back in the game, as his pain permitted. He was very anxious to resume playing as he was in the height of basketball season. Ron made time that same day to immediately assess him and start treating him. After a very thorough assessment of all possible areas affected, he confirmed the hip contusion but also added that his pelvis was knocked out of alignment from the hit on the court. Dr. Miller immediately began treating the alignment issue (the more serious of the two issues) and gave my son home exercises to do over the weekend to correct the alignment issues. We saw Dr. Ron again one more session- the following Tuesday morning- to evaluate my son’s progress. He still had pain from his contusion but his pelvis was back in alignment!!! We were elated!! By Tuesday evening (5 days after he was injured) , my son was back playing in his game (and playing well), followed by two more games later that week. I think he average 15 points in his games and has not had any issues since. We are so thankful to Dr. Ron for seeing us so quickly. We know his treatment made the difference in my son getting back to it much faster. We’ve already referred a friend having issues to Dr. Ron and will continue to highly recommend him!!!

LeeAnne T., LMT, NMT.

“I came to see Dr. Ron Miller for a different reason than most do. As a licensed massage therapist for over 25 years, I first became aware of Dr. Ron Miller through a regular client of mine, J.K., who had been dealing with an issue with foot pain. The massage therapy I provided her helped but would not totally alleviate her pain. She told me about finding Dr. Ron Miller (who provided the correct diagnosis for her) and through his treatments, her pain totally resolved. So I reached out to him to meet him and find out more about his office and treatment approach so that I might possibly refer some of my other clients who had stubborn conditions that would not resolve with massage therapy alone. The day before my meeting w/ Dr. Miller, a sharp stabbing pain came on in my left knee with sudden onset with no explanation, which made it difficult to even walk, much less do my other activities. Even though I came to Pursuit Physical Therapy for information/professional purposes, Dr. Miller inquired as to my knee pain – he did some simple assessments and showed me some simple exercises to do at home. Within 3 days the knee pain totally resolved and it ended up being a weakness in my hip that caused the pain – nothing to do with my knee.

Since working with Dr. Miller (Ron) and referring a number of my clients to him, I’ve found that he is an excellent diagnostician – he figures out what the cause of the pain/issue is and then goes to work to remedy it. He is constantly reading and studying medical literature and research to provide his patients with the best treatment possible. One thing that is so different about Ron is his follow-up. How many physical therapy clinicians regularly contact you after your treatment to see how you are doing? He truly cares about his patients and wants them to be pain-free as soon as possible.

Now, he and I are referring clients/patients to each other. I am so thrilled that I found Ron, not only for what he has done for me and so many of my clients/patients, but also for the things that I am learning from him. He enjoys sharing things with me about his treatment protocols and the research he knows which helps me to be a better therapist. I look forward to working and collaborating with Dr. Ron Miller in the years to come! I cannot recommend him highly enough!

“I am a Physical Therapist in an administrative role and I do a lot of driving and sitting. I love to exercise, but sometimes I make decisions when working out that aren’t the best (I blame it on the endorphins). Recently, I injured myself and it resulted in pain and difficulty sitting. In my case, I had several different things going on that caused me to have tingling down my leg, as well as hip and back pain. It was not something simple that I could figure out on my own. The first thing I did was contact Cathy. I didn’t go see my primary care physician or the orthopedic physician – I went to Pursuit Physical Therapy. Why? First, Physical Therapists have direct access, which means that you can go to see one without a prescription! Secondly, the therapists at Pursuit Physical therapy spend 1 on 1 time to ensure they are identifying the root cause of your pain. This is crucial to getting better fast!

At each visit, Cathy individualized each treatment based on how I responded to the previous session and home exercises. After 3 visits, my symptoms were completely gone and I was able to return to sitting comfortably, exercise, and I even completed a sprint triathlon. I recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy because of the expertise, value, and quality of services, as well as the ability to achieve results in much less time compared to other clinics.”

– Kristen M.

Jean R.

“Bottom Line: After 2+ months with Dr Miller, I cancelled knee surgery! When I started with Dr Miller in mid September, I could barely walk stairs and was in near constant knee pain. My orthopedist recommended a mini knee replacement due to arthritis but wanted to try PT 1st. My 1st visit, Dr Miller listened to me and developed a plan for what I needed and also what I wanted to do. The one-on-one attention is so rare today as well as his level of expertise. Thanks to Dr Miller, I will not be making any appointments for surgery. But the best part is now I am back on the bike riding 3-4 times a week for 1-2 hrs and walking at least 30 min without the pain. My goal is to ride 70 miles end of Feb and I am well on the way! It has been almost 2 years since I could do that. I also have a physical job and depend on good leg strength and balance and pain free. Being in mid-50’s does not mean early retirement now. I am hopeful that I will be out there working well past that retirement age, enjoying work and cycling!”

Shawna. S.

