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Effective Physical Therapy in College Park

Getting older is no fun, especially if you have back, neck, or joint pain. You want to continue being active with sports or hobbies but your body just won’t let you. You miss out on family activities or running around with friends. You might begin to feel resigned to the pain. You begin to accept that this is just how it is for you now.

But there’s no reason to live with pain! With professional physical therapy, you can alleviate the pain and begin living your life again on your terms without bottles of medication or waiting for a doctor’s referral. There’s a place in College Park where you can get immediate help for your pain. That place is Pursuit Therapy.

Physical Therapy on Your Terms

Some physicians just hand you prescriptions for pain relievers instead of getting to the root of the problem. These pain relievers can sometimes lead to even bigger problems. Your body becomes dependent on them to function. We know there’s a better way!

Pursuit Therapy offers walk-in appointments for physical therapy to alleviate your pain fast. Our highly-trained therapists create a customized therapy plan to give you the tools you need for pain management without having to swallow all those pills. Our approach will have you leading a healthy, active life again on your terms.

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Don’t let back, neck or joint pain rob you of your lifestyle. Our friendly team is waiting to assist you with more information about our affordable therapy programs. Contact us today!