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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To Serve                To Help                To Care

Our purpose is to serve the people of Orlando and to help the community receive the best, high quality, patient care they deserve.

Pursuit is setting a new standard for outpatient healthcare in the Orlando area! We cater specifically to our patient’s needs and what treatment will lead to the best outcome in the fewest visits.  Next time you find yourself waiting hours to see the physician for a 3 minute visit, getting double and triple booked with other patients, sitting in an urgent care clinic worrying about exposure to other sick people and the bill you are going to pay there when it is not a true emergency, remember – there is a better way!  Pursuit Physical Therapy offers prompt appointments, with no waiting periods, one-on-one patient care, only by board certified orthopaedic specialist.


At Pursuit, we believe everyone should receive the highest quality healthcare, with proven cost effective treatments that show better outcomes in fewer patient visits.