“Motivated by members of the local No Boundaries program, I decided to start running about eight weeks ago. On the 2nd week Ron spoke to our group about strength and flexibility in running. By the 3rd week I was experiencing intense knee pain and thought I would have to quit. I called Ron. He did a detailed evaluation and found that my ankle flexibility was very poor and that I needed more leg strength (running is a one legged sport, he kept reminding me). He developed a home program and after seeing him for 4 one-on-one sessions and religiously doing the exercises and stretches he prescribed, I actually ran my first 5k with my group pain free. I could not have done it without Ron’s expertise and encouragement. I highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy!

Beth H.

“One of Central Florida’s natural treasures! God bless you Ron, for the amazing work you do! I’m grateful for the excellent care you have given my patients and friends!”

Ron R.

“When my sister came for a visit from New York recently, I noticed my niece was having some difficulty picking up her luggage. I asked if she was having back pain and she said yes. She explained to me that it has been bothering her for a while and that she just met with a specialist. She was told by the specialist that she had adult onset scoliosis and that she needed to see a spinal surgeon soon as she would likely require surgery. I asked her if she would be willing to get a second opinion and she agreed so I made an appointment with Dr. Ron Miller. Dr. Miller was my first and only choice because of his conservative one on approach to patient care. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Miller pointed out that she did not, in fact, have scoliosis but rather spinal hypertrophy related to a tight hip/pelvic muscle. After a full explanation of the underlying causes of her back issues, Dr. Miller completed a plan of care and demonstrated the exercises to be performed at home when she returns from vacation. I recently spoke with my niece and she said she is doing great! After following Dr. Miller’s treatment plan, her back feels better and she said she is standing taller with improved posture. She also told me how Dr. Miller’s has been in touch with her along the way to see how she has been doing. Best of all, she will NOT be going for any “shoot first, ask questions later” spinal surgeons! I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr.Miller for any pain or discomfort you may be dealing with. His straight forward, proven, one on one approach to treatment will put you on the road to a pain-free life!

“For the last two years I have been battling what I thought was severe Sciatica, which first presented itself one morning when I literally woke up and could hardly make it to the bathroom. I had been feeling some discomfort when I was running, but this was different; it was paralyzing. The pain ran all the way down my lower back to my toes and it was excruciating. I went straight to my primary care doctor for relief to just get through the day and that began my two-year journey for a more permanent solution.

At first, I tried just resting it to see if I could rebound, but that didn’t work. The minute I started running again, it came back so badly that I couldn’t even make it through my run. Dr. Baxley recommended that I try another form of exercise, so I switched temporarily to biking and while that was better, I still felt the pain, especially when I went up and down the stairs. After trying a chiropractic doctor in vain, Dr. Baxley recommended that I see physical therapist, Ron Miller. He said that he, too, had battled something similar and that Ron had managed to help him.

From the minute I met with Ron, I just felt like he was going to get to the bottom of my issue. He is an incredible listener and he asked a lot of questions regarding my symptoms, trying to get at the bottom of my issue. With each exercise, he tried to pinpoint the exact location of the pain to figure out the root cause and at around 6 weeks into therapy, he hit upon my problem: Proximal Hamstring syndrome. From there, it only took 2 or 3 more visits and I was home free. He prescribed a few additional exercises, which I had to commit to doing the exercises religiously, but once I did, I saw immediate results.
This first time I ran on the treadmill, after recovery, I got off the equipment and cried, not in pain, but in joy. I didn’t realize how much I had missed running until I could finally run again, pain free. I would highly recommend Ron. He is a caring, talented, gifted therapist who changed my life for the better. And he is now also a cherished friend.”

– Sandy H.

Jen D.

“I came in to Pursuit Physical Therapy because of shoulder pain in my right shoulder. I had surgery on my left shoulder 6 months prior and was very concerned that the right one may need surgery also. I decided to give Pursuit a try after I read some of the testimonials. What really drew me in is that Ron works with all kinds of people incuding people who do Crossfit, like myself. Most PT’s will cringe if you tell them you do crossfit. When I spoke to Ron on the phone he conveyed to me that his standard of care didn’t include, stim, ultrasound, etc., which is the only treatment that I’ve ever had. And this intrigued me even more. I decided to give a session a try, especially since my pain wasn’t getting any better.

Before visiting Ron, I was going to the same Pt that did my post op therapy for my left shoulder. But what didn’t change was the type of treatment that I received on my right shoulder. There was no plan, nor any sort of test to see why I was having this pain. In retrospect, that pt was just doing a mundane routine and taking my insurance money and co-pay. Not only did my pain not get any better, no solution in site, the pt constantly communicated to me in back-handed comments that my functional fitness routine (crossfit) was the reason I had this pain. Immediately after one session with Ron I experienced an increase in range of motion and less pain. The exercises in conjunction with his therapy equaled rapid results.Because he pin pointed exactly what muscles were weak and which ones where tight, then we were able to strengthen and stretch those resulting in a solution. Having this simple yet effective treatment plan helps not only the mindset of the patient but allows you to recover and get back to what you really love doing.”

Samantha V.

“I am an active runner/yogi and at 32, I decided to throw in a little boot camp once a week to spice things up. After the first session, I felt great..until the next morning when I couldn’t move. Seriously, I thought my legs were going to fall off. Needless-to-say, I couldn’t work-out for several days, but I did continue to stretch. After 3-4 days, the pain in my right leg was not getting better. I didn’t even know what I did in boot camp that caused it to hurt in the first place! Well, I wasn’t going to let a little leg pain stop me. I thought I could “tough it out,” so I went to boot camp the following week. Within 30 seconds, I knew EXACTLY what I did to hurt my leg.

Fast-forward to a few days later, I flew to Orlando from NYC to visit my sister. She saw me hobbling around and grimacing every time I sat down or stood up. Of course she wanted to know why I was such a wreck. I explained the situation to her and she said, “You need Dr. Ron.” She was right. My sister made a call to Dr. Ron and he saw me first thing the next morning. He knew I was from out of town, so on the morning of my visit (I was late!) he sent me a text offering directions. (This was just the first sign of how caring he is.) During my visit, we spoke about how I injured myself. Then, we went through various leg tests. I liked that Dr. Ron told me what he was going to do before he did it. There were no surprises. I felt completely comfortable. After my examination, Dr. Ron determined that I had a “1st degree hamstring-groin strain from the initial boot camp exercise.” Ah-ha!

During the visit, we started talking about my running related ailments. I told him that my NYC doctor referred me to a Physical Therapist. Dr. Ron gave me questions to ask and things to have them look into. In addition to giving me PT treatments in his office (same morning) he promptly followed-up with a detailed email of next steps, including YouTube videos so I wouldn’t screw it up! Dr. Ron also reminded me about what to tell my doctor, “Make sure they take a look at your iliopsoas muscle.” My what?! I guess he knew I wouldn’t have retained that word.

Thanks to Dr. Ron, I’m well on my way to being pain free. I do my stretches every day (I’m telling you, those YouTube videos are KEY) and with his help, I’ll be back to boot camp in no time! Overall, Dr. Ron made me feel completely at ease and spoke with me at length, answering all of my questions with a patience and attentiveness that I am not used to seeing in New York doctors. He just comes off as a genuinely nice guy. It’s clear that he is passionate about what he does and he cares for his patients’ full recovery, long after the office visit.

Candice R.

“I highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing any sort of body pain and not getting better. Last year I experienced major lower back and leg pain just after my pregnancy so I went to see an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a herniated disc and sciatica. However after months of physical therapy my leg pain continued and never improved. I decided it was time to try someone new and discovered Dr.Miller through an internet search as he was highly rated. After my initial evaluation with him he conducted some tests and then explained that the reason I was never getting any relief was because I didn’t have sciatica. It was actually tarsal tunnel syndrome. After my first couple of sessions with Ron, I felt relief and pain free instantly! The attention and personalized care at this practice far outweigh any other in the Orlando area. I can now take care of my baby and get back to daily activities without any leg pain. Pursuit PT is worth it!”

Natalie Burns, LMT.

Dr. Ron Miller, is one of the best, if not the BEST PHYSICAL THERAPIST in Central Florida. His compassion for others, professionalism, intelligence, and commitment to American Physical Therapy Association as a Board Member and specialist set him apart from other Physical Therapists. His patients will testify the successes that they have received from his treatments. I have seen first-hand the incredible techniques he uses and how he customizes treatments for each patient individually. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology is always spot on. He knows how the body works, and what needs to be done to reduce or eliminate pain. To better treat his patient’s injuries he goes above and beyond typical procedures and uses his integrated skills. He sincerely wants to help his patient’s get better and he will give you the stepping stones to get you to where you want to be. I would highly recommend Dr. Ron Miller, for anyone seeking a physical therapist.”

“I would like to offer the following testimonial for Dr. Ron Miller of Pursuit Therapy. I came to him in March 2014 mainly because my personal trainer and my masseuse, two different people, were discouraged because they could not get my lower left leg to respond to their muscle stimulation techniques. Both knew Dr. Miller and recommended that I visit him to see what his evaluation of my condition was. What was the cause of my problem? It acted like a drop foot condition but why. I have seen doctors, visited clinics, had a lower back operation, used physical therapists and masseuses, and did a lot of personal research. Some of the possible causes were diabetes II, bulging discs in the lower back, former athletic injuries to the left foot, and viruses in the blood. So here I am in the present walking around with an AFO on my left leg, with no pain in the leg and trying to play golf. All the previous treatments somewhat addressed the problem but never resolved the entire issue so that I was hindered in all activities requiring two good legs.

With this current condition, Ron did a thorough evaluation of the leg and measured all the measurables for the lower foot. He observed some atrophy in the left calf muscle, a lack of stimulation of the leg muscle that lifts the toes, and a weakness in my waist muscles. He has shown me exercises which will strengthen the weak muscles and has initiated an electronic muscle activation procedure for the one recalcitrant muscle. His explanation of why he is recommending his plan is delivered in an understandable non-medical format and he listens to your questions and concerns. He does not delegate the demonstration of any item while you are in his examination room but does provide helpful videos for you to review after you leave. In my case, there have not been any “Ah Hah” moments but I am certainly getting stronger with muscles that have not been effectively used in my “shuffling” years and additional time will determine if the electronic muscle stimulator can be used to cure, or at least reactivate, my left foot More to follow.”

– Bill G.

Brooke P.

“I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy after having ankle surgery this past August to remove scar tissue from a softball injury. Prior to surgery, I received physical therapy with another facility and was unhappy with the results. There were multiple patients per therapist, and felt my ankle was unable to receive proper attention.

Dr. Ron Miller, at Pursuit Physical Therapy, came highly recommended to me. I walked in after surgery wearing a boot and in quite a bit of pain with zero degrees of movement. In contrast, my other ankle equaled 15 degrees of movement; it was quite a big difference. Within one week of working with Dr. Ron, my flexibility increased, allowing my injured ankle to reach ten degrees.

My treatment was once a week for about two months. Along with my remarkable progress, my pain level decreased rapidly. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, not only because I was seeing such great results, but I was being treated by someone who really cared about getting me better. Dr. Ron’s therapy is completely one-on-one. After only eight sessions, I was running pain free.

It gives me great honor to recommend Dr. Ron Miller of Pursuit Physical Therapy. Not only is he an amazing physical therapist, but I can honestly say he is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. I am fortunate to have received first class care and am extremely happy my results. I have full movement once again and have the ability to do activities I have missed out on since my injury, over a year ago. Thank you, Dr. Ron.”

Scott J.

“I had just decided that I needed to start taking ibuprofen in order to keep running and playing indoor soccer when Dr. Ron spoke at running group. He said that if you cannot run or stay active without pain then something is wrong that needs to be fixed. So I checked his website and it was clear that I had stage 2 achilles tendon apathy. That was the name for the fact that I could no longer walk without pain whether I exercised or not. I saw Dr Ron and he said mine was a textbook case and he would fix me right up in four appointments. I was surprised to find that part of my problem was I had symptoms of sciatica problems. After four appointments and doing the exercises every day the pain is gone. I am still running and playing soccer and I can get up from my desk at work without pain. I didn’t miss a workout. Much thanks to Dr. Ron.”

Yamila D.

“I had the great pleasure of shadowing Dr. Ron Miller on three separate occasions, and I can say with certainty that he is a highly skilled professional. Dr. Miller has the ability to create a comfortable and secure environment for his patients. He has the knowledge and devotion that sets his clinic apart from other patient care settings. I noticed how each patient was very appreciative of Dr. Miller’s care and commitment to their therapy; he really takes the time needed to ensure a healthy recovery. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing pain to go see Dr. Miller at Pursuit Physical Therapy.

Robert. B.

“You definitely get one-on-one attention from a doctor of physical therapy that not only includes your in office session, but follow-up text messaging and/or e-mails to ensure that the treatment is effective. Pursuit provided some good physical therapy videos that guided me to do my exercises at home in between office visits. Dr. Ron gave me a new insight to the cause of my lower back pain and what to do to relieve and counteract the causes of it. He also gave me confidence that I could start running again pain free!”

“I have suffered from lower back issues for the past 5 years, including having a micro-discectomy before that time and even in between flare ups I ran long distance. Last April I had a flare up in my lower back after I recuperated from the flair up I tried to get back into jogging and noticed I was having Achilles pain. I went to a physical therapist in NY which is where I was living at the time and was told I had Achilles tendonitis, I did treatment there but did not really see any improvement. In September a job opportunity brought me to Central Florida. With the great weather here I wanted to get out and run again and I tried but at the first couple of steps I would be in pain and I’d be limping for a couple days. One day while at work I googled physical therapist in my area and Pursuit Physical Therapy’s website came up. Immediately I was drawn to the testimonials I read from people with similar issues and how quick they were back to running long distance after treatment at Pursuit Physical Therapy. I looked no further after everything I had read; I called instantly and made an appointment for a free consultation.

Upon my arrival at Pursuit Physical Therapy and meeting with Ron, what stood out to me the most was Ron’s passion and enthusiasm for his profession. Once he explained what the treatment for my injury would consist of, I knew I wanted to start my treatment immediately. I had been to numerous physical therapists in the past and what made treatment at Pursuit different was the one on one interaction, at other physical therapy offices you sometimes see multiple therapist and they give you a list of exercises and see you for 5 minutes and then you’re on your way. At Pursuit PT Ron worked with me on every exercise and made sure I was doing all the exercises correctly along with giving me exercises I could do at home and following up via Email and text. He allowed me the capability to have as many sessions throughout the week as I wanted and I was able to email him or text him in case I felt I had setbacks in-between treatments and this was something I had never experienced with other physical therapist.

Thanks to Ron I’m back to running, I’m pain free and building up my stamina to get back to long distances. Ron not only helped me get back to where I wanted to be but he’s also given me the information and tools to continue improving my life and living pain free.”

– Rigo A.

Laurie S.

“Dr. Ron Miller has been a godsend! I was told I was a candidate for fusion surgery as I have suffered with lower back pain for several years now. In a very short period of time by coming in to see Ron a few times a week, I was feeling tremendous relief. A friend of mine had encouraged me to please give Ron a try after not getting anywhere with several other physical therapists. I finally caved in and called him and have never regretted that phone call. The care I have received has been extraordinary and the best part (besides feeling better) has been the extreme flexibility with scheduling appointments. I can finally work out with less pain. I wholeheartedly recommend anybody who is in any kind of pain to call Dr Ron Miller!”

Eric C.

“I have been a patient of Ron’s since about December of 2013. After I underwent two back surgeries (microdiscectomy * 2) in November of 2013, I was frustrated with the continued pain in my left hip, leg and ankle. As a former professional athlete, there was no way that I could envision my life as inactive as I had become.

Prior to meeting with Ron, I had tried steroid shots in my lower back, and they did not seem to have any sufficiently lasting effect. Meanwhile, my brother had starting working with Ron on a different physical issue after he had been referred by a friend. So, based on my brother’s recommendation, I went to see Ron for a free evaluation, and ultimately, agreed to start a series of visits.

The most obvious differences between working with Ron and dealing with more mainstream physical therapy practices are the ease of getting a convenient appointment time, his desire to get the job done despite a diminishing financial return as each session goes by, and a true concern for the patient’s well being and satisfaction.

At this point, while I still have some pain, I have returned to golfing, running on the field when I coach my son’s soccer team, and I have significantly reduced the dosage a frequency in which I take pain medication. Ron continues to work with me regularly, and he proactively seeks out other options and opinions from his PT community on my behalf.

I recommend Ron for your PT needs.”

Jodi K.

“I was suffering with foot pain for several months. I had tried cortisone shots (twice) with no relief of my symptoms. I couldn’t play tennis, run, or even sleep without pain. I had attended a program at the JCC where Dr. Miller spoke about foot pain. The information he shared at the presentation made me realize I need to try something else so I immediately made an appointment to see him. He created several exercises that not only helped reduce the pain symptoms, but also fix the root cause of the problem (tarsal tunnel). I am almost always pain free. I am back to playing tennis and doing Bar Method classes on a regular basis. I have not yet tried running again, but many people agree that running is over rated! I definitely recommend Dr. Miller.”

Kathy B.

“My daughter saw Dr. Miller after she had broken both bones in her left arm. After several surgeries and months of being in a cast the surgeon explained that my daughter required intensive physical therapy in order to regain mobility and range of motion. Dr. Miller came highly recommended to us and he was able to make significant progress within just 2 visits. He asked lots of questions and really listened to my daughter. He developed a series of exercises that she could do at home to help facilitate the recovery. We were amazed with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Miller and will use his services again.”

“I was having terrible foot pain, and I had been treating it based on my Primary Care Physician’s diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis. I tried specialty shoes, specific exercises, and foot braces/compression with no relief. In fact, my pain was just getting worse. I decided that enough was enough! I wanted to take control of my pain, instead of letting it control me. I did a lot of research on different physical therapy locations in the Orlando, FL area and found Pursuit Physical Therapy to have the best website presentation and overall positive vibe. I called to schedule a consultation appointment and was called back immediately by Dr. Ron. He instantly made me feel like a patient and not a number. He was able to get me in for my consultation right away and he made me a priority because he understood that I needed pain relief! All other Physical Therapist companies I spoke with took days or even more than a week to call me back and they didn’t take my pain seriously. As soon as I arrived at my consultation, Dr. Ron and Cathy jumped right into my diagnosis (I felt like a VIP with both of them examining me) and were able to set me up on a treatment plan. My husband and I loved their knowledge, skills, and overall care presentation. I started a plan ASAP! Cathy started working with me several days a week and she patiently and expertly adjusted my exercises until she discovered the root of the problem.. I didn’t have just foot pain, but a back problem that caused the foot pain. Cathy understands the mechanics of the body and intuitively knows where to go next in the journey to freedom from pain! She has truly changed my life, because within a few sessions my pain was decreasing! I did not think that this was possible! And after just a few weeks my foot pain was completely gone. You heard me, GONE! Now, I am able to easily stand at work for longer periods, walk the theme parks in Orlando, or go to the dog park with my husband and puppy on the weekend!I forget how much I had given up due to my constant pain. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ron and Cathy to anyone experiencing pain! Without Cathy I would still be treating a foot problem with no relief. Pursuit Physical Therapy can help you take control of your pain!”

– Tabitha M.

Andrew Levitan, MD.

“I am writing this testimonial following the treatment of my son by Dr. Ron Miller, of Pursuit Physical Therapy. My son is a competitive tournament tennis player who suffered from a debilitating back injury as a result of his tennis. After treatment by an orthopedic surgeon and various physical therapists, which included a long course of anti-inflammatory meds, my son was feeling no better. Worse yet, we never really had a diagnosis and were unable to pinpoint any maneuver that could decrease his pain. Finally we were referred to Ron Miller by a former patient.

Dr. Miller’s evaluation was far more thorough than anything we had experienced prior to seeing him. He immediately ruled out several serious conditions that could have been the cause of my son’s pain. He then was able to isolate which maneuvers exacerbated and more importantly relieved the pain. Once this was done, treatment began. In addition to his superior expertise, what differentiates Dr. Miller from his peers is his attention to detail and his focus on the individual patient. Over the years I have been to many physical therapists, and what I have seen is that most treat multiple patients at one time, with what often seems like a “cookie cutter” approach; a few exercises, heat and or ice, TENS, ultrasound, perhaps some traction and then goodbye. This is not the case with Dr. Miller, who spends the entire hour long session with only one patient, enabling him to individualize his treatment plan based on his diagnosis.

In addition it is clear that his advanced level of education and his degree in physical therapy (he has a DPT) places him above his colleagues, both as a diagnostician and a clinician. Finally, when we were discharged from his care, Dr. Miller’s interest in my son did not end. Instead he maintained close contact with my son’s fitness trainer, not only following up by telephone but also attending one of the fitness sessions to make sure the right exercises were being done for my son’s condition. Overall it is my opinion that Dr. Miller takes the field of physical therapy to the highest possible level, and my only regret is I didn’t find him sooner. I give Dr. Miller my highest level of recommendation.”

Holly J.

“I was very pleased with my treatment I received and the amazing results! I was pain free in TWO VISITS and Ron taught me everything I needed to do at home to keep my neck pain from coming back. I highly recommend him!”

Robert and Thalia.

“Dr. Miller has saved our family. (Literally!) One of us had a pulled shoulder muscle from working out, one of us had a pulled elbow from firefighting training, one a strained hip muscle from golfing, and a final family member with an ankle injury from an embarrassing accident involving a case of soda (don’t ask). Dr. Miller did what most doctors don’t do anymore – LISTEN. He worked around our work/school schedules, quickly diagnosed our injuries, and moved right on to the solutions! No medications or long, drawn out rehabilitation plans. Just results! (and PAIN FREE results I might add!). He emailed us YouTube videos with simple yet effective exercises to do at home and he even followed up with texts to see how we were doing. How’s that for first class service! After a few weeks of treatment, we all saw a HUGE difference and we were well on our way to a full recovery! We simply cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Miller is! If you need physical therapy, you won’t find a better doctor than Dr. Miller.”

Steve M.

My 17 year old son is back to playing pain-free golf in only two sessions with Ron! He diagnosed the problem as upper-back muscle weakness, taught him some strengthening exercises and quickly had him back in the game. He was very personable and knowledgeable. We were quite happy with his approach to the problem and the results.”

Kimberly H.

“I first came to see Ron due to shoulder pain I had been experiencing for several years. I had tried regular massage and chiropractic care in the past with no lasting change in my pain. When I decided to look into physical therapy, I did a search through the CareCredit website, since I had a CareCredit card from previous medical care.

I reached out to Ron and he was very quick with getting back with me to set up a free consultation. I knew right away that he was the right choice; it was clear that the goal in his work is to identify the problem, correct it, and give each person the tools to prevent the pain from coming back. This was refreshing because too often in the medical field, our symptoms are treated as they arise with no real effort to identify and eliminate the cause, thus, creating the need for future care. Ron is different, he wants his patients to get better, and stay better.

Thanks to Ron, I can now live life without shoulder pain, and know that should the pain resurface, I have the tools and knowledge to relieve it.”

Paul B.

“A short while ago, I encountered some knee pain as a result of my running/Insanity workout regimen. My knee was totally locked up so that I could barely walk. I initially went to an Orthopedic Clinic where it was recommended that I get an MRI. Before going down that route, I met with Dr. Miller for a second opinion. He was very helpful in diagnosing what the problem was and how I might have caused the injury. In addition to working with me to completely relieve the pain, he gave me some exercises that I could do on my own to help my recovery and perform self-maintenance going forward. I came away from the experience with a greater understanding of body mechanics and how I could prevent re-injury in the future. Being able to lead an active lifestyle is important to me and working with Dr. Miller has helped me to achieve that. I am a very HAPPY client!”

Monika B.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Miller resolving ankle pain I had due to an injury. He took a full history and was willing to take the time needed to solve my issue. After just a couple of short sessions, I’m back to feeling 100%. I highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy!”

Kat M.

“After only three visits with Dr. Miller, I was running pain free and my hip and leg issues were no more! He was awesome, extremely helpful, and made sure I was comfortable with all the exercises. Most importantly, he still told me I could run, which was great news. I would recommend Pursuit Physical therapy in a heartbeat to anyone!

William F.

“Ron has tremendous knowledge of the body. He should be a teacher to transmit his treasury of knowledge to other therapists. My thanks to him.”

Carla M.

“I had been laid up for most of the winter with Achilles tendinitis and Plantar fasciitis. I went to my doctor and went through treatment and injections but still the flare-ups continued. I was given a prescription to go to physical therapy and my therapist was a gentleman by the name of Ron. My length of rehab was to be for one month with visits 3 times per week. He had me up and going in 3 weeks and was even able to do my exercises at home. Thank you Ron, for literally getting me back on my feet and back to walking pain free 3 miles per day.”

Jennifer S.

“Having been in therapy on and off for years with knee problems, I can truly say that Ron was the first therapist I felt like was not only knowledgeable about my issues, but was genuinely invested in my success. His approach is one that enables his patients to take an active role in their recovery, focusing on creative solutions and education to help resolve the source of the pain rather than just learning to work around it. The one on one attention he provides easily created an encouraging and supportive environment that helped me to stay focused on my progress rather than my pain. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in having a partner in your journey towards recovery or wellness.

Michael B.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been having some pain in my right knee from pushing my run pace and extending my cycling distance. I was referred to Ron and had my appointment today. The evaluation I received is the most thorough I’ve ever had and allowed me to leave with the confidence to take on a short run. Not only did we focus on the knee problem but Ron revealed some holes in my training that I can improve on a well as some stretches to prevent anything in the future. I’ll be back for a follow up and definitely referring others. It was a great feeling to be treated as a person and not just another number. Thanks again Ron.”

Darren P.

“Within just a couple of weeks of working with Ron he had my elbow tendinitis almost completely pain free. He then helped me strengthen it and stretch out the contracted muscles and tendons. I was able to gain back a full range of motion and most of my strength. I was told by my orthopedic doctor that it was something I would just have to live with or I could take injections and pain medications to calm it down. I would definitely recommend working with Ron Miller for any debilitating pain or injury recovery. Great job Ron!”

Christine G.

“Dr. Miller has a talent for getting straight to the root of the problem. His goal is not to just relive your symptoms but to bring you to a complete and quick recovery and prevent future injuries. I appreciate that each of his patients has his full attention during the entire session. Thanks for showing me what quality care look like.

Kathleen B.

“I suffered from achilles tendinitis after starting new training. Luckily a friend introduced me to Dr. Ron Miller. Dr. Miller was able to treat my achilles tendinitis without any drugs or injections and the best part was that I was back running pain free in just 2 weeks. Not only did Dr. Miller help me recover faster but he also showed me how to prevent future flare-ups. His treatment was able to save me time and money and I only needed 2 visits! If you are currently suffering from any kind of physical pain trust me, Dr. Miller can help you.”

Donna C.

“On or about January 1, 2018, while on vacation, I re-injured my lower back. After x-rays and an MRI, I learned that I had two bulging discs, L4 and L5. As this was another injury in a long series of re-injuries, my orthopedic doctor told me that my back was now “unstable” and advised surgery. I said no. He then sent me to a “pain management” doctor who advised a spinal ablation procedure. I said no. He then sent me to physical therapy – the same type of physical therapy that I had been prescribed for many years. The therapy helped but the pain in my back, left hip and numbness down my left leg continued.

After several weeks of traditional physical therapy, one of my co-workers noticed the pain I was in while walking down the hall, questioned me about it, and strongly advised me to see his physical therapist, Dr. Ron Miller. He assured me that Dr. Miller could help me with the pain and, in fact, might even help me to avoid back surgery.

So, I made an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Miller. I was very impressed with the time, care and thoroughness of his examination. Afterwards, he determined that surgery might someday be necessary, but not today. He then described the approach he planned on taking and approximately how long it would take to get me back to normal living without debilitating pain.

His approach did not consist of sketches of exercises to imitate, or an array of exercise machines to hop on and off, or biding my time whilst waiting for my physical therapist to finish with other people before being able to show me the next set of exercises or another machine to transfer to. Dr. Miller’s approach is one-on-one. He actually physically worked with me to ease my back and hip into place to alleviate pressure on the nerves in my lower back and going down my left leg. In less than one month, I felt better and more limber than I had in years.

I am so grateful to Dr. Miller for getting me back to a normal active life. I can now walk without back pain, hip pain, or numbness in my left leg. I am also so much more mobile than I was before. And this is pretty good for a woman in her mid-sixties!

I am also grateful that he discovered that not only did I not need back surgery at this time, the surgery would have been a terrible mistake in that the problem was (1) my left hip was tilted forward which put pressure on nerves going down my leg, (2) this misalignment created a caving inward of my lower back causing horrible pain, and (3) my right leg was shorter than the left, giving me an uneven gait which must have been contributing to my back pain for years. I have been through months and months of physical therapy during my adult years, and no one noticed these problems before? Only Dr. Miller did.

I recommend anyone having continuing pain – or facing possible back surgery – to seek out Dr. Miller at Pursuit Therapy for an evaluation and treatment. He really cares for his patients and works very hard to get you back to living pain free again. A big plus is that he is not all about the money – he’s about helping his patients to attain quality of life. Thank you so much, Ron!

Julie C.

“After months of pursuing alternative treatments for my low back pain (chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage) and only experiencing temporary relief, it was suggested that I see a Physical Therapist to assess my biomechanics. Pursuit PT was suggested as a practice that is known for “getting to the root of problems”. After my assessment, I was set up with Cathy Yi, MPT, OCS for her expertise in low back/hip issues. After several sessions with Cathy she discovered several issues and we worked to correct them one by one. As we corrected posture issues, my low back pain began to localize more in my hip area. Cathy hypothesized that she thought I might have a hip joint tear. At first I thought she was crazy and even dismissed her theory, but after a few more weeks of no lasting improvement I took her advice and had an MRI. Sure enough, she was right! After seeing different professionals over the course of probably three years and spending thousands of dollars I finally had my answer. I had hip repair surgery in March and am getting back to my old self. I am still remembering all of the lessons I learned from Cathy about posture and how I carry myself as these were all contributing factors to my tear. However, I am eternally grateful that she never stopped thinking and searching for the ROOT issue. Finally– I have found my answer and am feeling better than I have in years. If you are looking for someone who will keep thinking of possible solutions to your body aches and pains, Pursuit PT is a great place to start!!!!! Thanks for teaching me all about proper form and posture and getting to the root of MY issue.”

Anthony R.

“Thank you! After more than a decade of chiropractors, sleep clinics, and massages, you were finally able to help me.

I suffered from a condition that I’ve called “my head doesn’t feel like it fits on my body” for years. It has gotten better and worse, but it’s always been there. This discomfort has affected my sleeping habits and sleep quality. I’ve been sleep deprived for years, waking up 10-20 times per night from simply being uncomfortable. Through your expert consultation, diagnosis, and applied therapies, I am so very happy to report that last night I was not ‘laying in bed, just waiting for the alarm to confirm that it’s time to get up’. I was truly asleep! Feeling refreshed in the morning is a gift, and you’ve given that to me. Thank you! Keys to success in your program are the in-office visits, but just as important – the online videos.These accurately narrated videos enable your clients to refresh their memory and to ensure that they are executing the exercises in the fully compliant and correct manner. This is definitely a helpful tool that enabled me to stay committed to the program. I do my exercises every day now, without fail, and I look forward to many nights of restful sleep as my discomfort fades and my body strengthens. Thank you again for all that you do.”

Samantha G.

“A coworker recommended I see Cathy because I was experiencing severe lower back pain. I was having trouble doing just about anything from standing, walking, or even sitting. My sessions at Pursuit Physical Therapy were personalized to my exact needs. The exercises I was given for homework made all of the difference in my results. I felt relief after my very first session with Cathy and that relief continued each time I did my exercises at home. Now that my lower back is mostly pain free I’m able to go about my every day life, including playing with my puppy, Winston! I would absolutely recommend anyone who is in pain go to Pursuit Physical Therapy. You will NOT regret it!

George P.

“I had chronic lower back pain that spinal epidurals and temporary nerve oblations would not relieve. My general practitioner, Dr. Richard Baxley recommended Pursuit Therapy and Ron Miller as “someone who has had good results treating back pain”. Ron spent considerably more time asking probing questions on the pain origin, timing of pain occurrence, triggers, etc. and developed an individually personal treatment program, modified and adjusted at each session to target the causes to eliminate the causing factors. I noticed positive results after only 3 or 4 sessions. Now I am walking longer distances, standing for longer periods of time, without major low back pain and now I’m getting back into a Fitness Program. I would enthusiastically (and I already have) recommend others to give Pursuit a chance to cure their ailments. Ron is a true professional and is dedicated to his patient’s quick and complete recovery from their problems.”

Heather K.

“I went to see Dr. Ron for pain I was experiencing in my hip. I’m a fitness instructor and would consider myself active in that I teach cycle and weight training classes but also that I enjoy running in my free time. The hip pain began while I was training for a half marathon and I was averaging about 30 to 40 miles a week running. The pain began at the end of November; I ran one morning and then sat in a car for about three hours, thus locking my body in some position. The pain was severe enough that I was unable to run and it even hurt to walk and do some abdominal exercises.

I heard about Dr. Ron from a friend of mine who has struggled with ankle and shoulder pain. He was able to see me within a week of me contacting him and was able to recreate and pinpoint the source of the pain in the first visit. Being a natural sceptic, this completely amazed me. I have never seen a physical therapist before and was trying to self assess my pain and it’s source. He gave me a series of exercises I could do at home or at the gym to begin my rehabilitation. That first visit was 11/19/2014. I saw Dr. Ron only twice more in the first week of December 2014. In the visits he did some rehabilitation exercises that I could not do on my own but continued to show me advanced exercises to help me work on my own. I was able to run again with minimal pain the first weekend of December. I continued to with the exercises at home and was able to run pain free the following week.

I am still building back my mileage and as I do, I continue with the routines Dr. Ron provided to keep me from having a flare-up. What really impressed me was the fact that he understood that I wanted to continue to be active. He provided me with the tools to help myself become pain free and provided me with guidance on what I could continue to do to stay active. He continues to follow up with me regarding my progress and my pain. My experience with Pursuit Physical Therapy has been extremely positive. I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and will absolutely revisit him in the event of another injury.

Nicki P.

“I recently injured my lower back while working. I didn’t think much of it at the time but it got progressively worse for several days to the point where I could barely move any part of my body without being in severe pain. I live an hour and a half from Orlando but Dr. Miller was able to speak with me about my injury and the type of pain I was experiencing. He recommended several exercises and provided links to his YouTube page explaining them in detail. He kept checking up on me until my pain had subsided. Even though I wasn’t able to go to his office he was able to help me! I’m thankful for people like him in the world, Dr. Miller really cares about his patients and is eager to help alleviate any and all pain.”